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Dublin search engine marketing is a big top topic.




Because Dublin search engine marketing can result in companies making huge profits!


But there are many common myths that can cause companies to lose money in SEO and Dublin digital marketing.


In this blog post, I’m going to touch on the most common Dublin digital marketing myths that can result in you losing money.

Dublin Search engine marketing 2022- everything you need to know

search engine marketing


What is meant by search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is the same as standard SEO (SEM) is a Dublin digital marketing tactic that is used to increase the rankings of websites on search engine results pages (SERPs) …


Search engine marketing is also sometimes referred to as paid search or pay per click (PPC) but it is wrong to categorize PPC as being the same as SEO.

search engine marketing

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

What’s the main Difference Between SEO and SEM?


The primary difference is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is directed at optimizing a website in order to get traffic from organic search results. Conversely, the goal of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is to get traffic and visibility from both organic and paid search traffic results.

Is digital marketing and SEO the same?



Whilst they are both similar to digital marketing and SEO is like comparing apples and oranges.

search engine marketing

Is Google AdWords SEO or SEM?



There are both different disciplines.

Does PPC help SEO?

PPC does not help SEO.


But I am not saying PPC is not good. When you pay for an ad on Google, if you get your value right and your website converts well you can make a lot of money from simple PPC campaigns. But it definitely does not directly help SEO rankings, and it has never been proven to either.

So is SEO Better than AdWords?

I think this myth came about because when someone runs a PPC campaign they get a lot of traffic “from the search engines” just because traffic is from the search engines does not mean it is SEO traffic, but it also doesn’t mean that its rubbish either.


If you can get cheap targeted traffic from paid ads, it is definitely worth using as PPC has advantages over SEO, because it is quick to get and also is a great way to check if your website is converting well and whether it is worth you promoting your website for that specific keyword.

search engine marketing

Introduction to search engine marketing

Just to clear something up a second, I am not talking about all paid ads, if you have paid Google to put ads on Google for specific keywords, then you will get no SEO advantage from this. BUT if you have paid a webmaster to put a link or banner on their site, for the primary reason of traffic, you will still get a backlink to your site and hence this will obviously give you SEO benefits as long as the site is credible.

Search engine marketing techniques



Rant/Ramble: I try to warn people when I am about to ramble because, some people simply don’t want to read me rambling but anyway, this is my personal opinion on how you should use both PPC and SEO.


In the past I have been told I am a bit anti pay per click Dublin marketing and that I am too laser focused to SEO, which I think is not that bad a thing, but anyway just to clear things up I am not anti PPC I just think that your investments can be better spent. If we take a random keyword that I am going to make up.

search engine marketing

Search engine marketing examples

This keyword gets 10,000 exact searches a month and your website converts at 5% for the visitors you get from PPC and you have done all your research and worked out you can pay about £/$1 per click and still make £/$2 per visitor on average.


6 months down the line you have spent £10,000 and made £20,000 which is a 100% rate of return which is awesome. Congratulations you made 10k, that’s awesome and if I made 10k from one keyword in 6 months I would be pretty happy.


But, there is a but. 6 months later if you spent 10k you would be in a lot better position and you would STILL be in that position. Once you stop spending money on PPC advertsing, your done, gotta spend money to make money with PPC.

search engine marketing

Why search engine marketing is better than PPC?

SEO if your still ranking 1st after 6 months, even if you completely stopped you would still earn a lot until your website dropped down the rankings. And you would probably earn more in the 6 month spell anyway, as more people click on organic results than ad ones. Sorry PPC you lose.

Search engine marketing techniques- don’t build too many links?

There are thousands of people doing SEO throughout the world, if not millions if you include the business owners doing a bit of SEO for themselves. And this is a good thing, its a great Dublin marketing strategy but the problem they have and one I see very often on general business forums in the SEO or online sections is they ask a specific question and say something like “I know I should be building 10 links a day and if I build anymore, or links too fast then I will be penalized by Google.”

Link-building SEO strategies

And for these stupid statement reasons, is the reason I am going to introduce a SEO myths section to this blog, so people can come and check what things they think maybe are myths but have heard them so many times, they actually think they are true now. This week – “Build exactly 5/10/20 links per day, no more and no less.”


What a load of BS.


The main reason people say BS like this is because they have heard it from someone, with the person saying “otherwise you will be penalized by Google for getting too many backlinks or backlinks too fast, and that doesn’t look natural!”


There is nothing less natural from a backlinking perspective than a set amount of links per day.

search engine marketing

How to do link building

The whole idea of the backlinks indicator, is that it shows which sites are good information and that people have linked to them. If you have exactly the same number of people linking to your site everyday, do you think that looks natural? No. So don’t do it!


I am not saying that you should go out and build 1,000 links one day and then nothing for a week and then 1,000. Just vary it up, usually to suit your needs. If you need some more links, go and find some, if your site is ranking well or even first for a keyword, you probably can slow down on the SEO front and just get a few links to show the site is still popular.


Keep the links relevant and high quality and you will be fine even if your making 1,000 a day!

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