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In this post, I’m going to point you in the right direction on how a  Dublin marketing agency can create valuable unique content – content which is going to actively engage users and increase shareability.


A few days ago, Rand from SEOmoz covered a very interesting topic-  the question was, “How unique does content have to be to perform well in search engines?”.


I’d like to rephrase the title and rather sum it up to be, “How valuable does content have to be to perform well in search engines?”.


Because technically, anyone can create unique content. But to write content of unique value, now this is something which is going to take some thought.


So how can a Dublin marketing agency create great content?

dublin marketing agency

An Irish digital content agency will create valuable unique concepts

To start things off. Many think that by copying slabs of extracts from websites around the web, re-writing a paragraph or two and then having it scanned through Copyscape, automatically qualifies their content to be unique. This is a misconception and certainly isn’t what search engines are looking for.


Instead, to gain a good understanding of valuable content, you should first ask yourself the following questions:


  • What is my article aiming to do? Am I writing to Inform or to Sell?
  • Realistically, how many of my readers are going to share my article?
  • Are my readers going to be captivated about what they’ve just read?
  • What am I directly or indirectly providing my readers?

dublin marketing agency

A marketing agency in Dublin will know the difference between informing and selling 

Depending on the nature of your website, what is your article written to achieve?

What does Inform mean for a marketing agency in Dublin? 

Informative content is typically used by review sites, blog articles, tutorials, case studies and short reports. Effective informational content should be written with the focus of getting the message across in as few words as possible.


Below I’ve compiled a short list of the key points search engines and users are looking for in regards to informative content.


  • Avoid having the same content with competing websites
  • Use bullet or numbered listings to summarise points
  • Use an appropriate tone which compliments your audience’s persona
  • Use a logical content structure (sub-headings, paragraphs etc)
  • Support content with images (pie graphs, bar graphs etc)
  • Incorporate analogies and detailed examples
  • Only include credible sources

dublin marketing agency

What does selling mean for a marketing agency in Dublin?

Content created to sell, generate leads or lead to conversions are generally used by a majority of websites across the web. Websites including e-commerce stores, lead generation sites and affiliate sites are prime examples of this.


There are many things webmasters can do to feed search engines valuable “sell” content. Possible avenues to explore include:


  • Include a FAQs section on service or product page answering the most frequently asked questions
  • List key advantages your product has over competitors
  • List all product specifications (dimensions, parental rating etc)
  • Supply reviews if possible – what customers have had to say after using the product
  • Include real life testimonials
  • Include video testimonials


The image below displays the different types of content avenues and how they position themselves in a marketing perspective.

Content Marketing Matrix

The captivity rating is a key concept for a content marketing agency in Ireland

The captivity rating is what I like to call, self-evaluation. In other words, how valuable you consider your own work.


To effectively access your work before publishing, have a quick scan across your content and ask yourself the question – “how much do I really value this content?”

Digital marketing agency Ireland

By consistently undergoing this self-assessment process, you will begin to work at a much higher standard of content creation.

This will result in being able to continuously provide content of high value to readers and over time will gradually begin to be noticed and rewarded by search engines.

dublin marketing agency

Shareability is another key concept for a digital marketing agency in Ireland

The amount of times an article is shared, directly relates to the content’s worth – in other words, its unique value. Listed below are potential techniques you may incorporate to achieve increased shareability and content value:


  • Add visuals to support your content
  • Include videos to support your content
  • Ensure content is written with own tone of voice (unique perspective)
  • Provide detailed examples – reference where needed
  • Write engaging titles
  • Include infographics
  • Add social sharing icons

The power to give should be a vital concept for a digital marketing agency in Dublin

The power to give is the most important concept in being able to create valuable content.


Really think about what you can offer to your market and don’t stop in your journey towards providing relevant and helpful content. Take the necessary steps in learning how to rectify simple or complex problems and leverage this understanding into being able to give back what you’ve just learnt. In a content creation sense, explore credible blogs and resources. Learn valuable new things and convey it to your readers in such a way which can only be done by you and you alone.

Tips from digital marketing agencies in Dublin

The power of giving is limitless. This is the mindset you’ll need to adapt if you truly wish to be able to create valuable unique content.


It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if people are talking about it in a positive way it’s going nowhere.


This brings us to the power of testimonials.

dublin marketing agency

For a Dublin marketing agency, testimonials are a vital concept

‘Testimonial’ comes from an old latin word meaning ‘evidence’.


Here are two definitions I found:


•    A statement in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim.
•    A written affirmation of another’s character or worth; a personal recommendation.


You want something that will convince prospective clients you can get the results they’re after.

Branding agency Dublin

The person providing the testimonial needs to be guided by you on what to say.  This doesn’t mean putting words in their mouths, however if you don’t provide some sort of framework on what you’re looking for you can end up with a testimonial that sounds something like “Debbie is great, I enjoyed working with her”.


This isn’t going to set a fire of desire under anyone to want to work with you!

dublin marketing agency

How can a Dublin marketing agency get effective Testimonials?

  •   Use positive feedback given to you on your comment cards, surveys and online reviews.
  •   When you need to train a new team member, or they need to practice a newly introduced treatment, it’s a good idea to offer this treatment for free – if the model will agree to allow us to use their before / after pictures, and to give us a testimonial afterwards.  Note:  Always ask the model to sign a consent form.

Best marketing agency tips

  • Make sure the person will allow you to use their full name and postal code, otherwise the testimonial may not be considered to be genuine by your reader.
  •   Don’t be tempted to edit the testimonial.  Even though there may be some grammatical errors, it’s much better if the testimonial is in the person’s own words.

Marketing agencies

  •  A picture of the person giving the testimonial shows the testimonial is genuine.
  • To get the most out of your testimonials, you need to guide the person by giving them a list of questions to answer.

Where should Dublin marketing agencies use testimonials? 

Use your testimonials everywhere in your marketing.  On your website, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, blogs, business cards, brochures, advertisements and anywhere else you can think of.


Frame them and hang them in your treatment rooms.

Marketing companies Ireland

Put them in a nice binder and keep them in your waiting room for your clients to browse through.  Why would you want your clients reading glossy magazines full of advertisements for your competition, when they can be reading what happy clients have to say about you?

Digital marketing agencies in Dublin will use these tactics

Dublin marketing agencies shouldn’t forget about online testimonials via directories and websites such as Yelp. Encourage your clients to go online and leave comments about their treatments, these will also boost your salon website ‘findability’.


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