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Contentwriterireland has been at the forefront of digital marketing excellence since our inauguration in 2015.


Our pioneering digital marketing, copywriting, and SEO approach has seen us manage:


  • Over €5 million a month in private business ecommerce sales
  • Over 250% growth of client businesses
  • Month on month growth in sales and conversions


Our success has been recognized by our digital marketing peers in Ireland and throughout the UK.


Who owns the company?


SEO IRELANDThe company was the brainchild of Seamus Hanratty, who started the company back in 2015.


Seamus qualified with an honors B.A. in English and History from the University of Ulster, and also an honors degree in Laws from the National Unversity of Ireland, Galway.

After writing the viral book The Culchie Dictionary, Seamus discovered that he had a flair for digital marketing and then went on an achieved a Diploma In Digital Marketing and Business Administration from DKIT.


After learning his craft with digital marketing experts in Ireland, he then started his own company, which has enjoyed unparalleled success. 


Read Seamus’s latest article in the Irish Independent

Why choose us?

We work with you to achieve great results. 




We tailor-make our digital marketing, copywriting, and SEO solutions to perfectly fit your needs.


We use data science to ensure that everything we do, craft, and complete has a greater chance of converting and resulting in a sale.


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