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Gone are the days that marketing for law firms meant posting out leaflets to people’s addresses.  Gone are the days that marketing for law firms meant publishing an article in your local newspaper. The world of digital marketing has transformed the way the legal industry markets itself.


With the advent of the internet, marketing within the legal industry has changed in a dramatic fashion.  Nowadays, if you don’t have a website you may as well be living in the Stone Age, and if you don’t know how to effectively market your website you are setting your business up for failure.  Just because you have made a website this does not mean that you are effectively advocating the benefits of your business. A website that is created and than not nurtured and cared for will soon shrivel and die. You will need to work on your website if you want it to succeed.


But with the new age of digital marketing for law firms this brings a great opportunity to get your business ahead of the rest of the pack.


Many law firms have been very slow off the mark when it comes to digital marketing for law firms. Some of them have no social media account, they have zero skills and knowledge when it comes to knowing how to get their website to rank on Google.  All of this errors mean that their law firms are missing out on a massive potential boost in clients and revenue.

In this blog post, I will give you a number of helpful tips and tricks in how to grow your website and how to take it to the next level when it comes to digital marketing.

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1. Proper marketing for law firms will need Blogs and vlogs

marketing for law firms

A tremendous way for your firm to grow their online presence is to either blog or vlog.  Vlogging is a great way for your company to increase its online visibility and impact. Pick a niche topic, and give your audience some helpful knowledge, and this will help build up a following in no time.  The trick when it comes to vlogging is to tantalise your audience with enough information to make them want to hire you for the rest of your expertise.


Give the masses a little taster of your skills and then if they want to know a definitive answer to a question, they should be well aware that they will have to get their bank card out!


When it comes blogging you should hire a freelance legal writer because a freelance legal content writer will know how to manipulate Google rankings so that your website ranks at the top of the que.  Whilst blogging is a great way to increase your online presence, blogging is only effective if you have a skilled legal content writer working for you.


Why is this? For many reasons, but one of the main reasons is because a legal content writer will strategically pick keywords that people are searching for and he/she will have the expertise to make your website rank for these keywords!


2. SEO is key for digital marketing for law firms

law firm SEO

When it comes to effective digital marketing for law firms SEO is going to be like the engine in your car. So what is SEO? ( Search engine optimisation)  means knowing what keywords people are searching for in Google and knowing how to rank for these keywords. Within the legal industry there will be thousand’s of legal related keywords that people will be searching for and if you can get your website to rank for certain keywords your website and your business will be on to a winner.


But SEO is much much more than simply dumping in a load of keywords and then expecting your website to automatically rank for them. Proper SEO is a skill and a talent in itself and it involves much more than simply firing in keywords. There are a number of very important strategies that can help you rank on the Google for a much coveted keyword.


Contact our legal SEO team, and we’ll tell you the tricks that will help guide your website to the top of the SEO pile.

SEO Agency For Law Firms


3. A key aspect in marketing for law firms is a fast  responsive website

marketing for law firms

If your website was built ten years ago by some kid straight out of high school- do you think it’s going to cut the mustard in the modern digital age? Absolutely not.  A key aspect when it comes to digital marketing for law firms is that your website should be up to date, modern and it should be fast.


A healthy website will be user responsive in not only desktop format but also on mobile and tablet format.  Gone are the days that the majority of people searched for content on the internet using PC’s and Laptops- mobile phones and tablets have surpassed these traditional methods. So when you’re getting a website made always ensure that that it looks slick and professional on mobile phones and desktops.


4. A digital marketing strategy for law firms will utilise E-mail marketing

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A key method that digital marketers for law firms should employ is to build up an email list. An email list will allow you to directly target your audience with relevant deals and offers that you may be offering. So how will you build up an email list?


One of the easiest ways for your business to build up an email list is to include a CTA (Call to action) on your website, this means having some kind of popup were visitor’s give their details such as name and email address. For example, you could have a popup on your website that offers a “free legal newsletter” and this will allow you gather up an email list over time that can be quite effective in increasing your conversions and overall client base.

marketing for law firms


5. The best legal marketing will understand the importance of Google Analytics

marketing for law firms

Google analytics is an excellent way for law firms to discover their websites weak points and strong points. Analytics will allow you to discover where users are visiting on your website and how long they stay reading certain topics, etc. This information and intelligence will allow you to tweek and hone your website so that it becomes more effective. For example, if there are a tonne of users visiting a blog and leaving after a few seconds you can deduce from this that the users aren’t finding the blog post informative or helpful. In order to rectify this you might decide to change parts of the article so that it becomes more informative and engaging.



When it comes to digital marketing for law firms there are tonnes of ingenious little tricks that can reap huge dividends. Marketing for law firms isn’t a one size cap that fits all.  Depending on your goals and targets you should hire a freelance legal content writer, and, or, legal digital marketing experts.  Marketing for law firms isn’t easy but when you do it correctly you can expect your law firm to reap some huge benefit’s in the long run.


marketing for law firms

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