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Google AdWords is a system owned by Google that allows businesses to use Google-owned and partner properties to run their pay-per-click (PPC) ads.


Learn all you need to know about PPC from an experienced PPC consultant SD Marketing.

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Google AdWords is a fantastic system that gets your product or service in front of those who will be searching online for your product or service.


This is paid advertising online. You can be on the top page of Google by using any phrase that you feel your target audience is using by bidding on keywords.


You can choose the wording of your ad to whatever you feel will appeal to them. You only pay when a person actually clicks on the ad and visits your site. If you have not tried AdWords, you should as it is very appealing. What AdWords does better than any other advertising media is it puts your ads in front of your target audience at the important time when they are seeking to buy or inquire.

Google ads agency

When running a PPC campaign there are a number points that are important:

1. The ad you are producing must be relevant
2. The bids you select for your keywords are important
3. The landing page must be of high quality
4. Quality score is vital

Google ads agency

What determines rank and cost per click?

Maximum Cost per Click (CPC) x Quality Score = Rank and Actual CPC


Maximum Cost Per Click – This bid is the highest price you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad. You will input an initial bid, but you can change your bid as often as you like.


Quality Score – Ad relevance, Landing Page, Click Through Rate (CTR) Ad Groups, Page Load Time, Click Through Rate (CTR) Account History.


  • A good quality score reduces your costs
  • A good quality score increases your page position
  • If you have a PPC campaign but are not using the Analytics then it is the equivalent of driving at night with the lights switched off!

Google ads agency

Google Analytics lets you see what is happening when someone visits your site. It tells you what phrase people used to end up on your page. It will tell you where they are and which search engine they found you on. It will tell you if they arrived at your site via AdWords, via social media sites, other website links or by the natural or organic search engines.


You can track a visitor to see how long they spent on a page and which page they were on when they left your site, and it can reveal so much more.


Therefore, the first port of call when reducing your PPC costs and increasing sales is to switch on your PPC analytics. You then need to install the urchin tracking snippet onto all of the pages of your web site. Analytics will help you weed out the phrases that are just generating time wasters and keep in the account the phrases are generating sales and inquiries!

The most important aspects of PPC analytics are:

  1. Time on site
  2. Bounce rate
  3. Conversion tracking
  4. Traffic source
  5. Visitor loyalty

Contentwriterireland will conduct and in-depth analysis of the campaign progress which is critical for PPC management. For all of my PPC Campaigns, SD Marketing is constantly tweaking and monitoring client’s campaigns to achieve the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI).


As a PPC Consultant, Contentwriterireland will carry out the following stages to ensure the success of your campaign with your daily budget:

PPC Account Set Up and Creation

  • Keyword Research
  • Structure of the campaign including various Ad Groups and Ads
  • Keyword bid management set up
  • Targeting and Placements
  • Location and Language Targeting
  • Ad Extensions and More!

Google ads agency

Campaign Management

  • Weekly and Monthly Account Reporting
  • Monitoring poor performing keywords
  • Regular keyword bid adjustments
  • Adjusting ad positions where necessary
  • Testing of ad schedule and more!


Contentwriterireland has worked on a large number of PPC campaigns and therefore has a vast amount of experience as a PPC Consultant. A PPC Manager in Clare you can trust. Get in touch to start your search campaign with my PPC management service.

Google ads agency

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