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Hiring a digital copywriter could be just the impetus to increase your website traffic and conversion rates.

So what skills should have a digital copywriter have?

A digital copywriter or a marketing copywriter should come equipped with a vast array of skills such as SEO, writing, psychology, and digital marketing tactics.


Each of these skills will help the digital copywriter increase the power and potency of their web copy. All of this will ensure that your business will experience an increase in traffic and ultimately an increase in profits.


In this blog post, I’ll take a look at some of the key skills that you’re going to need your digital copywriter or marketing copywriter to have in their skillset.

digital copywriter


A top digital copywriter should be skilled in psychology

One of the top skills that a digital copywriter should have in their arsenal is psychology. By understanding psychology this will ensure that whatever copy the digital copywriter produces will have far more power and potency.


So what are the key psychology skills that a digital copywriter should have in their possession?


A top digital copywriter should understand skills like sense of urgency, exclusivity principle, and the importance of power words. All of these skills will act to ensure that whatever copy the digital copywriter produces will have the greatest chance possible of making the impact that you need it to make.

digital copywriter



Researching is a key skill for any marketing copywriter

A top marketing copywriter should be skilled at researching. By being able to research a marketing copywriter will better understand their target market and this will allow them to tailor make their content so that its effectiveness is increased.


Researching will allow a marketing copywriter to understand a prospects likes, dislikes, gender, demographic, etc.


Once this information is built up a marketing copywriter will then be able to craft content that will hit a prospects sweet spots.


A creative copywriter can make an instant impact

Your prospects minds are like Goldfish. You only have 7 seconds before people will decide whether to read on further or whether they will cast you away like a hot snot! This is one of the key reasons why you should think about hiring a creative copywriter.


The best creative copywriters will come equipped with a vast amount of knowledge and information that they will use to great content that will rivet and captivate audiences. The fact is, ideas are equals to money and if you have a creative copywriter in your team, you’re going to be setting your business up to overtake the opposition quicker than Usian Bolt.

digital copywriter


A digital copywriter who isn’t skilled at SEO is like a ship without a captain

In the modern era, if a digital copywriter is not skilled at SEO they’re going to be setting themselves and their business up for failure. The fact is, understanding some key aspects for SEO, such as keyword selection, anchor text, and cultivating backlinks and CTR rates is going to have a massive impact on how effective your copy is.


There isn’t much point in a business hiring a digital copywriter who creates great content but that said content doesn’t rank anywhere on the upper echelons of Google.


A marketing copywriter who isn’t skilled at writing will sink fast

It should go without saying that a marketing copywriter should be skilled at writing. Becoming a great writer takes time but becoming a great marketing copywriter can take even more time. For example, just because someone got great grades at university this does not mean that they will make it as a great copywriter.


Academic writing has got very little in common in being a marketing copywriter. One of the key skills that a marketing copywriter should have in their skill-set is the ability to craft content that is clear and easy to understand. A marketing copywriter should try to avoid big words like a a ship should try and avoid an iceberg.

digital copywriter

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