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According to the latest stats there are nearly 2 billion websites online, and naturally enough, if you want to rank on the first page of Google you are going to have your work cut out.  So how can your stand out from the masses? One of the ways you can start to stand out from the opposition is via investing in web writing.

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The fact is, well-crafted web writing will make you stand out like a shining star in comparison to the opposition.  Why is this? Web writing will increase the amount of keywords on your website and will enhance the prospects of your website getting found by some of the masses of people who use the internet.


The best content writing websites will help catapult your brand to the top of the Google rankings. Statistics show that web writing has the potential to dramatically increase your online visibility and overall potential of converting visitors to your website into cold hard cash.


In this blog, I will touch on a number of vital areas that you will need to take into consideration when considering website writing cost.

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The best web writing will know their audience

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This sounds like a really simple one, but if a website content writer is creating content that is not tailor made to target a particular audience, you are setting your brand up for failure. The best website content writing services will know how to conduct research in respect of their target audience. They will know what type of content your target audience will want to read.


For example, there is not much point in a web content writer creating content that is really enthusiastic and excited when your target audience is members of the tax industry.




People paying taxes are usually dour and depressed because they will have to hand over a chunk of cash to the authorities, and the last thing they want is some clown dancing around in front of them with a smile its face.


People within the tax industry will expect to be on the receiving end of content that is professional and to the point.  They wont want a standup comedian taking the piss of them as they depart with their hard earned cash.

There are many examples why the best web writing needs to be properly researched, but the fact is, if you don’t conduct this research and know your audience, your web writing is going to be setting itself up for failure.

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The best content writing websites will know how important making an instant impact is

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In the modern era people have brief attention spans. People will usually decide within a matter of seconds whether the information on your website is what they need or not.


One way that a website writer can ensure that the content they create is effective is if they adapt the upside down pyramid method. What this means is that you should structure your content so that the most important messages are at the top of the pyramid. Then users will gradually scroll down to the supporting information.


Answering the question of: How much does website content writing cost is like knowing how long is a piece of string.

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When it comes to website content writing cost there is a vast number of variables that will need to be considered.  Of course, you could hire some cheapskate writer from a platform like Upwork or Freelancer but the fact is, many of the writers on these platforms are going to be absolutely useless. Believe me, when it comes to hiring some of the writers on freelancer, you might well be better of hiring a Chimpanzee. They are atrocious.


Website content writing cost will greatly vary according to the quality of the writers that you hire.  The simple fact is, if you are looking to hire the best web writer you might have to pay that extra little bit of cash. The best things in life cost money, and when it comes to content writing the best writers will cost that little bit more. Anyone can masquerade as being a web writer, but there are very few people who will have the required skills to succeed within the industry. Look for the best and hire the best!

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