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Not using local SEO is like entering the grand national horse race on board a three-legged Donkey! You will lose.


Why not infuse your website with local SEO tactics that will have your brand racing to the front of the pack onboard a finely chiseled stallion of a horse?

The fact is most websites are like this: your website is attractive and its unique design stands out from your competitors, but then something nauseating happens- the traffic statistics are akin to a tumbleweed blowing through an abandoned street.


What can you do to fix this problem?


Local SEO. A local SEO search term can result in you and your business receiving lots of new clients and new money!


So what steps can you take to ensure that your business ranks for the majority of local SEO search terms?


There are tonnes of different strategies.


In this blog post, I will reveal all the secrets in ranking for local SEO search terms.


First, let’s take a deeper look at what local SEO actually means?

local seo Ireland


What is local SEO?

local SEO


Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a method in which you can increase the traffic to your website for all local related searches.


For example, if you put in a query like “SEO Dublin” or “SEO Dundrum” this would be classified as being a local SEO search. Basically, a “local SEO Ireland” strategy? Local SEO is a method for local small businesses to increase their rankings in Google and also on other search engines.


Some of these search terms can result in high quality convertible traffic that should increase your profits and conversions over the long run.


This practice applies to both local listings (Google my business) and the natural listings.


The fact is, in order to rank locally your business must have a presence in the area that you’re attempting to rank in. In particular, small business can benefit from utilizing a local SEO strategy.

local seo Ireland


Why adopt a local SEO strategy?

By adopting a local SEO strategy smaller businesses will be able to pick the lower hanging fruit from the SEO tree.


Because let’s be honest if you are only after setting up your website and your income is low what are the realistic chances of you outranking some other Goliath within the industry who has millions of euros backing him.

How do I know I need local SEO?

Another reason why you should integrate a local SEO strategy into your marketing game-plan is that even though local terms are far easier to rank for these local terms can offer you a considerable slice of the pie, with researchers estimating that up to 70% of all search terms being local search terms.


There are also a number of other ways that a local SEO strategy can help improve your Google rankings.


  • Enables you to target your audience using geo-targeted results.
  • It helps local customers find you.
  • Enables you to rank highly in local search results for local services.
  • Increases local conversions rates
  • A local SEO strategy can help you achieve a high ranking in places like “Google my business.” For example, if you’ve ever Googled “Pub near me” you will realize why it’s vitally important to rank highly in “Google my business.”


local seo Ireland

Are conversions higher?

local SEO Ireland

Without a doubt, local SEO search terms have a far higher conversion rate.


For example, you might be conducting some research on Google Keywords and you come across some high volume keywords such as “Cleaning” and you might be thinking that it would be a great idea to rank for this keyword if you have a cleaning company but you would be mistaken.


The thing is, a word like “cleaning” is a very generic word that tonnes of people will be Googling but the word is not very specific.

local seo Ireland

How do I optimize my website for local SEO?

There are tonnes of ways, but ultimately keywords are absolutely vital.


The keywords that you should be targeting should be words like “cleaning services in Dublin” or “cleaning in Dublin” as these keywords are far more specific and will result in far higher conversion rates in the long term.


The fact is, when somebody uses a location in their search terms, there is a far greater chance that these search terms will convert into cold hard cash directly into your pocket.


The thing is, with SEO, just because the word is ranking highly this does not mean that this will result in juicy convertible traffic.


A good local SEO strategy will know what localized search terms should be incorporated into your keyword strategy so that you can increase that all-important bottom line. Profits.

local seo Ireland

Keeping ahead of the local SEO curve

local seo Ireland

With SEO in Ireland, there is nothing static. Nothing stays the same as SEO is a constantly evolving game whereby if you don’t enact the latest strategies you will find yourself behind the rest of the pack.


What works for one company might be a complete disaster for another, each brand has different goals and targets.

