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Hiring a digital copywriter could be just the impetus to increase your website traffic and conversion rates.


The fact is, not having a digital copywriter in your team is like someone embarking on a DIY coding program and then totally revamping their employer’s website.


A disaster!


In this day and age having a digital copywriter is as fundamental to your business as a programmer, multimedia expert, etc.


First, let’s look at some of the key areas in digital copywriting.

digital copywriter

What are the duties of a digital copywriter?

Whatever the clients need! Blogs, case studies, ads articles, ebooks, magazine copywriting, social media, email marketing and loads more.


Some of the key skills needed include:


• Superb writing skills
• Excellent grammar
•  A chameleonlike ability to adapt to different  tones of voice
• Time management and organization skills
• The ability to look to criticize and improve their own work
• Multitasking


It’s very important to recognize that digital copywriting and SEO go hand in glove.


You can’t separate one from the other.

Let’s look at SEO.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of including optimized keywords in your site’s plain text in order to boost your rank with Google and the other major search engines.


Effective SEO copywriting leads to higher placement in organic search engine results, the naturally generated results (not the pay-per-click ads) that appear in the middle of the search engine screen. These organic results are more often than not the first place internet users look when trying to find a service or product.


But the question remains, what skills does a digital copywriter need?

So what skills should have a digital copywriter have?

A digital copywriter or a marketing copywriter should come equipped with a vast array of skills such as SEO, writing, psychology, and digital marketing tactics.


Each of these skills will help the digital copywriter increase the power and potency of their web copy. All of this will ensure that your business will experience an increase in traffic and ultimately an increase in profits.


In this blog post, I’ll take a look at some of the key skills that you’re going to need your digital copywriter or marketing copywriter to have in their skillset.

digital copywriter


A top digital copywriter should be skilled in psychology

One of the top skills that a digital copywriter should have in their arsenal is psychology. By understanding psychology this will ensure that whatever copy the digital copywriter produces will have far more power and potency.


So what are the key psychology skills that a digital copywriter should have in their possession?


A top digital copywriter should understand skills like sense of urgency, exclusivity principle, and the importance of power words. All of these skills will act to ensure that whatever copy the digital copywriter produces will have the greatest chance possible of making the impact that you need it to make.

digital copywriter



Researching is a key skill for any marketing copywriter

A top marketing copywriter should be skilled at researching. By being able to research a marketing copywriter will better understand their target market and this will allow them to tailor make their content so that its effectiveness is increased.


Researching will allow a marketing copywriter to understand a prospects likes, dislikes, gender, demographic, etc.


Once this information is built up a marketing copywriter will then be able to craft content that will hit a prospects sweet spots.

Hire a digital copywriter who is skilled at keyword research

A digital copywriter should go to Google AdWords and search for keywords that are similar to the most relevant words you can think of on your own. Google’s keyword tool includes stats for how often different keywords are searched.


Pick words and phrases that get hits in the thousands, not the millions, and that are specific to both your expertise and your location.


Why? Because “baseball” might get millions of hits per week, but a search for “baseball” isn’t likely to bring a potential customer to your baseball card shop in Dublin.

Once you’ve researched all the best keywords for your site, integrate them as seamlessly as possible into text content on your site .


Bear in mind search engine crawlers can currently only look through text, and they give added weight to titles and headers, so be sure to place your keywords in titles, links, articles, blogs, updates, and whatever other text you can imagine.


A creative copywriter can make an instant impact

Your prospects minds are like Goldfish. You only have 7 seconds before people will decide whether to read on further or whether they will cast you away like a hot snot! This is one of the key reasons why you should think about hiring a creative copywriter.


The best creative copywriters will come equipped with a vast amount of knowledge and information that they will use to great content that will rivet and captivate audiences. The fact is, ideas are equals to money and if you have a creative copywriter in your team, you’re going to be setting your business up to overtake the opposition quicker than Usian Bolt.

digital copywriter


A digital copywriter who isn’t skilled at SEO is like a ship without a captain

In the modern era, if a digital copywriter is not skilled at SEO they’re going to be setting themselves and their business up for failure. The fact is, understanding some key aspects for SEO, such as keyword selection, anchor text, and cultivating backlinks and CTR rates is going to have a massive impact on how effective your copy is.


There isn’t much point in a business hiring a digital copywriter who creates great content but that said content doesn’t rank anywhere on the upper echelons of Google.


A marketing copywriter who isn’t skilled at writing will sink fast

It should go without saying that a marketing copywriter should be skilled at writing. Becoming a brilliant writer takes time, but becoming a great marketing copywriter can take even more time. For example, just because someone got great grades at university, this does not mean that they will make it as a great copywriter.


Academic writing has got very little in common with being a marketing copywriter. One of the key skills that a marketing copywriter should have in their skill-set is the ability to craft content that is clear and easy to understand. A marketing copywriter should try to avoid big words like a ship should try to avoid an iceberg.

The ultimate reasons you should hire a digital copywriter

Turn to the assistance of a SEO copywriter. SEO copywriting services can be very effective in helping your site rise to the top of the search engines while simultaneously improving the quality and usefulness of your site itself.

But be careful when making your selection.

A digital copywriter job description does not include weak, spun content

Some SEO copywriters promise huge results in record time for rock-bottom prices. Be aware that true quality costs, and that these bargain SEO copywriters may be using article spinning software to slightly alter content from other sites and pass it off as original. Getting caught with such content on your site can get you banned from Google, a punishment which could very well ruin your business.

What qualifications do you need to be a copywriter?

You need to be qualified in creating great content!

Some of the best copywriters have no formal qualification, but they have a knack for creating content that sells.


When hiring an SEO copywriter, look for someone who has verifiable experience in your field and who is willing to take the time to talk to you about your unique marketing needs. Spending a little extra on quality SEO copywriting is a worthwhile investment because a great copywriter’s work will improve both your image and your visibility, two essentials of any healthy business.

If you’re looking to hire a digital copywriter, hire one who knows that content is king

The fact is, If your website doesn’t have quality content, it’s not serving your customers, and it’s certainly not serving you. When building your website, remember that content is king – without it, your site will be much harder to find. Greater amounts of relevant text equal higher search engine rankings. Make sure your SEO writers are doing all they can make your content exceptional by following these simple guidelines:

Top copywriters will start with the basics

Above all else, remember to get your essential facts in. You may have just proven yourself as a content writer by posting a brilliant article on this summer’s fashion trends, but if you forgot to put your clothing boutique’s hours in a few easy to find locations on your site, that brilliant article won’t do you much good.

The best freelance copywriters will use KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

This is an old adage, but one that I have found applies to a multitude of aspects in life, and content writing is no exception. More keywords for search engine optimization are better, but that doesn’t mean content writers should ramble on for days, stuffing in as many keywords as possible. Use your optimal keywords a few times each, be sure to weave them in as seamlessly as possible, and end it right there. For the most part, ADHD web users of today simply can’t be bothered with more than a few hundred words on any given topic.

Hire a digital copywriter who knows how to craft useful content

If your customer has nothing to gain from reading your content, they’re not going to read it. It’s that simple. As your own content writer, write about what interests you, but be sure it interests your customer as well. The best SEO writers know how to keep content entertaining and informative, but most of all, useful.

A digital copywriter should be unique

Easier said than done, I know. A simple way for content writers to achieve uniqueness in their content is to take a look at their competitor’s content and see what’s missing. If you can provide information, insight, debate, news, or even entertainment that your competitors are failing to offer up, you’ll gain the edge. Not to mention, you’ll write some great, unique content.

digital copywriter

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