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Hiring the best SEO content writing is no easy task considering that on the internet there are a vast array of services being offered and some of these SEO services are atrocious.  In the era of fakenews, when it comes to the best SEO content writing services, there is a huge issue in separating fact from fiction.


So how can you get your hands on the best SEO content writing and how much will this website content writing cost?


There are a number of things you can do if you want to hire the best SEO writers and in this blog post I will go into minute detail in respect of what you need to do if you want to get your hands on the best SEO content writing.


Here at contentwriterireland, we have an elite team of SEO writers who are ready and willing to offer you the best SEO content writing on the internet  and at a website content writing cost that will affordable for you.


How the best SEO content writing has changed over time

The era were SEO writers could simply vomit out a load of keywords and expect them keywords to automatically rank on Google are long gone. In the modern era, the Google Algorithm’s won’t be long discovering which content provides value and which content is as value as a piece of trash getting dumped into a rubbish bin.


The best SEO content writing will use writers that are trained in the very best SEO practices  Modern SEO services, should be utilizing writers that are immersed in cutting edge marketing techniques which should be tailor made to suit your particular needs. Modern SEO writing services should be able to meld journalism, creative writing, digital marketing and SEO all into one lean mean SEO writing machine that will create the best content that ultimately will bring in the traffic and conversions that you need.


The best SEO content writing will contain commercial intent keywords

Modern search functions are geared towards towards searcher intent. What this means is that, your audience will have questions and that your content must provide some of the answers that your searchers need. The best content writing will provide content that will have the ability to hit the mark when it comes to commercial and searcher intent.


There are a number of ways in which an SEO writer can do this and this is via creating: Blog articles, white papers, eBooks, video production, and much more.  The best SEO content writing will have the ability to get its message across in a vast arrange of mediums and so should you hire an SEO writing agency that has the ability to mulit-task in a vast array of mediums.

The best SEO content writing will contain content mapping

Content mapping is a technique that is used which ensures that any content that is produced is mapped out by SEO content writers to ensure that the content is in alignment with your companies goals and SEO industries best practices.


Content mapping will ensure that the content that you produce features appropriate keywords and stands out from existing content which is located on the web. If a blog post from another website is ranking at the top of Google the goal of the best SEO content writing should be to ensure that your blog post ranks in front of the number one piece of content and one of the ways you can ensure that this happens is via creating a longer, more informative, and more SEO rich piece of content.


Another term that this technique is called is “web scraping” whereby you scrape the content that is ranking for a keyword that you want to rank for, you insert these keywords into your blog and then hopefully Google will recognize the superiority of your blog post and will rank it accordingly.

Website content writing cost will vary if great UX is included

Great UX designing is not only integral for guiding web visitors and keeping them safe, it is absolutely essential for SEO. One of the most important aspects of SEO is ensuring that your content gets shared and if the UX on your website is not first rate quality the chances of getting your content shared will be slim.


Another very important factor in SEO is ensuring that your website is fast and responsive. If your website is slow and unresponsive Google will pick up on this and they will lower the ranking of your website. The best content writing services will be able to quickly determine whether your website is loading at an adequate rate and will be able to guide in ensuring that your website is fast, responsive, and UX friendly.

Website content writing cost will increase when you produce more content, but it will be worth it

Creating SEO rich content is not a once off thing, it is an everyday thing that will need to be nurtured and looked after. In many respects, great SEO is like planting seeds in the ground and then ensuring that these seeds are properly nourished with water and the sun and over time these seeds will shoot out into saplings and will become trees that everyone will be in awe of.


One major mistake that some people make when they come to SEO is that they expect instant results, when in fact, SEO is a long term game. The best SEO content writing will continually produce SEO rich content over time, and as time progresses, this content if it is informative, engaging, and crafted in an SEO rich way will result in big gains for your business.

The best SEO content writing will keep up to date with all changes on Google

The best SEO content writing services will try to keep up to date with all of the latest Google Algorithm’s changes. Every so often Google will make changes that could have a significant impact upon your website it will be the SEO content writing services job to keep abreast of all of these content changes, otherwise, you could suddenly find your website at the back of the pack.  Google will not explicitly tell you what these changes are going to be, but if your experiment with your content and tweak it you may be able to determine what these changes are.

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