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A law firm that doesn’t have an SEO strategy is like entering into a court battle with only your jocks on!

You will be laughed at in Court. With SEO you will be laughed at by the Google algorithms that will have your website ranking on some barren uninhabited Island.

SEO and law firm digital marketing are fundamental to any successful law marketing strategy.


As the Internet continues to experience a continued rise in companies going online to adapt, law firms now have the opportunity to turn the tides in their favor. With more prospective clients on the web with far more time to listen and connect, practitioners can adapt, drive growth, and overcome extended revenue losses by getting their name out there!


In this blog post, I’m going to touch on some basic strategies that you can implement today to increase your website’s prominence.


law firm digital marketing

Tip #1: Law firm digital marketing should Utilize the power of webinars by planning and launching some of your own

law firm marketing

Now that prospective clients have more time to listen, one crucial practice that has shown to be effective for any law firm dealing with the effects of lockdown is running a series of webinars.


When done correctly, these online modules of free learning act as a great opener that any firm can use to initiate dialogue with interested clients because they provide the packets of value consumers look for.


Through a webinar, you’ll be able to cash in on one of the most effective learning formats while interacting better through polls and Q&A segments that will help establish your authority!

law firm digital marketing

Tip #2: The best law firm digital marketing will start adapting their keywords

One essential effect that law firms need to watch out for when trying to capitalize on the power of digital marketing SEO.


Now is the time to start reworking your keywords to get you a farther reach with your content.


For instance, following a format like “Online law firm in (your area)” or “Online (field of law) lawyer in (your area)” when tweaking your list of targeted long-tail keywords will boost the results of your efforts!

Tip #3: Great law firm digital marketing will write articles and build  content

If there’s anything that’s going to carry your law firm and help it come out stronger over time, it’s producing high-value content that gives value to your potential clients and convinces them of your expertise.


With articles that cover specific topics in the aspects of the law that you specialize in and social media posts filled with valuable insight, you can build your law firm’s image to rake in more clients in no time!

Legal digital marketing tips, the conclusion

Although the conditions today may pose a significant challenge for any law firm, there’s no need to fear because kicking your SEO and digital marketing efforts into overdrive will definitely help. Through the use of the three tips mentioned above, you’ll start seeing significant results and keep the clients coming back in no time!


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law firm digital marketing

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