Writing great content can present many challenges. However, a few tricks up your sleeve can help you save the day. 


Good content depends on a variety of key elements, such as readability, content uniqueness, and how well the writer delivers an idea. While these are the principles for any sort of writing, following them can be a challenge. 


So, what do you need to do to write good content? Is there a viable strategy?


Or do you need to make your own? To find answers to these questions, let’s dig in deeper and learn the best tips for writing good content in 2022. 

What Is Content Writing? 

Content writing becomes a proper marketing service in the early 90s. Since the internet was still a blooming aspect of marketing, many thought it to be an ambitious tactic. However, it was only in the mid-90s when things turned around for content writing, as Bill Gates famously wrote the “content is king” article for Microsoft’s website


Since then, content has very well proven that it is, indeed, the king of all the online services, marketing, businesses, et cetera. Therefore, today, content writing is one of the leading services that any marketing or business corporation requires. 


Content writing itself comes in many shapes and sizes as well, some of which includes: 

  • SEO Blogs

SEO blogs are the backbone of any marketing strategy today. They help you overcome many online challenges, such as building awareness against more established competitors. Good content writing is at the center of it all, and that’s when the importance of good content becomes apparent. 


Therefore, many consider SEO blogs as the central aspect of online marketing today. Since it doesn’t only help educate an audience, it also helps the business establish its own credibility in a vast sea of search engines. 

  • Social Media Posts

Social media posts are ideal for building a following and connecting with your immediate audience. They are also essential in portraying your expertise and conveying simple ideas to your audience. Moreover, social media content tends to be the one that keeps businesses relevant. So, content writing services for this type are also high in demand today. 

  • General Marketing Content 

General marketing content can be in many shapes, such as:


  • Copywriting for a website
  • Content for emails
  • Social media messages
  • Product descriptions
  • Application description


These are some of the most common types of general marketing content required in the online world. So, that’s something you should learn too as a beginner.

4 Key Essentials Of Understanding Your Content’s Purpose

Every content type has a purpose behind it. Therefore, when a writer sits down to write, they’re writing for a goal and a purpose that only their writing can achieve. That’s why the content that they create must be precise, robust, and rudimentary for the brand or business.


In order to understand this all, it’s imperative to understand the four significant essentials that drive any content writing strategy. While content writing is a vast field in its own right, you can still narrow down the most essential aspects. Therefore, here are four of them for you:

  • Marketing Objective

The first thing to grasp here is the marketing objective. In order to capture the attention of your audience, it’s imperative that you understand your primary goals. In many cases, the content writer’s aim should be to align themselves with the marketing goal of their content. 

  • Target Audience

How you write is important, but whom you write for is a little more essential to understand. Regardless of the type of content you write for the online world, understand that you’re writing for a specific set of audiences. Therefore, research and understand their likeness before you write content. 

  • Place In The Content Funnel

When you’re given a task, understand which part of the content funnel it belongs in. It could be either one of the three:

Understanding the place of your content in each of these funnels will also help you grasp the idea of your content’s primary objective. 

  • Content Tone 

When you write content, don’t forget that you will have to shape-shift into various content tones. Different niches, marketing tactics, requirements, and objectives require diverse content tones. 


Therefore, learn to write in various content tones. Tending to this will allow you to be able to write content accordingly.

10 Best Content Writing Tips For Beginners In 2022 

To write good content, you need to be objective when writing. If you write a word and think you’re good to go, it won’t work. You will have to write, understand, and judge your content objectively before passing it along. 


Whether you write marketing content or general content for a business, your priority must be to tend to a few things, such as:


  • Content clarity
  • Quality of sentences 
  • Readability & integrity
  • Plagiarism-free writing


So, just how do you ensure that as a beginner? What are the pillars of writing good content? Let’s find out by using these 10 essential tips: 

  • Pick Your Niche & Stick To It

One of the first things you need to do before writing content is picking a niche. There are many famous niches for blogs nowadays, such as:


  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology 
  • Entertainment 


Therefore, your job is to find the niche that fits your skills perfectly. Then, you need to stick to it. Many a time, writers pick a niche and then try their hands on other niches. Understanding various niches is a good skill, but choosing one and sticking to it is more effective. 