Local SEO services

Search engines are constantly evolving and changing and what might work one week could be a disaster the next. Even though there is a vast sea of variables with local SEO there are still a number of things that you can do that will ensure that you have a very good chance of ranking highly for local SEO.

local seo Ireland

So how can I SEO my local business?

Here are some ways that ”a local SEO Ireland” strategy can be employed.


1. Mange Google ads.


Whilst paying Google to rank you for particular keywords might not be the best SEO strategy it can be a strategy that can prove very fruitful for your business.


A great Google ads strategy can propel you to the top of the rankings and should increase your conversions. On a personal level, I always prefer to gain organic traffic because this type of SEO has a longer lasting shelf-life.

New way to do SEO in Dublin in 2020

For example, what happens to your SEO strategy if its solely based on Google Ads and then you don’t have the funding to continue with paying Google?


Overnight, your SEO strategy will be in tatters. Long term, when it comes to SEO, you should be trying to build organic traffic rather than simply paying Google to artificially inflate your rankings but if you do have a big budget then by all means why not skip to the front of the que.

local seo Ireland


2. Create proper local SEO title tags.

local seo ireland

Title tags are HTML elements that are connected to a web page. Html tags help explain to Google what a particular page is about.


Basically, HTML tags will let Google know what your web-page is about and why Google should rank that particular web-page. A properly constructed HTML title tag should have relevant keywords inserted into it and this helps your webpage rank in the SERP( Search engine ranking position).


One thing I would advise new websites to do is to install a plugin like Yoast SEO as this will help you big time when it comes to letting you know what areas of SEO you are wining or failing at.


3. Google Analytics is vital for local SEO strategies

local seo ireland

Any proper SEO strategy will utilize Google analytics. Why?  Google analytics is an absolutely vital tool when you’re trying to measure what visitors to your website are actually doing.


Google Analytics will allow you to see where people are going to on your website, how much time they are spending reading blogs, looking at products, etc. This will enable you to tweak your marketing strategy so that conversions will increase.

Local SEO Ireland

A company that is ranking for keywords like “local SEO Ireland” will know the best practices and best methods that should be employed when you are trying to gain an edge by utilizing the information that you gain.


Google analytics will also allow you to implement a re-marketing strategy whereby people who come onto your website and give you their email and you can then target them with a tailor-made email.


4. How do I optimize my website for local SEO? Responsiveness!

local seo ireland

One overlooked area when it comes to local SEO strategies is whether your website is responsive, whether its fast, whether it loads quickly or not because if your website is slow loading this will result in Google dropping you like a hot snot.

Local SEO Ireland

Any “local SEO Ireland” Company will also have the ability to determine the responsiveness of your website for mobile phones, tablets, and computers.


Nowadays, people overlook the fact that whilst their website might look great on a PC it might also look crappy on a mobile phone or tablet. In the modern era, mobile phone use has surpassed PC use, so any website that you create should be built with mobile phone use at the forefront of your mind.

local seo Ireland


5. Local SEO service in Dublin will use social media integration.

local seo ireland

Another area were a “local SEO Ireland” company will make the most out of your website is by integrating social media into your website.


Google will rank for many factors and social media is one of them. If Google sees what you’re getting a vast amount of traffic from social media and these people are staying on your website for a period of time this indicates to Google that the people who have gone to your website are getting what they want.

SEO service Dublin will increase your traffic

This will increase your traffic. So what social media platforms should you incorporate into your local SEO plan? Well apart from the obvious ones such as Facebook and Twitter you should be aiming to get a presence on Instagram, Reddit, and as many other platforms as you can think of.


6. Business directories.

local SEO Ireland

Local SEO Ireland tactics should ensure that you get your website listed in all of the local business directories.


Many of these business directories will have high domain authority and the backlinks that you get from these websites could well be worth their weight in gold.

A Dublin SEO service using directories

Additionally, when you get your website listed in business directories there is a good chance that you’ll be able to direct high-quality traffic straight into your website.


