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I’m based in Monaghan.


240 miles away from Cork.


But yet I’m ranking ahead of the websites in the rebel country?


What does this tell you?


Yes, I’m at the top of my SEO game.


If you have a business and its in Cork, it is going to be absolutely vital that you rank for a lucrative term like SEO Cork.


Ranking for SEO Cork will ensure that your business will be on the receiving end of a lot of potential clients and customers. Failing to rank for lucrative local terms will ensure that your business will languish in the internet’s doldrums where no one will find you.

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Is ranking on Google such a big deal?

The simple fact is, with digital marketing, ranking ahead of the opposition will translate into a far larger slice of the pie. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a big slice of the pie, in particular, when the pie is packed full of nice juicy and shiny €50 notes?


If your website is ranking on the first page of Google people have a greater tendency to trust it. A high-ranking website is a sign that a website is being run by competent and intelligent people who are experts in their profession.


In this blog post, I will touch on some of the key SEO tactics that will have your website ranking in no time.

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SEO Cork will understand the importance of establishing credibility

Google employs several techniques to ensure that websites are credible, and one technique is via analyzing a website’s backlink profile. For example, if you have a website and they have backlinks from places like the Irish Independent and other credible sources Google will automatically propel this website up the rankings. The lesser websites, let’s call them the junk websites, are usually the ones that are rotting away on the 10th page of Google and there is an excellent reason for this. They are junk.


With Google rankings, the old saying is true: The cream always rises to the top. This is why you have discovered contentwriterireland and our team of local SEO and SEO Cork experts who have the skills to propel your business to the top of the Google rankings.

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Lead generation will be important for SEO services in Cork

SEO can lead to a massive increase in lead generation. If you properly adjust the processing and editing of your website, there will be a far greater chance of finding your business on Google’s search engines. Superior SEO services in Cork will have the skills to properly optimize your website so that it shows up on Google search engines when people search for your business.


With digital marketing, SEO is fantastic way to increase your client base and increase your lead generation. Knowing how to surgically choose the proper SEO keywords is going to be a vital aspect of this lead process.


For example, if you’re trying to rank for the term “Cork Hairdresser” you may think this is a great keyword because it covers the general locality of where your business is located but it would be a lot smarter to rank for a localized keyword like “Cork x” meaning the particular townland or area that your business is at. What I’m referring to is searcher intent which can be narrowed down to give your business a far greater chance of getting found on Google.

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An SEO company Cork will appreciate the importance of creating great content

An SEO company in Cork will know that content is king. When you create content that informs and helps readers, this will help convince leads you are the perfect fit for their company. One great way that an SEO company in Cork can help build up a following is to create long-form content (ie) Blogs that are over 2,000 words.


There are several reasons long form blogs will be beneficial:


1.If you create a long blog post this will show Google that you know what you are talking about. Think about it, what person is going to create a blog post of over 2,000 words if they haven’t got a clue what they are talking about? Long-form content signals to Google that you are an authority in your chosen subject and that they can trust your content to supply reliable, informative, and engaging information.


In the age of fake news, Google wants to know that they can depend on you and one way you can signal to Google that they can trust you is to create long-form content.


2. The second reason is that long-form content will contain lots of more keywords and these keywords will enhance the chances of your blog post being found on Google. If you have a long-form blog post that has a multitude of keywords and subsidiary keywords this will increase the chances of your business getting found.

Links are vital for an SEO agency in Cork

One of the key areas that an SEO Agency in Cork should focus upon will be the building of authoritative links. So how can you build up a portfolio of authoritative links? The best way is to build quality backlinks is to become an authority within your industry.


When other high-quality ranking websites begin to link to your website, Google will see you as a leader within your industry that can be trusted. This increase in ranking will lead to far more leads and conversions for your business. Of course, there are a vast number of other ways in which SEO services in Cork can build backlinks. if you’d like to discover some secrets and tricks to SEO in Cork contact us here at contentwriterireland and we’ll give you a free quote on how our SEO services in Cork can help build your brand.

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SEO services Cork will be skilled in sales funnels

A sales funnel will be a vital part of any successful SEO services in Cork. So how do sales funnels work? At the top of the funnel is attraction, in the middle convincing, and in the end of the funnel conversion.


When it comes to SEO in Cork at the top of the funnel will be PPC, ads, blogs, and social media which will all be used to entice users into your spider’s web.


All of this content should include optimized content that will include relevant keywords and phrases that will help your business rank for the key terms that you are striving to rank for. The middle of this SEO Sales funnel will strive to convince people who have clicked on your website to go to the next stage, which will be the stage of conversions.

So how can you convince people at this stage?

You will need to hire a Cork SEO service that can create informative and engaging content that users will find helpful.  The last stage is where you include CTA(Call to action) buttons like “sign up now”, “click here for more”, etc. Finally, when you get these people to jump through the CTA hoop, you will need to get them to hand over their cold hard cash.


At this stage, you need to make the process as brief, easy and streamlined as possible. Once you have engaged these customers, you can then devise a strategy whereby you reengage them to make them repeat customers. The best SEO Cork services will know these tricks and will be skilled in getting users to engage in every step of the traffic funnel.

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Technical audits are vital for SEO Cork

An SEO Agency in Cork will realize the importance of having a technical audit. An audit will allow a company to discover which areas of your SEO are at their weakest and at their strongest. The best SEO agency in Cork will conduct an audit and discover broken links, missing metadata, and other technical errors that will have a vast impact upon your overall performance.


For example, if you have a website and it is loading really slow this is going to have a hugely detrimental effect on your Google rankings. Google wants to know that when users go onto to your website that they are receiving the service that they require and if your website is loading slower that a Tortoise going up a hill, you are setting your business up for failure!

The best Cork SEO will take time

Great SEO services in Cork will give you realistic projections. If you want SEO to be effective, the fact is, it’s going to take time. Usually, if your SEO is done correctly you will see improvements within 3 months, but the full benefits will not be visible until around the 6-8 months mark.

There are unscrupulous companies out there who promise to achieve instant results, but many of these companies promising the sun, the moon, and the stars will end up delivering you a big steamy turd right to your doorstep.


You should seek to hire an SEO company that can be trusted and that has built a solid reputation. When you hire an SEO company in Cork you should always seek transparency. Ask to be provided with progress reports, statistics, and other relevant information to ensure that these companies are doing what they say they are doing.


If you want to take your business to the next level employing an SEO company in Cork is going to help elevate your ranking to previously unseen heights. Properly produced SEO Cork can and will lead to more leads, traffic, and more conversions. SEO is a fantastic way to grow your company but only when the SEO is done correctly. Here at contentwriterireland we have an SEO company that will have the perfect solution for you. Why not contact us and receive a free quote.

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