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Hiring a great blog writer can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack.




Because many people consider themselves blog writers simply because they can spell Cat.




Great blog writing is a skill, and it takes to time to hone these skills.


In this blog post, I’m going to look at some of the key skills a blog writer will need and some of the key reasons you should hire a blog writer.

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You should hire a blog writer because you don’t have the time to create great posts

This is one of the main reasons you should outsource your blog writing.


You’ve got a great idea for a blog post that you’ll write it as soon as you get some time.


One week passes and then another and then another and before you know it a month is gone. You decide to write a few words but then something else comes up and I put the blog once more onto the back burner. A scenario like this is all too common, and this is why you should try and hire blog writers for whatever job you have at hand.

blog writers fore hire


If you hire blog writers, it will help your business to run more smoothly and effectively. Over time, when traffic to your website increases, you will see the results and will realize how vitally important blog writers are.


blog writers fore hire

Where can I find blog post writers that are credible?

A top-quality web content writer will know what SEO techniques to use when trying to rank for a keyword like “blog writers for hire” and won’t have to pay Google a load of money to try to artificially inflate their rankings.


Beware of these types of writers who only use Google ads to push their business.




  1.  That they aren’t very good at blog writing because if they were why weren’t they capable of creating a blog and organically ranking for the keyword “blog writers for hire” rather than just taking the easy way out and paying Google to make their website look its an expert in the field?


2. The website is a new website that’s trying to game market. A well-established website should organically rank in Google without having to resort to some paid advertisement. After all, top-quality blog writing will rank you on Google, and if some companies can’t do this, it raises many questions about their ability to create top-quality copy-writing.


The best blog writers will learn about your brand

hire blog writers

One of the key things to consider when you hire blog writers is whether they are skilled enough in the English language to match the style and tone of your brand. Anyone can vomit out a few thousand words, but the key thing is when you hire blog writers is that you hire someone with the ability and craft to match the voice of your brand.

Hire the best freelance blog writers

You don’t want someone vomiting out a load of drivel. What you need is a wordsmith with the ability to write an interesting, and informative blog post that will captivate your readers.


Think about it this way: you don’t want to hire some five-year-old kid to try to replicate the Mona Lisa. It will be a disaster. Of course, some vague outline of a face might be seen in the work that is completed, but overall you can be damn sure that the work will be a disaster.

blog writers for hire


Where can I find blog post writers?

hire blog writers

Looking to hire blog writers from a jobs board is like casting a big trawling net into the sea and hoping to catch some rare fish. The chances are when you pull this big trawling net out of the sea you’ll pull out a load of rusty junk from the depths of the ocean.


If you want to hire blog writers that are the best in the business, then first you’ll need to know where the best fish are located rather than randomly throwing your net into the sea to try to catch some rare specimen.

Blog writing services

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re looking to hire blog writers from a jobs board, you could well run into trouble because any fool can pose as a blog writer without having a clue what they are at. The fact is, the best writers will not be on jobs boards begging for work.


The best writers will have their own websites and they will sit back and let the work come to them. The best blog writers will have a Resume/CV that will speak for themselves. The best blog writers will stand out from the mass like a towering mountain amidst the fog.


Should I hire blog writers?

hiring blog writers


But blog content writing is a bit like planting a seed in the ground. You’ll need to nourish this seed, pour water on top of it and make sure that it gets some sun and nourishment.


And then as the seed grows into a small sapling you’ll need to look after it and protect it from the elements and continually make sure that the small sapling is getting the proper, air, water, sun, and nourishment that it needs.


Eventually, if you keep looking after the sapling it will grow into a small tree and over time, with proper care, this small tree will grow into large lustrous tree that will stretch all the way into the heavens. Blog content writing works along a similar premise.


Initially, you won’t see much happening, much like the seed in the ground, but if you continue to create great content, make sure that the blog is SEO optimized, try and build back-links, you’ll eventually see your blog sprouting out from the ground and forming into a big tree resulting in lots of traffic and conversions.

blog writers for hire


Be patient with your freelance blog writers

hire blog writers

When hiring blog writers, in particular, if your website is a new website, the chances are that you’ll have to be realistic about your immediate chances of getting lots of traffic and conversions.