You should do some research and then get listed on some of the more prominent platforms and even if you have to pay some yearly subscription to get listed on some of these websites it may well be worth the investment.

local seo Ireland


7. The signal factor.

local seo ireland

A local SEO strategy should have all the signals if you want to rank properly. There is no point in simply building a website and then hoping that the traffic will come flooding in. It won’t.

Best way to do SEO in Dublin in 2021

In order to rank, you will need backlinks, social media, and content that is keyword rich, meta descriptions, with smart headings.


These factors, when joined together will increase your chances of ranking on Google but if you leave one of them out, the whole machine will break down.

A Dublin based SEO agency using the signal factor

The analogy I’ll use is that local SEO is a bit like a car whereby you need many different factors in place if it’s going to be a functioning and fully operational car.


The number one factor, the engine, is going to be top quality content. The fuel in the car is going to be backlinks and the various other signals will be the wheels of car, wings mirrors, etc. If you leave out some of these signals, on the whole, it might not be fatal to your local SEO plan, but you can be damn sure that it will damage your overall SEO plan.


8. The heading.

local seo ireland

If you are writing a blog and you are attempting to rank for one particular keyword the heading of that article will be of vital importance.


You should always try and include your keyword in the heading of the article as this will help Google rank for that particular keyword. Additionally, you should try and insert the relevant keyword in the first few lines of the article as this will further reinforce to Google what your article is in relation to.

Best way to do SEO in Dublin in 2020

For example, in this blog, you may have noticed that I’m trying to rank for the keyword “local SEO Ireland” and you may have noticed how I have inserted “local SEO Ireland” into the heading and I have also included it throughout the article.


Now, I’m not suggesting that you should implement a keyword stuffing strategy. What I am suggesting is that you use the keyword, but you use it within content that is high quality and is very engaging.


9. Long form.

local seo ireland

We also know that in the modern world that attention spans are becoming a lot shorter but even though attention spans are becoming a lot shorter. There is a contradiction in this in that if you create longer content with more words the chances are that you will begin to rank for this longer content.


In the era of fake news, Google wants to make sure that any local SEO company is reputable, trustworthy, and is giving its audience high quality and worthwhile content and one of the ways you can do this is by creating longer content.

Local SEO Dublin

In my view, one of the reasons why Google ranks longer content is because they factor in the effort that somebody has taken to create that longer content.


Longer content takes time, effort, and research to make and when you contrast this to a short blog of only a few hundred words you can begin to understand what Google puts so much credence in long-form content.


10. Scarping content.

local seo ireland

One of the first strategies you should implement is to discover what content is already ranking for the keyword that you intend to target. Once you discover what content is ranking for that local SEO keyword, you can then attempt to replicate this content but not only that make your content, better, superior, and longer.

Local SEO Dublin

Scarping the top-ranking content will also allow you to discover what secondary keywords you should insert into your blog.


Just because you want to rank for one particular keyword this doesn’t mean that you simply vomit this keyword into your blog, Google might be ranking for that keyword because there are a whole host of additional secondary keywords that are just as vital in securing that all-important ranking position.



11. Sign up for a Google my business account

local seo ireland

Any local SEO strategy worth it’s salt should have a Google my business account. Google my business( GMB) will allow you to increase your visibility in Google Maps and Google Search within your own local community.


One of the best things about this strategy is that it is very easy to create a listing and also it is free to create the listing. Your GMB will hold all of the relevant information which will get your name onto the relevant maps.


Local SEO service Dublin

All you have to do is, add your business name, details, address, phone number, and then add the relevant data into each category.


As soon as Google has verified your information you can then go ahead and proceed to add other details about your business, such as opening hours and images. The key thing that any “local SEO Ireland” marketing company should do here is to ensure that the information inserted is rich information that has value. The fact is, the richer and more informative your content is the more chances are that that content will rank highly on Google.


