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The days when most law firms attained their clients from people walking in through the door are rapidly diminishing. Nowadays, if a legal firm wants to properly market itself, its going to be absolutely vital that they acquire the services of a company specialising in marketing legal services.


Marketing legal services will allow your law firm to focus on your legal workload whilst at the same time ensuring that your firms legal marketing and promotional activities are going to be in the hands of the professionals.  Law firm digital marketing has been rapidly changing over the years and if you don’t hire a legal digital marketing service you will be setting yourself and your business up for failure.


Traditionally, law firms, in America at least, might have used the TV as a medium to communicate with potential clients but with the advent of the internet, legal digital marketing has changed in a massive way. Law firm digital marketing is a multi-faceted  skill in which you should be seeking to employ skilled professionals who are skilled in a vast array of marketing legal services.


But with this new era in marketing, comes great opportunities, as many law firms aren’t aware of the huge benefits that their business can accrue if they effectively market their business. If you employ proper marketing legal services your law firm can steal a march on the opposition and find itself ahead of the game in a new digital marketing age.

In this blog I will go over some of the top tips for marketing legal services.

law firm digital marketing

SEO is going to be key for law firm digital marketing

Law Firm Digital Marketing

On Google, there are over 2 million legal related searches per day and if you’re not getting your hands on some of this pie you are setting your business and yourself up for failure. SEO is to the internet  is what Sat Navs are to a car. SEO will guide people to your website and ultimately SEO will help increase your conversion rate.


So in what manner should marketing legal services utilise SEO? There are multiple way for a law firm to get the best benefits from SEO and one of the tactics to employ is proper selection of keywords. Many novices in marketing believe that SEO is simply firing in keywords and then expecting the traffic to flow in like a river. Not so.


If you are going to effectively choose your keywords, you will need to hire a legal digital marketing service that has the skills to properly select your keywords. What do I mean? Whilst some keywords might have a lot of traffic, these keywords may have zero commercial intent  and this will mean that whilst you’re getting lots of traffic this will be dud/dummy traffic that doesn’t lead to any tangible benefits in terms of conversions and increased clients.  The fact is, if you’re looking to properly do law firm digital marketing you should hire professional marketing legal services to assist you in getting the job done properly and one of the ways to accomplish this is to hire a legal content writer.

law firm digital marketing

When it comes to law firm digital marketing, content is king

Law Firm Digital Marketing

Law firm digital marketing means taking responsibility for developing content that users will find interesting, engaging, and informative. Anyone can have a slick professional looking website but if said website is lacking when it comes to real content they are setting themselves up for failure.


Law firm digital marketing means producing content that is in line with their legal niche and then getting clients to engage in sharing and reading this content. Great marketing legal services will produce conduct like: Guides, Q&A’s,  Newsletters, Case updates, Videos, etc. All of this content will help cement your websites reputation as being an expert within its field and will help build up a following that will convert into sales and conversions.

Proper marketing legal services will understand the importance of a responsive website

Law Firm Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when you created a website with PC’s and Laptops solely in mind. Nowadays, one of the most importance aspects of web design is creating a website that is mobile and and Ipad friendly. The chances are, anyone accessing your website will be using an iPad or a mobile phone. In recent years,  these devices have overtaken the use of the traditional methods that people used when accessing the web.  If your website doesn’t look professional on mobile phones, you will soon find that you will rapidly lose credibility and lose the chance of getting your hands on some much needed clients.

The best marketing legal services will use PPC( Pay per click)

Law Firm Digital Marketing

With the hyper competitive online world it has become increasingly difficult to rank for certain keywords and phrases but there is a solution in the form of PPC (Pay per click).  A PPC strategy can ensure that whatever your marketing budget you will be guaranteed a certain amount of leads.  Depending on what your budget is, you can ensure that your law firm manages to get their hands on some hot leads that will lead to conversions and increase your overall client base.

law firm digital marketing

The summary of law firm digital marketing

Overall, law firm digital marketing is an excellent way for you to grow your business. If you hire the best marketing legal services you can expect your law firm to grow exponentially over time. If you do your marketing properly,  legal digital marketing is a potential untapped goldmine. The best legal digital marketing services will focus on SEO, website responsiveness, and creating engaging and exciting content.  If you are looking to hire the best legal marketing services why not contact us here at contentwriterireland we will give you a free quote on our marketing legal services.


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law firm digital marketing

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