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Deciding to outsource your copywriting could be the lightning bolt that will spark your web copy into life. The fact is, top-quality copywriting firms are akin to injecting your website and brand with life-giving blood. Your website can go from being sluggish and unproductive to sparkling with energetic life and vitality!


So what skills should you be looking for in a digital copywriting agency? There are several key areas that you’ll need to have covered once you decide to outsource copywriting and in this blog post, I will list some of the key skills and attributes that a top digital copywriting agency should have in their skill sets.

outsource copywriting


Outsource your copywriting to a company that will anticipate objections


Whoever you outsource your copywriting to should be skilled in the arts of anticipating objections. So what do I mean by this? If you feel that your prospect is going to raise an objection in relation to a product that you’re selling a digital copywriting agency should raise this objection themselves.


If you sense that there’s going to be an objection and you don’t raise this objection, essentially, you’re ignoring the consumer. Once your digital copywriting agency raises this objection, they should then answer the objection and show why it isn’t such a big problem.


When you outsource your copywriting, they should resolve these objections. A copywriting company should be honest and provide alternative solutions to these objections and dispel any notions that these objections are anything major.

outsource copywriting


Copywriting firms should know their target market


The best copywriting firms will know their customers. Who are they? Are they male/female/ transgender?  What are their likes/dislikes? Also, in the era of the PC its vitally important that you don’t include any sexiest or racist jokes, because this could sink your copy quicker than a bag of cement being thrown into the ocean.


I once ran an ad for a company and the target market was women, but when I mentioned the word “manhole” the company that hired me reprimanded me because the manhole wasn’t gender-neutral. As ridiculous as this sounds if the client is looking for PC content, you better ensure that it is PC. At the end of the day, the client is paying the bills and who pays the piper picks the tune.


A digital copywriting agency should be well skilled in the arts of positioning

A digital copywriting agency should convey, through examples or by comparisons, that what the customer is purchasing is good value. Not cheap, but good value!


No one likes cheap but everyone likes good value. One strategy a digital copywriting agency can use is to compare prices and features with similar products and point out why your product provides better value.


By positioning your product like this a digital copywriting agency you are providing the logic by which a prospect can justify their purchase. By educating a prospect in relation to a product’s value, you are providing the justification in the prospect’s mind for purchasing the product.

outsource copywriting


The best copywriting firms will use Involvement  techniques


The best copywriting firms will use the involvement technique. So what is the involvement technique? This technique gets prospects to imagine themselves using your product, imagining what it feels like to touch it, smell it, and hold your product in their hands.

The involvement technique

Another way you can use this technique is by getting prospects to commit to action. For example, you could get your prospect to tick X into a particular box and commit some other action, and this will induce the involvement principle.


Another technique you could use is to get prospects to answer several simple questions, get them to fill out a crossword, etc and these all can help you use the involvement principle to increase your profits.


In one sense, copywriting firms are making prospects feel like they already own the product because you’re letting them use their imaginations as they go through the various steps.

outsource copywriting


Outsource copywriting to a company that will build credibility

Outsource copywriting to a company that is skilled in building your brand credibility. Rash statements, clichés, or other over-the-top declarations can have the effect of damaging your brand.


As I already stated, one of the most important ways you can establish credibility is by raising whatever objections a prospect has and then providing an answer to this objection.


Outsource copywriting to an agency who knows how to craft content that will raise all objections and then will resolve them.

Create illusions

Another way some companies establish credibility is by renting out an address in a plush part of London, New York, or any other major city and then pretending that the company is actually operating from this address.


As you can see, there are tonnes of ways in which you can establish credibility and if you outsource your copywriting, you should always outsource your copywriting to a company that knows all the tricks that’s will build up your credibility.


A digital copywriting agency will know how to use greed to sell

Greed in the form of securing bargains is an enormous incentive in people making a purchase. Think about it: How many times have you bought something that you didn’t really need because you thought that it looked like a bargain? Loads, I’d bet!


Top copywriting firms will understand that greed is an integral factor in prospects making a purchase and so they will adjust their copywriting so that it factors in peoples propensity for greed.


One way that copywriting firms can use this technique is by providing the consumer with more than what they would normally receive for a particular product or service. Whilst this is not a technique that should be used in all areas of your copywriting plan, it is a technique that can be highly effective if used properly.



If you’re looking to inject your website or brand with some life-giving blood plasma, you should outsource all of your copywriting needs. Top copywriting firms have the potential to take your traffic and your conversion rates to the next level. Once you use the services of a digital copywriting agency, there will be no looking back as your website and brand takes off into the stratosphere.


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