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What will an SEO agency do for a law firm? An SEO agency for a law firm will make changes to a website design, programming, and content to ensure that said website will satisfy Google Algorithms criteria for ranking on Google. In the modern age, ranking on Google equals a huge amount of potential clients and customers going to your business.


The number one mistake law firms make is that they expect that once they have built a website that the traffic will then come streaming in like a river. Not so.  If you want to rank on Google you will have to know what you are at and this is one of the reasons why its absolutely vital that you hire and SEO agency for your law firm.


There are a number of very important tricks that a law firm SEO agency can employ that ensures that your website will start to rank in the first few pages on Google. In this blog, I will attempt to show you why its absolutely vital for your law firm to hire an SEO agency to increase your Google rankings and your conversion rates.

SEO Agency For Law Firms


So what tactics will an SEO agency for law firms employ?


There are a number of different tactics that your SEO agency should employ, such as: Keyword research, competitor analysis,  and keeping abreast of all Google Algorithm updates.  The problem when it comes to Googles Algorithm updates is that Google doesn’t provide much information in respect of what changes they have made. You will know that changes have been made but you wont know any of the details.


One of the primary tasks a law firm SEO agency should be tasked with handling is trying to figure out what these algorithm changes are.   So how can your law firm agency figure out these algorithm changes? Basically there is no secret way to figure things out except via using trail and error but there are a number of techniques that can help you along the way:


*Monitor your competitors traffic and marketing techniques

*Reading industry blogs and gain knowledge on experts they have conducted

*Conducting A/B testing

*Monitor announcements from Google

Other SEO for law firms techniques?

Law firm SEO



There are a number of different techniques that  your seo agency can employ.  One of the first ways that you can drive traffic is by writing new content. New content that is full optimised, keyword researched, and has all of the H1’s and H2’s correctly made is a tremendous way to increase traffic to your website.


If your agency makes sure that the blog post or article is full optimised you can expect articles to increase your traffic in a big way. Another industrious way to enhance your SEO is to rewrite and re-optimise old blog posts.  A good law firm SEO agency will realise that previous blog posts may not have been been fully optimised and that this could be a perfect way to enhance your SEO at very little cost and every little effort



So what kind of tricks should you employ to re-optimise old blog posts? Contact us here and we’ll fill you on some of the secrets to gaining massive traffic on old blog posts.

SEO Agency For Law Firms



Good Law firm SEO should adjust the meta description


Adjusting the meta descriptions of relevant pages is a super way for you to super boost your SEO.  I’ve lost track of the amount of times, that I’ve looked at law firms meta descriptions and discovered that not only was their meta created incorrectly but that they had no meta at all! If you don’t have a meta description this is like not having a signpost to your business on the road outside of it. You are missing a massive trick that you will suffer dearly for.


An SEO agency for law firms should adjust your website headings



A pivotal factor in ranking in SEO is ensuring that Google knows what your webpage is in relation to. One of the key ways that Google does this is by scanning your headings, in particular, your H1 heading and your  H2 heading. A good SEO company should know that having relevant keywords in your H1 and your H2 is going to be absolutely vital if you want Google to get a complete understanding when it comes to what your website is in relation to.

SEO Agency For Law Firms


Link building is a key factor in SEO for law firms

Law firm SEO


One of the key factors in SEO is creating an effective link building strategy. The more links your website has from other established websites that have a strong DA( domain authority) the more chances that your website will rank at the top of Google. In the era of fakenews, Google wants to ensure that the websites that they are ranking are reliable and can be trusted and one of the ways that Google can establish this is ensure that your website has backlinks from  trusted sources. A backlink from a trusted website is basically like a vote of approval from high upstanding member of a community.

SEO Agency For Law Firms




In the modern world, for a law firm to succeed in terms of online SEO it is going to be absolutely vital that they look into creating an effective law firm SEO strategy. Ranking on Google equals more traffic, more engagement, and ultimately, more  money in your pocket.  With the internet set to grow and grow if your law firm is not employing an effective SEO strategy you are setting yourself up for failure.


A mistake that many law firms make is that they get a website made and then they suddenly expect traffic to come rolling in like a tsunami. Unfortunately, this is not how the internet works. If you want your website to get traffic you will have to work at it and the best way for you to work at increasing your visibility is by investing in SEO. Check out this blog on legal content writing.

SEO Agency For Law Firms

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