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An SEO Marketing writer can be the injection of lifeblood that your brand badly needs. 

So what kind of SEO marketing writer should you hire?

Hire one who keeps ahead of the curve!


SEO article marketing has undergone some swift and decisive changes in the last year, with a Google sponsored clean up in terms of quality. You need to hire an SEO writer who won’t get left behind in changing times.

In this blog post, I’m going to discuss everything SEO marketing writing related and some of the key reasons why you should hire an SEO writer.

seo marketing writer

Why you need an SEO Marketing writer?

Not climbing to the dizzying heights of the Page One results of many search engines= lost revenue streams.


Poor quality content means quietly fossilizing in the sediment of Page Three and Four.


A great SEO writer can help you reach to the top of the pile on Google.


seo marketing writer

The modern content marketing writer


For SEO marketing firms the changes have produced some challenges; internet marketing trends come and go rapidly but it’s worth not getting carried away by them.


Article marketing was never anything new; it was simply the advertorial reloaded.  Advertorials were the Stone Age version of the format and it’s never a bad idea to look back before dashing forward.


Advertorials had one small difference to the nasty rash that article marketing became.  Placement was (and is) everything, with an advertorial.  Not many SEO firms really got that in the early days and simply used the “Hey, if we flood the internet with poor quality marketing material we’ll get loads of business” approach.


Initially, those info junkies, the search engines, fell for it.  They lapped it up until they were full but then, well you know happens when you gorge on something.

seo marketing writer

Placement and quality are king for an SEO writer

What those early pioneers in article marketing hadn’t done was to realise that article marketing, like advertorials, need to be a bit more subtle.  Even when the search engines were still lapping them up, internet users kind of spotted them for what they were and just went to the nearest page of results where there weren’t any.  When it comes to article marketing, placement is everything.  Well, that and quality content.

A top marketing writer will capture peripheral Vision

Advertorials work in one of two ways, they linger on the periphery of your vision but something about them draws you to them.  They hang around on the edges of pages of “proper” editorial or they lurk down in the corner of news pages.


They get slipped just next to a relevant or related story if there’s one going.  They are almost never found on the headline page right up the top with the big scoop of the day.  When it comes to newspapers, people read the whole thing given time.  The only time they won’t eventually scan read their way to your advertorial is if you try to force them into it.

Planned Shoe-horning

This works as well in the world of the internet as it does in the print world.  Replace the newspaper with forums, blogs or social sites and you have the perfect place for your article/advertorial.  The web is, in many ways, better than print media for this kind of marketing.


It allows you to have complete control of the placement of your article, and to pick and choose the specific markets you want to capture.  Travel articles find a comfortable little spot to nest and work their magic on travel related sites; while anything to do with kids can be shoe-horned onto “Mumsnet”, with a little careful planning.


Different sites will look for different types of material; they might call it an article or they might call it a blog post but this simply means formatting as required.  The key is to getting the content right for the market and not just assuming any old content will do.  Getting past the algorithms is never as hard as getting past a living, breathing, cash-strapped consumer and straight into their wallet, but with the right SEO article approach, it can be done.

seo marketing writer

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