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So you want to hire an SEO copywriter? You’re looking to take your web traffic and conversions to the next level? You’re sick of your website being akin to a tumbleweed blowing through an empty street?


The solution is to hire an SEO copywriter.


But there are several pitfalls that you need to avoid.


Just because someone is a talented writer this does not automatically mean they’re going to be a great SEO copywriter. The skills that are required to become a great SEO copywriter are different to your standard form of writing.


First, lets look at the modern copywriter

The modern SEO copywriter

Traditionally, being a copywriter meant writing materials for brochures, press releases, and advertisements but this old outdated form of writing is virtually dead. Once the world wide web spread across the world copywriting was never the same again.


Whilst there are some dinosaurs who cling to traditional methods of copywriting these diehards are a fast dieing breed.

Adherents to traditional copywriting remind me of the soldiers who after the Vietnam War were still wandering around fighting in the Jungle 20 years after the war had ended. They couldn’t accept that the war was over, so they fought on.

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You need to hire an SEO copywriter who is progressive in their thinking

What these soldiers were experiencing was a mixture of dogmatic delusion and cognitive dissonance were despite all facts to the contrary they keep fighting on in the Jungle whilst the rest of the world were eating ice creams and sunning themselves at the beach. What I’m trying to get at is that in order to become a copywriter in the modern era you will need to get with the times.


Nowadays, if you want to be a good copywriter you’ll have to know how to rank on Google. In order to achieve this, a  copywriter should be skilled in SEO, marketing, link building, psychology, and loads more. These skill sets will increase the chances of a brand getting to the top of Google.

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What’s the point of hiring a copywriter who writes a brilliant article but said article ranks on the last page of Google? Even though the article might be an outstanding piece of craftsmanship nobody reads it because the copywriter hasn’t a clue about SEO.

The cold hard fact about SEO copywriting

If I was given a choice between hiring a great copywriter with zero SEO skills and hiring an average copywriter with some SEO skills, I would choose the latter every time. What matters to most brands and websites is the ability to get traffic to these websites and get people in the door and buying their products and services.


Now let’s look at some of the other key skills that an SEO Copywriter needs in their skill set.

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1. An SEO copywriter will know what keywords to select

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You should hire an SEO copywriter who will know what keywords to target. Just because certain keywords are high ranking this does not mean that your SEO copywriter should target these keywords. High-ranking keywords are often very hard to rank for because they are very competitive. Occasionally, it can be the best tactic if your SEO copywriter targets several niche or long-tail keywords because these keywords will be far easier to rank for and will help you stand out from the crowd.


2.Hire an SEO copywriter whose a magician with words

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Your copywriter will know how to insert keywords into your copy and how to make the content look natural, engaging and exciting. What you don’t want is your content sounding like it was produced by some robot, you want your content to have a certain amount of flair or gravitas attached to it. A great SEO copywriter will know not only how to rank on Google but will also know to make the article sexy and enthralling.

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3.An SEO copywriter who knows how to incorporate headings and subheadings

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In SEO, headings not only act to break up large chunks of text and make the content more easily readable headings are also vital to SEO. Headings carry far more weight than your body text. Headings tell Google what your blog or content is about.

4.An SEO copywriter will how to properly write title tags and meta descriptions.

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Meta tags are vital pieces of information that is inserted into the head area of your web pages. These headings are absolutely vital if you want to rank on Google. Usually, the copywriter that you hire should know that you strategically place keywords in the title tags.


Every page on your website should have their own personal title tags. If they don’t, you are missing out on a huge trick. For example, if you’re using title tags like ‘Home page’ or ‘FAQ’s’ you are making a major mistake that will cost you big time in terms of SEO and your overall conversion rate.


If you hire a good copywriter he/she will be well aware of the fact that just like you need to optimise the body of any article that is completed that you also need to optimise the title tags. Why? Because search engines will scan these tags and will use them to decide what the page is about. The text that you see in your title tag and meta description will also appear in the search results and this will have a huge bearing on deciding whether they click into your website or not.

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5.Hire an SEO copywriter who is aware of link strategy

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You should always aspire to hire an SEO copywriter who has good knowledge about a link building strategy and how this will influence SEO. A key component when it comes to link strategy is the anchor text that you insert into your link. Ideally, your links should contain words and phrases that are closely related to the topic of your blog post.


For example, on this blog post, my main topic is hiring an SEO copywriter and so I’ll insert a link into the phrase SEO copywriter so the phrase SEO copywriter will be the anchor text. Google algorithms will pick up on the fact that the anchor text is going to be SEO copywriter and hopefully this will cause them to rank my blog post or webpage for this keyword.

6.Hire an SEO copywriter who knows to analyze competitor websites and take advantage of their weak points

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One strategy that you can employ when picking keywords is to analyze your competitor’s websites and discover what words they are ranking for. For example, if a particular keyword is a high-value keyword and your competitor isn’t ranking for this keyword well then this may provide you with an opportunity.


Another strategy you can employ is if you see a competitor, and he actually is ranking for a keyword but the content that is ranking for that particular keyword is weak looking well then you can decide to go ahead and create a bigger, better, and far more informative post. What I’m trying to get at is that you should always be looking for gaps in the marketplace that you can exploit.


Getting your hands on professional SEO copywriters can be quite a tricky business. There are a number of vital skills an SEO copywriter should have in his arsenal and if he doesnt have these skills what you’ll find is that the ranking of your website and brand will begin to suffer badly. In the modern world great copywriting means a lot more than simply creating great copy, great copywriting means knowing how to get content ranking right at the top of Google where it belongs.


If you plan to hire an SEO copywriter, you should seek to hire someone who has demonstrable experience in getting content to rank on Google. You should hire an SEO copywriter who knows the ins and out of SEO. You should hire an SEO copywriter who will have a deep knowledge of the vast number of variables that all combine create great SEO copywriting.


If you’re looking hire copywriters or receive a quote on SEO copywriter services contact us here at contentwriterireland. Also, if you’re looking for more tips and tricks on SEO copywriting tactics check out this other blog we recently created.

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