SEO Article Writing for Local Businesses: Optimizing for Local Search

If you run a local business, you’ve likely heard the buzz about how important it is to optimize for local search. But if you’re not sure how to do that or why it matters, don’t worry. We’ll walk through some of these questions and more in this article. We’ll also show you how to optimize your content for local search (even if it’s a small town). By the end of this post, we promise that you’ll have all the information necessary to start making an impact on your local rankings!

SEO Article Writing for Local Businesses: Optimizing for Local Search

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?


I’m glad you asked. Yes, it does make a sound. The sound of nature is an important part of our world and shouldn’t be ignored or neglected by anyone.


What does this have to do with local search? Well, if someone searches for ‘best coffee near me’ on Google or Bing (or any other search engine) but doesn’t see your business listed as one of the top results—then yes, you will lose customers! It may not seem like much at first glance but over time these customers add up into hundreds or thousands annually depending on your location and what industry you are in.

Local search has evolved over the years.

In the past, local search was very simple. If a user searched for “Italian restaurant” in New York City, they would get results from Yelp or Google Maps (or both). These days, however, the game has changed significantly.


Local search has evolved over the years. With so many different types of businesses and industries to choose from—and with more and more people using mobile devices to search—local searches have become much more complicated than they used to be.

Remember to get local with your links

  • Be local with your links. The best way to optimize a page for local search is to make sure that every link on the page is geo-specific. For example, if you’re writing about “Chicago restaurants” and want to include a link back to your restaurant’s website, then don’t use a generic anchor text like “Click here!” Instead, try something like “Click here for more information about Chicago restaurants.”
  • Use the city name in anchor text. When writing content for your business’ website or blog posts (like this one!), use local keywords where possible; this will help increase rankings and attract more users from relevant search terms in the SERPs!
  • Use a local phone number and address in anchor text as well when linking offsite—and don’t forget other important details like hours of operation!
  • Include an interactive map on each page of your site that includes multiple locations so users can easily get directions right away without having any additional steps between them finding what they’re looking for: https://mapsengineapps

Optimize for voice search.

You may not realize it, but voice search is more popular than ever. In fact, voice searches are now five times more common than text searches. When people use their voices to search the internet, they’re also 70% more likely to convert into a lead and 30% more likely to make a purchase.


This is because voice search is easier and faster than typing in a query on your smartphone or tablet. By using your voice instead of typing words into a web browser or app, you can instantly get answers from Google Assistant (for Android devices) or Siri (for iPhones).


Voice search engines have gotten so advanced that they’re now able to understand natural language queries—meaning you can ask questions like: “What restaurants are nearby?” And then instead of having an automated list pulled up by the engine, you’ll be able to listen as it verbally reads off information about local businesses with addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation that match what you asked for!


In addition to being faster than typing out queries yourself manually through an app interface screen by screen while holding up your phone in front of yourself sideways like some kind of caveman trying desperately just not too look ridiculous…

Be mindful of your content strategy.

Being mindful of your content strategy is important for optimizing your website for local search. The first step is to determine which strategy works best for your business.


Focus on the customer: In order to optimize your website, you need to understand who you’re trying to reach and how they search the web. If you want to find a new barber, do you type in “barbers near me” or “haircuts near me”? Use this information as part of your content strategy so that it aligns with what people are looking for online.


Be consistent: Once you develop a plan, stay consistent with it throughout every piece of content that gets published on your site—from blog posts and press releases all the way down through social media posts and links in email newsletters (like this one!). Consistency will help searchers relate each piece of information together into one coherent picture when someone searches for keywords related specifically to industries like yours within their geographic area.”

SEO Article Writing for Local Businesses: Optimizing for Local Search

Local search is rapidly changing, but a few simple strategies can help businesses of all sizes optimize for it.


The benefits of local search go beyond just driving traffic to your website and driving first time buyers to your store. Here are some reasons why local search is so important:


  • It’s a fast-growing market
  • The competition isn’t huge yet, so there’s plenty of room for growth if you’re willing to put in the work
  • The average customer spends more money when they shop locally (because they’ve already done their research)
  • You’ll avoid paying high commissions on big brand products that don’t deliver results as well as smaller brands who are easier to negotiate with and more likely to deliver on their promises


Local search is a fast-changing and dynamic landscape, but as long as you’re aware of how it works and stay up to date on new developments, your business can be prepared to succeed. As always, we recommend hiring an SEO company like ours if you have any questions about how best to optimize your site for local search.


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