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Contentwriterireland, LLC is committed to helping our clients expand their online presence through the appropriate use of content writing, organic SEO (search engine optimization), search engine marketing and social media. As internet savvy content writers, we understand the importance of achieving top placement in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


We provide our clients with the content development, internet marketing and SEO solutions they need to not only obtain better positioning in the search engines but also stand out from their numerous competitors.


Contact us to learn how we can improve your website’s performance in the search engines and increase your site’s traffic.

content writing services

The difference between content writing services

Contentwriterireland is, first and foremost, a boutique search engine marketing firm that is committed to offering personalized service. We go above and beyond to establish long-term relationships with our clients, which is why many of our clients are repeat customers (read our testimonials page to see why our clients enjoy working with our firm).


Our team knows that when it comes to selecting content writers and organic SEO services, businesses have many firms to choose from. Yet, Star Content stands apart from various competitors in numerous ways. Our team of seasoned content writers and internet marketing professionals:


–  Have backgrounds working for internet companies, like Yahoo!.
–  Have 15 years of combined internet marketing experience.
–  Are based entirely in the U.S.
–  Have optimized hundreds of websites.
–  Offers affordable rates and top-quality results.


Additionally, all of our content writers have Bachelor’s Degrees in English, Technical Writing and Journalism. We don’t outsource our content writing to third party vendors as we know that the text on our clients’ websites plays an important role in their sales, user experience and marketing initiatives.

content writing services

Success with Our Services

After using our professional services, many of our clients have:


– Achieved page one placement in Google.
– Cut their monthly PPC budgets.
– Increased their website’s organic traffic over time.
– Promoted their businesses in new and exciting ways.
– Improved their online sales conversion.


Remember, your search engine strategy plays a crucial role in the acquisition of new customers and the retention of current customers. Our team can help you attract leads with our tailored content writing, organic SEO, blog-article writing, social media and search engine marketing services.

Content Writing Services

What is content writing?

Content writing is the careful crafting of text that is featured on websites’ homepages and subpages. While your website’s design and visual aesthetics are important, these elements can only get you so far. Think about what happens when the average visitor stumbles upon your website. The user may like your design and decide to read your text (that is why people come to your site – to read and gather information). If your content is poorly written, lacks clarity or is non-existent, the user will exit and you will have lost a potential customer. Providing useful information is just one of the many reasons why content is crucial to the success of your website.


The other reason content writing is important is because it improves your search engine marketing efforts.  Many people are starting to realize that content writing and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand. In order to achieve top spots in search engines, your website must have the perfect combination of content and SEO. When the right, targeted keyword phrases are gracefully woven into your website’s content, you can improve your positioning in search engines, increase the amount of traffic you get each month and provide your site’s visitors with useful information that prompts them to utilize your services.

content writing services

How do our content writing services work?

Our content writing services are great for people who want to improve their homepages or add SEO friendly text to their site’s internal subpages. Clients that order pages from our content writers get to work with internet marketing professionals who have years of experience. Every page of content is offered at a flat fee and includes:


–  free initial content consultation
–  keyword research (sent to clients in an Excel file)
–  custom-written meta data
–  350 words of optimized text
–  slight revisions


We offer several discounted content writing packages for businesses that are looking to purchase more than 5 pages.  Contact us today to receive a quick quote from our professional content writers.

Organic SEO Services

What is organic SEO (search engine optimization)?

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing your website with keyword rich content, links and meta data. Organic SEO impacts websites’ natural placement in the search engines, which have two types of listings: Paid and Natural.

SEO tips and tricks

Unlike paid listings (PPC ads), natural listings appear in the middle, not at the top or to the right. Top natural listing spots are highly coveted by businesses who own websites because they are starting to realize that the majority of users prefer natural listings – not paid listings. In fact, many users ignore paid listings and assume that natural search engine results pages have information that is more relevant to their search queries.

How do our organic SEO services work?

We offer several different types of organic SEO services, including: on-page optimization, content writing, blog writing, article writing and social media campaigns. We also offer Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools monitoring.

