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In the modern digital age, law firms have been slow to embrace the new digital ways in which they can market their business. In fact, many law firms have no digital marketing plan in place whatsoever.  This means that these law firms are losing out on a vast potential clients base.

Why is this?

Obviously, with a vast and complex legal work load that needs to be slogged through many law firms simply might think that they don’t have the time to commit to any digital marketing strategy. But what these law firms are failing to realise is that the solution to their problem is hiring a legal digital marketing agency to do the legal digital marketing for them.


For example, here at contentwriterireland we create a customised digital marketing plan to suit your law firms needs and wants.  Our purpose driven legal marketing strategies have helped clients throughout Ireland and the globe to achieve their digital marketing goals and targets. If you’re thinking of hiring a legal digital marketing agency contact us for a free quote.

hiring a legal digital marketing agency


Why Lawyer SEO is vital to any legal digital marketing plan

lawyer digital marketing agency

SEO( search engine optimisation) should be part of any firms law firm digital marketing strategy. SEO specialists will check your websites content and optimise each element to increase your search engine visibility and ranking. With the correct  SEO strategy, your law firm will see benefits both in the short term and the long term. Believe me, if your law firm is not employing an SEO strategy, you are setting your business up for massive failure.


Also, What a lot of  law firms fail to realise is that they have to work on their websites SEO is if intent to gain a lot of traffic and investment in the long run. Just because you have created a website this does not mean that traffic will start flowing in like a tsunami. Once you have created your website, this will only be the beginning when it comes to utilising your website to the maximum degree.

hiring a legal digital marketing agency

Why a legal digital marketing agency should utilise local SEO?

legal digital marketing agency


Another handy way for you to increase your online visibility is to target local customers. Law firms that thrive in the online sphere will have hired digital marketing experts who will know to optimize Google My Business listings for increased visibility that turns views into clicks and conversions.  Utilising local SEO will allow you to narrow down your SEO tactics so that your marketing is tailor made to suit your businesses needs.


For example, a keyword like “Barber Ireland” will have a huge amount of competition and the chances of you ranking for it will be pretty slim but if you change the search term to “barber monaghan” or to whatever location you are residing in, this will vastly increase your chances of getting found on Google.

A legal digital marketing agency will conduct keyword research

Keyword research consists of using  the correct tools and strategies to discover how people are searching for the legal services you provide. Although some keyword tools are free, the most sophisticated will cost money, so consider paying for a subscription or outsourcing keyword research to a legal digital marketing agency.


The perfect keywords are highly targeted with solid levels of traffic and with manageable levels of competition. For example, you don’t try to simply rank for “lawyer.” This keyword will be a nightmare to rank for and, ultimately, you will end up wasting your time.


Additionally,  you’ll need to analyze keywords found for commercial intent as to whether these keywords will lead to convertible traffic that will lead to increased revenues. Although terms with commercial intent may have less traffic than other terms you find, they have two distinct advantages:


1. You can rank far more easily with these terms than with terms that cover a broader range

2. They will convert at a much higher rate because people are looking for services, rather than just generalised information.


Just because the keyword has no commercial intent this does not mean that you shouldn’t create a blog around them because keywords that start with “why” or “how” lead to far more backlinks and shares on social media, which will in turn increase your DA (Domain authority).

Content based on these keywords make sense to use in content such as blog posts, white papers, case studies, and videos. These searchers may not have commercial intent but they make sense in respect of a lead-nurturing strategy. The creation of quality content matters, because this type of content creates more links and shares which are massive ranking factors.

 Your legal digital marketing agency should blog

hire legal digital marketing agency

Having a blog is a vitally important part of any law firm SEO strategy. Google has a “freshness” ranking signal that rewards higher rankings to websites that regularly update their content. Hiring a legal content writer will help you accomplish many of these goals.


Another smart move you should implement in your blogs posts is to add geographical tags such as “South Dublin” or “West Cork” etc into your blogs posts. This tactic will increase your chances of getting found on Google.

When you consistently provide fresh content, you have the potential to build a solid audience of readers, and this keeps Google busy crawling and indexing your content to be made available when people search on relevant terms.

hiring a legal digital marketing agency

Lawyer SEO will focus on your brands voice

Obviously, law is a huge field and if a law firm is going to effectively advertise properly they should narrow down their niche. One way for you to market your to brand is to focus on one speciality.  For example, when it comes to personal injury law you might want to consider focusing your marketing on a subset as car accidents or work related accidents. Just because you are narrowing down your niche this does not mean that you will forgo all of the other areas that you will be practising in.  All this strategy means is that in a marketing sense you will be focusing on one specific area that will also have a wider catchment.


In the modern era, it is absolutely vital that your law firm focuses on lawyer SEO and employing the services of a legal digital marketing agency.  If you don’t employ the services of a legal digital marketing agency you will be missing a massive trick that has the potential to take your business to previously unseen of heights.


There is a vast market of people out there who require the services of a law firm and if you know how to tap into this vast reservoir of potential clients, you will see your business grow and grow. Lawyer SEO is going to be integral to any successful legal digital marketing strategy and if want to do SEO properly you will need to hire people who know how to operate successfully. Here are contentwriterireland we operate one of the premier legal digital marketing agencies not only in Ireland but in the world. Why not contact us and receive a free quote on lawyer SEO and our other legal digital marketing services.

hiring a legal digital marketing agency

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