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Financial copywriting is an art! Unlike writing articles for news, business newspapers, or journals, financial copywriting seeks to persuade users to take the desired action.

What type of actions?

Joining email lists, becoming subscribers, making a purchase.

There are whole unique skill sets financial copywriting will need so that their copy is a success. They will be skilled in the art of psychology, digital marketing, website design, UX, and loads more.

So what tactics should financial copywriters use?

The best financial copywriting will use unique selling propositions

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  There’s an old saying in marketing “never sell a product or a service. Always sell a concept.”

 So what exactly do I mean by selling a “concept”? There are many interpretations. A product is positioned or placed in a certain way so that it appeals to consumers.


Another interpretation of this could be the USP (unique selling proposition). Basically, what I’m talking about is selling the sizzle and not the T-Bone steak.

legal/ecommerce/financial copywriting services


A famous example of this point was when a computer chess game was challenged by a Russian grandmaster champion.


The owners of the computer game used the animosity that was inherent between the US and the Russians to maximise their sales.


Using headlines like “Soviet chess champion, challenges, US computer.” And when there was a temporary falling out over some legal technicalities and the Russian threatened to sue the owners of the computer game, the marketers used the headline “Soviet chess champion sues US computer game.”


Modern marketing tips

Always beware that if your advertising just sells the product, be cautious. You need to come up with a unique concept or angle in which your copywriting company can sell your product.



The fact is, every product has a unique selling proposition that makes it stand out from the rest and it is up to the copywriting company to come up with this unique angle.


And I’ve news for you, if a copywriting company whether it be a legal copywriting services, financial services copywriting agency, or an eCommerce copywriting service cannot come up with a unique selling proposition it is not your product that is not up to standards, it is the copywriting company!!!!

legal/ecommerce/financial copywriting services


A Copywriting company the UK should create content that is personable

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A top copywriting company in the UK should create content that is more personable, friendly, and direct. If you use words like I, you, and me a copywriting company in the UK will have a far greater chance of producing content that will make an emotional impact.


Many copywriters might make the point that because a web copywriter is producing content for the masses that this copy should be made with the masses in mind. Wrong.


The fact is, your copy is directed at a single individual and if you don’t take this into the equation, the potency of your copy is going to suffer.


You are always talking to a single individual and whatever copywriting company in the UK you hire should create content with this in mind.

legal/ecommerce/financial copywriting services

Editing is important for legal copywriting services and all copywriting

If there is one profession that will understand the importance of editing it is the legal profession. When it comes to hiring legal copywriting services, the editing process has never been more vital.


In many respects, legal copywriting is like the story of the diamond. When the diamond is found, it’s like a piece of coal or dirt in the muck. But with careful care and attention and the right amount of pressure this piece of coal can be transformed into a sparkling diamond that everyone will gaze in awe at.


In another sense, the first draft of content that a legal copywriter creates is like a woman giving birth. The baby is kicking and screaming but with careful care and attention, this baby can develop into a fully grown adult that will take over the world.


Editing will allow you to craft the finished product into something wondrous that everyone will gape in awe at.

legal/ecommerce/financial copywriting services


Copywriting should take advantage of using fewer words

With less copy, your ad or web copy might look less imposing and could induce people into your sales funnel.


A bonus of writing, concise, and direct copy is that this copy, if well crafted, will increase the chances of your sales prospect getting to the point of your message sooner.


Whilst whatever legal copywriting services you employ should be able to create content that will get your message across in as effective as way as possible.


Financial services copywriting agency should craft content in a simple way

A rule of thumb is to explain a complicated product in a simple way and explain a simple product in a complicated way.


For example, if the product you’re selling is complicated to use, you should try to show its simplicity. A top financial services copywriting agency should know how to accomplish these goals.


You should strive to hire a financial services copywriting agency that eases users into the product without overwhelming them with the complexities. Once readers become more acquainted with the product, you can then do a thorough analysis into the product’s complexities.


Whatever content your financial services copywriting agency creates you should always ask “Did they explain the product sufficiently to the prospect?.” One tactic you can get your financial services copywriting agency to employ is to ask several people to read the copy and see if they understood it.

legal/ecommerce/financial copywriting services


Sometimes technical explanations can work in copywriting

Sometimes a copywriter should scatter their content with technical explanations because this will increase the likelihood of reader believing that you really are an expert.


A technical examination builds confidence and trust in the reader that they really are conversing with an expert. By using technical terms, this helps to bolster your credibility.


A financial services copywriting agency should always try to highlight additional features. Highlight those features and service that make your product or service unique or novel.

legal/ecommerce/financial copywriting services

Ecommerce copywriting services

The best ecommerce copywriting services should always raise any objections that prospects may have. If an ecommerce copywriting service feels that someone is going to raise a particular objection, they should raise this objection themselves.


If whatever product you have is ugly, raise this objection but then explain why the ascetics of the product are going to be no hindrance in the effective use of the product.

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