Organic SEO services

Our organic SEO services are designed to 1) improve the quality of websites’ internal content and meta data, 2) create quality links to websites and 3) expand websites’ presence in search engines through effective use of social media, blogging and article writing.

All of the organic SEO techniques we use are considered “white hat”, meaning our services are compliant with SEO best practices defined by Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  Contact us today to learn more about our organic SEO services.

Article Writing Services

What is article writing?

Article writing is almost the same as content writing. However, the main difference between article writing and content writing is that articles are longer in length, more research based and may be submitted to external article forums.


In the past, search engines were rewarding websites that had high quality links and informational content. Now, the trend has changed and the sites that are ranking the highest are article based. Need proof? Type in a search query in Google, the majority of the time, the top ranking site will be – which is essentially a library of articles.  Now, internet marketers are catching on and realizing that a single, well-written article with quality inbound links can outperform a website for selected keyword phrases.

content writing services

How do our article writing services work?

Our article writing services are effective for businesses that want to build quality links to their websites and promote their services to larger audiences. We create both internal and external articles for our clients. Internal articles are longer than a standard page of content writing and are highly researched. External articles are researched, written and then submitted to reputable article directories. Clients that order SEO articles from our professional content writers will have their articles optimized for specific keyword phrases. Every article is offered at a flat fee and includes:


–  free initial article development consultation
–  keyword research (sent to clients in an Excel file)
–  500-600 words of optimized text
–  submission to a reputable article directory
–  slight revisions


We offer several discounted article writing packages for businesses that are looking to purchase more than 5 articles.  Want to reach out to new audiences and acquire links that help your website achieve a higher page rank?  Contact us today to receive a quick quote from our professional article writers.

Blog Writing Services

What is blog writing?

Blog writing is similar to content writing, but blogs tend to be shorter, more entertaining and opinion-based. Whether you want to promote yourself online, increase your web traffic or simply entertain your visitors, one of the best things you can do is add a blog to your website or create an external blog.


Blogging is the “it” thing on the internet as millions of users read blogs each day to get information from a variety of industries. People are also reading blogs for pure fun, to connect with other blog enthusiasts and to learn tips from pros.


How do our blog writing services work?

We write blog entries that are not only engaging and relevant to your industry, but that also boost your placement in major search engines and create user engagement between your company and your websites’ visitors. Now, you can reach out to your customers in a new, exciting way and market your services at the same time. Clients that order blogs from our professional content writers will have their blog entries optimized and written on desired topics. Every blog is offered at a flat fee and includes:


–  free initial blog development consultation
–  keyword research (sent to clients in an Excel file)
–  250-300 words of optimized text
–  custom tags
–  slight revisions


We offer several discounted blog writing packages for businesses that are looking to purchase more than 5 blogs.  Contact us today to receive a quick quote from our blog content writers.

content writing services


Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Services


What is social media?

Social media is essentially media and user generated content that is meant to be acquired through social interaction.  There are numerous social networking websites on the internet, but the most popular are sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Businesses know that millions upon millions of users are using social media every day and are capitalizing by creating company profiles, pages and ads within social networking sites.  By moving in this direction, companies are able to reach out to potential customers, promote their products and services and also expand their online presence.  Social media provides:  reach, accessibility, usability and permanence in the world of search engine marketing.


How do our social media and search engine marketing services work?

When clients wish to start social media and/or search engine marketing campaigns, we take the time to understand their needs.  Our online marketing specialists then create a custom basic plan or a month-to-month plan that meets our clients’ objectives.  Some of the social media and search engine marketing services we offer are:


–  Facebook business page setup
–  monthly Facebook maintenance
–  Twitter account setup
–  Twitter monthly maintenance
–  LinkedIn company profile set up
–  AboutUs profile setup
–  Yahoo! Answers account setup and maintenance
–  blogging
–  article writing
–  social bookmarking account setup
–  Slideshare presentations


Contact us to learn more about our social media campaign and search engine marketing services.

content writing services

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