Hire copywriter online?

Hiring a freelance copywriter is one of the best things you can do for your business.   Not only will they write compelling content that draws readers in, but they’ll also take into account your brand identity and target audience to create an engaging experience that sells your product or service.   So this brings us to the big question: […]

Freelance copywriter for hire?

Are you looking for a freelance copywriter to help you with your business? Do you need some high-quality content that will increase your conversion rates and improve your brand image?   In this post, I’m going to share some key tips to abide by when you’re looking hire a freelance copywriter. Freelance copywriter for hire, everything you need to know […]

Need to find a copywriter

Not having a copywriter on your team is like a man with no balls attempting to impregnate his wife! It won’t work. A potential client will wander off and will get services elsewhere. You don’t want this. And Mr. No balls definitely doesn’t want this!!   So what kind of copywriter should you look out for?   It’s no secret […]

Outsource copywriting?

Copywriting is the most important part of any marketing campaign. It’s the reason your website converts visitors into customers and why you get more leads on your landing page than you know what to do with. Yet, many businesses don’t hire a professional copywriter—and that can be costly. I’ve seen dozens of companies who have spent thousands on their website, […]

Web Copywriting Tips and Tricks for 2022

Web copywriting best practices starts here Content is still the king on the web and always will be.   In spite of the rapid proliferation of visual content because of lower attention span of the mobile audience, text content still rules the way.   But obviously, the richer and better accessibility and mobile web made the situation more demanding for […]

Conversion Copywriting?

So you’ve worked hard to get people to visit your website. You’ve been to every networking meeting possible, sent a cyber-tonne of emails, become a permanent status update, and tweeted so much you’ve got cats pawing at your windows! But how can you be sure people will stay on your site long enough to read all the good stuff? This […]

Web Copy? Top 6 Tips To Improve Your Web Copy

It’s late, you’re sat scratching your head, laptop open. All the urgent jobs that pay the bills are done, so you start thinking about sorting what you’ve written on your website. You’re not happy with it but creativity is running thin, and you just want it done!   So here are 5 quick fixes to make the copy on your […]