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Hiring a freelance SEO writer does not simply mean that you hire an SEO writer who knows how to lump a few keywords into a blog post and then the traffic will come pouring in like the Nile River.


Great SEO content writing services will understand a multitude of skills and techniques that can increase your traffic and your conversion rate over time.

What does a SEO writer do?

An SEO writer creates SEO content that will increase traffic and conversions.


The fact is, a great freelance SEO writer will be a multi-talented individual who will have chameleon like abilities to change his writing and understand how this writing can engage and captivate his audience.


And not only should your freelance SEO writer have the ability to engage an audience, he must know how to craft a blog post so that it becomes so irresistibly attractive to Google that Google will form an erection as soon as it sees the blog post.

Are SEO writers in demand?

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Believe me, when it comes to SEO content writing, you want Google drooling at the mouth otherwise your blog post will be thrown into the rubbish bin along with the masses of other junk that populates in the internet.


The question you will need to ask yourself when you hire an SEO writer will be: “Do you want Google to have a hardon for your content or do you want Google to be as flat as a pancake?” The answer is, you will want Google to ravish your blog post like a sex starved criminal finally getting the meet his girlfriend after a ten year prison sentence!


So how can you ensure that Google comes to love your SEO content writing services?


There are several very important techniques that you can implement that will ensure that your content ranks in the upper echelons of the SERP( search engine ranking position).


in this blog post, I will show you some of the secrets that will help ensure that your content is ranking right where it belongs, directly at the top of the Google rankings.

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SEO content writing services will understand the importance of  backlinks

SEO content writing services

An SEO writer will know that internal linking and backlinks are going to be absolutely vital if you are intending to rank for certain keywords. If you have a backlink from an authoritative website this is going to be worth its weight in gold.


There are many companies out there who will be offering you a tonne of paid backlinks but in most cases you should avoid these offers because there is nothing that Google hates more than websites that are trying to game the system. If google finds out that you have purchased backlinks from spammy looking websites you can expect to get penalised very harshly.

Why is SEO writing important?


Because SEO writing will ensure that other websites will link to yours and will increase your web traffic.


The best way for websites to grow their backlink base is to create great content that other websites would be happy to link to. Another tactic that an SEO content writing service may use is they may contact relevant websites within your industry and offer to create guest blog posts and in return you can get a backlink to your website.


Another important factor will be that you insert hyperlinks into the anchor text as this will ensure that Google understands the words that you are putting the most credibility into.

If you want to Hire an SEO writer, hire an SEO writer who understands headings

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When it comes to creating content, you should hire an SEO writer who understands the importance of not only crafting great content but also understands the importance of headings.


Why are headings important when it comes to SEO?


Headings will help Google decide what your content is in relation to.


The most important heading will be the H1 heading and then your H2 heading.


A great SEO content writing service will understand the importance of headings and then will know how to weave your keywords into these headings so that Google will be able to grasp what your blog piece or piece of content is in relation to.

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A freelance SEO writer will know how to craft a meta description

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If you’re looking to hire an SEO writer, you should hire an SEO writer who understands the importance of a well crafted meta description.


Similar to the headings, A well-drafted meta will allow Google to discover what your page or blog post is in relation to.  SEO content writing services will understand that keywords will need to be inserted into the meta but that they must be inserted in a natural manner.


What do I mean by this?

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I mean that if you just stuff a load of keywords into your meta Google will pickup on this and will penalise your website accordingly. The days when you simply had to create a piece of content and vomit all of the keywords into said content are long gone.


Nowadays, the content that you create must be informative, engaging, and it must add benefit to the user, otherwise, Google will pick up on the fact that the content you are creating is tripe and they will punish you for this.

SEO content writing services are not just about content but also Images

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A freelance SEO writer should also have the knowhow in how to optimise the images in any blog post or piece of content that is created. Once the keywords are inserted into these images this will be a further piece in the jigsaw when it comes to Google fully understanding and comprehending what your piece of content is in relation to.


Superior SEO content writing services will understand that SEO isn’t a one trick pony system, that SEO is an all-encompassing skill needs to factor in a lot of different areas.

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Need an SEO writer? The conclusion

Hiring SEO content writing services could be the thing that takes your business to the next level but only if you hire the correct SEO content writing services.


If you hire an SEO writer, you should try to ensure that you hire an SEO writer that knows the trade. That is knowledgeable when it comes to creating content and ensuring that said content is optimised so that it is found by Google.


Just because someone is a great writer, this does not mean that Google will love them. I would much prefer to hire an expert SEO writer with average writing skills than a great writer with zero SEO skills.




The answer is obvious, getting found on Google equals cold hard cash and the only way you can get found on Google is if you hire a freelance SEO writer or SEO content writing services that are skilled in their profession.

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