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Not having a real estate content writer on your team is a bit like a husband in some lavish property attempting to impregnate his wife when his two balls are cut off. It won’t work. The lady will go elsewhere to get serviced. Clients visiting your website will also get serviced elsewhere.


 If you’re not busier than you can handle? Is your inbox isn’t filled with new client requests? If your website doesn’t receive comments and questions every day you’ll need a real estate content writer!



In the ultra-competitive world of modern real estate, your website is one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal. If you’re not using real estate content writers to maximize your site with up-to-date content and diversified streams of information, you will lose business to your competitors.

The content pillars for real estate

A great real estate content writer has the potential to dramatically increase your website’s visibility, traffic, and overall conversion rates. The fact is, if you don’t have a real estate content writer in your stable you’re setting your company up for massive failure.

real estate writer

So what kind of freelance real estate writers should you hire?

The best real estate content writers are skilled in crafting content for a variety of different real estate areas.

Top real estate writers will know how to conduct research and engage an audience whilst at the same time they will be skilled in knowing how to manipulate the Google search engines.

What are the main skills that a real estate blog writer should have?

One of the key skills that a real estate writer should have in their arsenal is the ability to produce SEO-rich content. If you hire a real estate writer and they don’t know how to get your website ranking on Google, what is the point? The primary reason realtors seek content writing for a real estate website is to increase their visibility on Google.

real estate writer

In content writing for real estate websites, link building is vital

real estate writer

One of the key skills for getting your website ranked on Google is knowing how to build links. Not only should the best content writing for real estate websites be well crafted, but this content should also be able to garner quality backlinks. Because the fact is if you’re not building up your backlinks you’re setting yourself up for failure.

How can a real estate writer achieve this?

One way they can achieve this is by producing high-quality content that other websites will link to. There are several other vital techniques that the best real estate writers employ to increase their backlinks. Contact us here at contentwriterireland and discover some of these tips and tricks.

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Keywords are going to be crucial for any freelance real estate writer

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A top freelance real estate writer will know how to hone in on certain keywords and get your website to rank for these keywords. Whilst picking keywords might sound like a basic tactic that anyone can use. It is not.


There is a vast array of skills that a freelance real estate writer will need to have at their disposal if they are going to pick the perfect keywords for your website. One of the most basic skills is being aware that just because a keyword is a high ranking keyword, this does not mean that this is a keyword that you should be targeting.


Of course, there are a vast number of other tips and techniques a freelance real estate writer should employ and if you want to discover some of these tips, why not contact us here at contentwriterireland.

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Real estate website content writing ideas

Transforming your website into a top real estate portal is easier than you might think – and you don’t have to go it alone. Instead, the real estate content writers at our company can develop your site into a viable sales generation tool that constantly provides your current and potential clients with great information about you, your services and your real estate agency.

Real estate content

Mortgage brokers, real estate agents and mortgage lenders should know the website traffic that can be generated by a skilled real estate content writer is crucial to attracting new clients. Gone are the days when property images and facts-and-figures lists were enough to sell homes or promote your most important product: you.

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Real estate blogging services should use engaging SEO content

SEO content writing crafted by real estate web writers allows you to draw buyers that are hungry for information to your site. Visitors who find you through blogs, informative articles, or sales-oriented web pages will automatically become engaged with what you have to say and consider what you have to offer.  As the tried-and-true adage goes, if they come to look, they’ll stay to buy.

Content for real estate marketing

The power to grow your business through your website is a power that’s in your hands. Content equals leads, and leads equal sales. This simple equation is one that’s too important to ignore. Engaging your visitors with the help of a real estate web content writer gives you an easy opportunity to build the trust and confidence that potential home buyers and sellers are looking for when making one of the biggest investment decisions of their lives.


Simply put, going above and beyond the basics with your website shows potential clients that you will go above and beyond for them!

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Our Real Estate Content Writing Services

We have worked with numerous real estate agents who have counted on our team of SEO experts to craft quality web page content, blogs and articles.  When you purchase content from us, you will receive:


–  a free initial content development consultation
–  keyword research (sent to you in an Excel file)
–  unique meta data
–  optimization
–  slight revisions

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