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If you’re looking for the best eBook writing services, we’re here to help! Our professional writers are ready to craft a unique work of art that will boost your brand and increase sales.

Why should you choose contentwriterireland for your eBook writer?

Why choose contentwriterireland as your eBook writer? Here are just a few reasons:


  • We are professional, experienced and reliable. Our team of expert writers has been in the industry for years, and we’ve written hundreds of eBooks for satisfied clients like you.
  • We have a proven track record of satisfied clients. You can rest easy knowing that our writers will deliver high-quality work on time every time, because we have an excellent track record and reputation for doing so!
  • Our prices are affordable and our customer service is outstanding — two more reasons why we’re the best at what we do!


If you want to get the most out of your eBook, then it’s important that it’s well-written and formatted correctly. This will help ensure your readers enjoy reading it; they’ll be able to understand what you’re saying and get value from it.

What can we help you with?

We can help you with any kind of eBook, regardless of the topic or style. Our experts have successfully written eBooks on topics as diverse as:


  • Children’s books
  • Fiction books
  • Non-fiction books
  • Technical manuals, including software and hardware manuals
  • Guidebooks for hobbyists and travelers


How-to books Novels Biographies Travel guides, including city and country guides

Where should you begin?

1. Choosing a topic

2.Formatting your ebook

3. Deciding on a delivery method: Print or digital. If you decide to go with print, you will also have to decide whether or not your book should be spiral bound or soft cover.

4. Pricing your ebook based on the market value and other factors like competition and quality of content. You can use this formula for calculating price: cost of production + (cost of production x 3). This gives you a ballpark figure for how much an e-book should cost if it were printed in hardcover and sold at retail stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million. Additionally there is the added expense of marketing so I would add an additional 25 percent more than whatever that number is before arriving at my price point!

Request a Quote today!

The first step is to fill out our request form.


Please include all relevant information and ask as many questions as you need, so we can create the most accurate quote for your eBook project.


After we review and respond to your answers, we’ll send you a link where you can securely pay with a credit card or PayPal account. We’ll also send an email confirmation with payment details once payment has been received by us.

Hire a professional to write your ebooks!

If you are looking to hire a professional writer, then you have come to the right place. Hire a professional ebook writer and get your ebooks written by an expert in their field.


Hire a professional ebook writer:


  • A professional writer will provide high quality content for your e-book. He or she knows what things ought to be included in the book and how they can be arranged in the best possible way so that it becomes easy for readers to understand them. They take into account every single detail related to your topic before writing anything down on paper so that nothing goes unnoticed during final editing stages too!
  • A professional ebook writer is someone who has experience in writing books like yours on similar topics – whether these are educational ones aimed at children (eBooks), business management texts (EBooks), self-help guides about relationship issues etc.. He or she would be able to create compelling content based off their own experiences as well as research done beforehand which makes them more qualified when compared with others who might not have any experience at all!

Professional eBook writing services by experts, the conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about our professional eBook writers and how we can help you create an amazing book. We believe that having a team of experts behind your writing is the best way to ensure quality, professionalism, and consistency in your work.


Whether it’s an article or blog post or even an entire book, we have you covered! Our team consists of some of the most talented individuals in the industry who are ready to take on any project you throw their way. So get started today by requesting a quote from us below!

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