Marketing Persuasion Techniques 2022

  Jane Austen knew all about pride and persuasion.  This world-famous author wrote many books on these two subjects and how they affected people’s lives for the better or worse.  It struck me the other day just how relevant these two motivators still are in modern times and how much they can relate to consumerism.   If you are selling […]

SEO Dublin | SEO Services Dublin | Dublin SEO Services

If you have an online business, your ultimate aim is to increase your online traffic and make money.   The most cost-efficient way of luring in new clients is to use SEO to propel your website up the search engine rankings.   Dublin SEO services and our contentwriterireland SEO experts can help you accomplish this!   In this blog post, I […]

Sending emails? 2022 Guide For Sending Emails

Sending emails to a mailing lists is a convenient way to get your messages out to the masses quickly. But it’s easy to forget that your emails will be read by individual people, with their own needs, wants and desires. And if you don’t tap into that, you’ll find very few will read past the first line.   So how can you make you emails more […]

Why Hire a Content Writer? Aren’t Links Enough?

If you want to know how to create a great site with a top Google search ranking, take a note from someone who knows all about what Google is looking for. Google software engineer Matt Cutts responded to a webmaster question about content versus links – which is more important?   Cutts responded, “Great content has to be the foundation of any good site.” […]