13. Reviews

local seo ireland

One of the most underrated areas when it comes to conquering the local SEO arena is encouraging your customers to leave reviews on your Google page.


You can encourage your customers to offer reviews in a number of ways, such as, by offering them discounts if they leave a positive review or if they have a business themselves offering to leave them a review in exchange for your review.


Once you have a number of reviews and these begin to mount up this will increase your presence on Google and will help you get more traffic to your website.

local seo Ireland


14. Keywords within the content

local seo ireland

A local SEO strategy will use keywords that hopefully will reel in the clients like a fisherman reeling in a large salmon. When you are creating the content for your website, you should try and insert keywords that are associated with your locality as this helps the search engines find your website when people are using Google.


For example, in my case, I could use terms like “Monaghan SEO” or “Ulster SEO” or “Local Ireland SEO” all of these terms will be an indication for Google that my website is the local SEO website that people are searching for.

How much is local SEO in Ireland?

Most companies charge for the time spent on a website in order to achieve a good search engine ranking.

Some SEO companies use automated software or outsource any work to cheap suppliers or use any linking schemes.

Don’t use these companies.

Using the above tactics may cause your site to receive a penalty from Google which could destroy your website.


A general gauge for pricing for your average SEO services is:


  • 2 hours SEO per month: €180.00
  • 3 hours SEO per month: €270.00
  • 4 hours SEO per month: €330.00
  • 5 hours SEO per month: €430.00
  • 6 hours SEO per month: €500.00
  • 7 hours SEO per month: €600.00
  • 8 hours SEO per month: €650.00
  • 10 hours SEO per month: €750.00
  • 15 hours SEO per month: €1,00.00
  • 20 hours SEO per month: €1,200.00


Obviously, prices can vary and some SEO companies will charge way more or less than others.


With some local SEO companies, there is a 6 month minimum contract. But in order to maintain your high rankings, your site will need to constantly make  adjust and keep ahead of the Google Agorthim updates,

The Benefits of Local SEO Services

local seo services


If you own a local business, then you know how important it is to have a strong online presence. Local SEO services can help you achieve just that. But what exactly are local SEO services, and how can they benefit your business? Keep reading to find out. 

What are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO services are simply any services that help to improve your business’s online visibility in local search results. This can include anything from optimizing your website for local keywords to building citations and improving your online reviews. 

Basically, if it will help people in your area find your business more easily when they search for keywords related to your products or services, then it’s a local SEO service


How Do Local SEO Services Benefit Your Business? 

There are many benefits that come along with using local SEO services for your business. For starters, it can help you to increase your brand awareness in your local community. People who may not have heard of your business before can now easily find you when they search for relevant keywords. 


Additionally,local SEO services can also help you to boost your website’s ranking in search results. The higher your website ranks, the more likely people are to click on it when they see it in the search results. And since most people don’t go past the first few pages of search results, this is a very important factor. 


Finally,local SEO services can also help you to generate more leads and sales for your business. By making it easier for people in your area to find and contact you, you’ll be able to increase the number of customers you serve—which ultimately means more revenue for your business. 


Invest in local SEO


If you own a local business, then investing in local SEO services is a wise move. Not only will it help you increase brand awareness and boost your website’s ranking in search results, but it will also generate more leads and sales for your business. So what are you waiting for? Contact a local SEO agency today and get started on growing your business!



Overall summary of everything local SEO in Ireland

Local search engine optimization is a brilliant method whereby digital marketers can raise your brand visibility for geographically related queries. Local SEO is a powerful tactic that can result in a large increase in direct sales and a large increase in customers to your website.


If you implement some of the tactics and tips that I have laid down in this article it is possible to increase your company’s profits using some tailor-made keywords.


At contentwriterireland, our SEO experts can guide you in the right direction in getting ahead of the posse and ranking for those all-important local keywords.


Also, please check out SEO companies near me blog.

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