Yes, you can and will be successful if you do the right thing, but you should try to look at the long term rather than the short term.


If you have a brand new website, it doesn’t really matter whether you hire the next Oscar Wilde as your blog writer. The chances of you ranking in the first few months are going to be extremely limited.

The reality of hiring freelance blog writers

So, unless, you are already some established celebrity with a huge fanbase who are going to link to your website in their droves your hopes of hitting the ground running is going to be very slim. But even though your traffic may be limited at the beginning you should not let this deter you.


If you hire content writers and they are producing great content, over time, this content will get noticed and you will eventually build up a following. Persistence is going to be a key factor and not getting despondent when the masses don’t flock to your website in their droves.


Why won’t professional blog writers get my website ranking straight away?

hire blog writers


Well, first of all, you’ll need to factor in how the Google Algorithms work. Google hates new domains and won’t rank them unless these new domains have been given some sort of seal of approval from other well-established sites.


The thing is, in the modern era, Google is trying to differentiate trash websites from websites that have credibility and that can be relied upon to provide truthful informative information. In the so-called era of “fake news”, this fact is becoming ever more prevalent and important.

Professional blog writers can’t make miracles happen

Google wants to know that your website is credible and like everything in life, it takes time to build up a reputation.


You have to understand this from Google’s perspective, There are millions and millions of websites being set up every day and what Google wants to do is to separate the reliable content from the trash, junk, and rubbish that is out there.


So if you hire blog writers and they write great content, over time, you will build up a following and Google will notice this and will begin to rank your website.

blog writers for hire


Ensure that you hire blog writers that are consistent

hire blog writers

If you hire blog writing services and their content writers and they consistently create good content Google will notice this. Google sees everything. In one sense, the Google Algorithms are like the all-seeing eyes of the surveillance cameras that notices everything on the gambling floor.


If Google comes across content that is worthless or the behavior of the website is suspect they will throw you down the SERP’s (search engine ranking position) like a Casino Boss would throw out a card counter. Google wants a fair game and doesn’t like cheaters or cowboys entering into the Casino trying to rig the system and so this is why you should try to be on best behavior when you’re creating content.


What I’m trying to say is that in the long run, hiring blog content writers works, but only if you hire blog writers that are experts in the game.


The best blog writers don’t come cheap

hire blog writers

So you Google “content writers for hire” and then a load of blog writers and web content writers come up and you come across someone that is offering their services for next to nothing. You’re thinking, “Great, I’m going to save a tonne of cash here!”


This strategy is like going down to your local bar that is full of alcoholics and hiring one of them to do all the electrical work in your house. At first, it might seem like a great idea to hire the cheaper alternative, but in the long run, you will pay when the electrical sockets start sparking, firing, and blowing all over the place.


In the meantime, when you try to contact your electrician you can’t because he’s comatosed in some bar and he can’t move.


When you search for a term like “content writers for hire” don’t just automatically go for the cheapest option. There’s an old saying in life, “that you get what you pay for” and this saying is very apt when it comes to hiring blog content writers.

blog writers for hire


The best blog writing service?

hire blog writers

Here at Contentwriterireland when you hire one of our blog content writers we pledge to write high-traffic blog posts that will attract more readers and will lead to more conversions for your business.


If you employ our blog writers you can expect an avalanche of business to start flowing in. We take the time to understand you and to understand your unique blogging goals.


We tailor-make any content so that it fits your brand’s voice to perfection. Every blog post that we make here at Contentwriterireland is painfully crafted until perfection is achieved. We also have the skills so that we can track the performance and conversion rates of whatever articles we create for you. Our goal is to produce quality blog writing that will drive traffic and revenues.


Blog writers for hire, the conclusion

When you decide to hire blog writers, there are a lot of things you will need to take into consideration. You’ll need to take into account the track record of the blog writers you are hiring, what kind of reviews they have, what kind of content strategy you want to employ.


Taking the easy option by just hiring blog writer off a jobs board might seem like a great strategy but in the long run you will more than likely pay dearly for this strategy.

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