  • Spend More Time Researching 

You might think the more time you spend writing, the easier it will be for you. While more writing sure improves your writing speed and content clarity, it’s actually research that’ll have a greater impact. That’s why you need to research more than you write.


Why’s that important? Because the more you understand something, the easier it will be for you to write it. Therefore, gather all the necessary data you can before you sit down to write. 

  • The Ideal Length Of A Sentence

The ideal length of a sentence can be difficult to grasp. The shorter and easier to read you write your sentence, the better it will be. So, the idea is to keep your content concise and be descriptive in a short span of words.


In other words, writing sentences of 15-18 words is ideal, but writing sentences of 10-15 words is better. You cannot afford to be short, though, as you do need to be descriptive. However, trying to be concise should be your priority. 

  • Determine Perfect Paragraphs 

Much like the sentence length, understanding the right paragraph length is also important. If you’re descriptive, you will not need any more than three sentences. However, if you are writing something educative, then you might have to expand it. 


However, never should you ever try to make your paragraphs longer than three lines or 3-4 sentences. The more you expand your passages and paragraphs, the more difficult it would be for your readers to peruse it—regardless of the niche. 

  • Understand The Difference Between Copy & Content 

The content within a copy is used to promote a brand or business. In other words, it’s the primary type of marketing content with direct promotion. Whereas content is used to educate the target audience and then sway the audience towards a brand or business.


Here’s an example of a copy:


“For a good copy, contact us today.”


It’s clear, promotional, and to the point. Now, let’s try content:


“If you wish to gain all these content benefits, then you can use our tool.”


See the difference? A sentence like this would usually be at the end of an article/blog. Indicating that this was after the article had conveyed informative value about content. 

  • Ensure Your Content Is Plagiarism-Free 

Suppose you’re writing content by getting inspired from other content on the internet. In that case, chances are, you might end up writing something plagiarized—accidentally. However, regardless of the content being accidentally plagiarized or not, it’s still harmful. 


That’s why it must be avoided at all costs. So, here’s what to do:


  • Fire up a free plagiarism checker
  • Detect plagiarism in your content 
  • Check the percentage of plagiarism
  • Study the source
  • Steer away from plagiarism by paraphrasing or rewriting the content


You have to make sure you pick the plagiarism checker with a good user rating. In other words, something that writers love to use and something that’s free.


Then, you need to make sure your content is free of plagiarism by rewriting the necessary bits and chunks of your content. You can choose to use a paraphrasing tool to achieve this.


However, it’s ideal that you make sure you rewrite your content to steer away from plagiarism.

  • Formulate Unique Headlines

The more unique your headlines are, the easier it will be for you to formulate content according to your audience’s preference. 


Moreover, unique headlines go a long way in ranking higher in SERP (search engine results page). Therefore, try using numbers and hyphens to avoid being generic as much as possible.

  • Write A Short Intro & Even Shorter Conclusion 

Writing a good intro is necessary for your content’s success. However, it’s more important that you conclude your content properly.


Many writers say that the ideal length of an intro is around 10% of the original content. So, around 150 words for a 1500-word blog


The conclusion needs to be half of that. So, a 1500-word blog’s conclusion should be around 50-80 words.

  • Avoid Exaggeration, Be Concise

Exaggeration kills good content and adds unnecessary fluff. That’s why it’s important to be concise. If you’re using passive voice in sentences, then try to turn them into active. If you’re leading the content with examples, then try to add stats and facts to support that.

  • Cite Your Sources 

Lastly, you need to be careful with placing your sources. The easier you go about placing your sources, the easier it will be for you to give your target audience a good reason to believe your content is original. Moreover, it’s also essential in avoiding plagiarism. 


These are some of the essential tips and information you will need as a beginner. Therefore, focus on picking a niche, then polish your skills accordingly. 


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