SEO Ireland

All written work provided by is overseen by Seamus Hanratty, a professional content writer from Monaghan, Ireland. Seamus is a published author having written the viral book The Culchie Dictionary. All content is thoroughly researched, original and SEO optimized for maximum traffic generation.


Written projects fall under the following categories:


  • Content creation
  • Blogs, journals, articles and letter writing
  • Technical writing
  • Reports, papers, e-mails
  • Press releases
  • Advertising content generation
  • ¬†Promotional Emails


The collaborative work we did with Namaste Technologies and our content creation team has seen Namastes share price jump from 0.06c to over $3.00. In just over 2 years our content creation strategy resulted in online sales growing by 10x. The results we achieved at Namaste are undoubtedly some of our proudest achievements to date and demonstrate how a holistic content creation approach can result in huge increases in traffic and sales.

Some of the major brands we have worked with, amongst others, include Namaste Technologies, the Irish Independent, Irish Central and Tax World.

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