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In the modern age, the internet is the medium that people use to find the lawyers that they need. The days of people using the yellow pages to find the lawyer that perfectly fits their needs is rapidly dieing. If not already dead!


One of the easiest ways for law firms to get found on Google is by hiring a freelance legal content writer. The fact is, hiring a freelance legal content writer is absolutely vital if your law firm wants to get found on Google.


So what kind of digital marketing content am I referring to?


Principally, blog posts, web page copy and other forms of content. Legal content experts will create content with two people in mind: The Google search engines and the individual reading the content.

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How can a legal content writer make you rank on Google?

freelance legal content writer


When you decided to enlist the help of a legal content writer, you should enlist the help of a legal content writer who knows how to rank on Google. Believe me, there is zero point in hiring a freelance legal content writer who creates great content but has zero clue in how to get your website up to the top of the Google rankings.


I would much rather hire a legal content writer who creates SEO rich content than some writer who creates a great blog post that doesnt rank on Google. When it comes to SEO the aim of the game is to get your website noticed and if you hire a legal content writer who knows all of the tricks in the book when it comes to getting your website noticed on the (SERP) search engine ranking position, well then you will be on to a winner.

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So how actually will a freelance legal content writer make my website rank?

hire legal content writer


There are a number of different strategies that a legal content writer can employ so that your website ranks on Google and believe me getting a website to rank on Google takes much much more than simply stuffing keywords into a random blog or piece of content.


One of the first things that a legal content creator should do is to create a keyword strategy. Keyword research will allow a content strategist to target certain keywords that will build traffic. In order achieve results, keywords will need be used naturally in headings, body text, meta descriptions, and other locations.


An important fact that a legal content writer should be aware of is that some keywords are far harder to rank than others. Just because a keyword has a high volume of traffic this does not mean that you should target this keyword.




Because if you’re coming up against a massive company with tens of millions in their bank account the chances of you ranking for this high ranking keyword will be minimal. Sometimes, a better strategy can be to try and rank for lower competition keywords, otherwise known as long tail keywords, as this will allow you pick some of the lower hanging fruit from the tree.


For example, if you’re attempting to rank for the keyword “lawyer” you will be coming up against not only some of the biggest law firms in Ireland but you’ll also be coming up against other major news publications and this will make ranking for the keyword extremely difficult. Conversely, if you tried to ranking for the keyword “lawyer dublin d2” your chances of ranking would be greatly increased. The addition of “dublin d2” or whatever region you are located in narrows your searchers intent and increases your chances of getting found on Google. There are tonnes of little tricks like this that a top quality legal content writer will employ to boost your rankings.



Should your legal content writer consistently produce content?

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Once your legal content writer has created a large body of work, over a period of time, you will begin to see your website rising in the rankings. The Google algorithms like to see content being continually created on a website as this suggests that the webpage is active and that the people who own that website are serious about the content that they are creating.


In the era of fakenews, Google wants to know whether your website is a trusted resource or not, and one of the ways Google determines whether your website can be trusted or not is by analysing the amount of people who read the content, share it, and engage with it. A redflag for Google is if masses of people go to your website and then take flight like Usian Bolt. In order to build up a regular following, this will take time, consistency and effort.


A legal content writer will need to build trust

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One of the ways that a legal content writer can build up trust is by providing content that actually is useful to readers. A strategy that can be employed is via answering some FAQ legal questions and via providing insights into local laws. A legal content writer can also address legal news topics and other legal related material that will help inform users on a a range of topics.


The pivotal point, is that your website becomes a trusted legal resource where users go to you to find the answers that they need. The fact is, when users find your content helpful and informative they will be much more likely to reach out to you for some advice.

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Hire a freelance legal content writer who is skilled in SEO and can work as part of a team

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A law content writer will know to combine SEO strategy informative writing and marketing to increase your websites traffic and conversions. Just because you decide to outsource your legal content writing this does not mean that you get to forgo all input on the content. When you outsource your content creation you should still strive to approve and oversee whatever content is created.


One of the things that you should try to ensure is that the legal content writer that you hire is going to be on point with the voice of your brand. The last thing you’ll want if you hire a law content writer is if he/she verves off on a different tone of voice that does not suit the voice of your law firm.




In the modern era, hiring a legal content writer is an excellent way to grow your law firm. Of course, you could just decide to get someone in-house to create all of your content but if you do this you’ll have to factor into the equation that this might result in the employee having an unworkable work load. You’ll be robbing Peter to pay Paul.


The beauty when it comes to freelance legal content writing is that it will enable your law firm to produce consistent legal related content that is fully SEO optimised and primed to increase your traffic and conversions.

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