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The days when a branded content writer could simply throw out any old content and people would swallow it like a Whale gobbling down a fish are long gone. In the modern era, a branded content writer will have to produce content that is not only carefully honed and crafted, but also content that Google will fall in love with.


The era of when a blog post writer could throw out a second rate burger and chips from some stinking takeaway  is finished.  Nowadays, a blog post writer will have to produce content that is akin to food being served in a Michelin star restaurant.


A branded content writer will be skilled in knowing that at each stage of the users engagement with your website that this content will have to be finely crafted to ensure that the user goes deeper into the all important traffic funnel. What I’m referring to is the gospel of, “inform, engage, and convert.”  The best blog post writer will know to engage the user in each stage of this all important 3 step technique.

branded content writer

A branded content writer will be knowledable when it comes to the length of their content

branded content writer

Producing articles and blogs is one of the key ways for a branded content writer to engage their audience. Depending on what keyword you are going to start producing, long form content can be a great tactic to help engage and inform users. If the keyword you are targeting has a lot of competition one of the way you can try and stand out from the opposition is via producing a longer, more informative, and more interesting blog post.


Google will notice that your piece is the longest in relation to a coveted keyword, and there is a good chance that they will reward your effort by ranking your blog post highly.  Conversely, if you are targeting a lower ranked keyword with little competition, you should try and produce content that is minimalistic as this may be enough to get you ranking for the keyword. Why overexert yourself when you don’t really have to?

branded content writer


A blog post writer will know how to build followers

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A key skill a blog post writer should have at their disposal is knowing how to build up a following.  If you hire a blog post writer and they build up a regular following, your brand is going to be stealing a huge march on your competition.


Generating a following allows you to build an email list that you can regularly ping with updates and information in an attempt to further reel users right down into your nets of conversions.  A top blog post writer should be able to subtly weave offers and messages into the content that they produce.  Each word crafted should be crafted with the end goal in mind. Getting more money into your pocket.

branded content writer


A branded content will know the importance of link building

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A branded content writer will know how to produce content that is full of nutrition and juices but they will also know how to produce content that people will want to link to. If a brand content writer doesn’t know how to produce content that people will link to, they are setting your business up for failure. The key goal a brand content writer should always keep in mind: How they are going to grow your business? One of the best ways to ensure that your brand keeps going is via getting other websites and business to link to it.

branded content writer

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