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When writing copy there are several psychological triggers that can increase the chances of someone making a purchase. A well-established technique is called the involvement or ownership technique.

What is the involvement or ownership technique? Why copywriters should use it?

For example, if you’re trying to sell car, try to get your readers to imagine themselves being inside the car. The smell of the fresh leather. That aroma of the new car breathing into their nostrils.

That feeling as you touch the street wheel and change the gears and roar the car into life. Watch the heads turn as you drive through the town. Feel the sense of power as you press the accelerator to the floor as the blue sky of the day awaits before you.


In short, what this technique means is taking your reader on a mental journey. Create a picture in the vacuum of their mind and allow your copywriting to fill this vacuum.


This technique can be as simple as telling a reader to tick an X on the yes box. The fact is, this simple-minded concept can increase conversion rates x4.

website copywriting services


The best website copywriting services should use honesty

Many website copywriting services have a tendency to believe that they can bullshit their readers. This is a big mistake. The fact is, consumers are very smart and when you create your copy and it’s full of superlatives that don’t match up to reality, you’re quickly going to be found out. The best website copywriting services will create content that is honest and will give the user the full picture of what you and your company is about.


SEO copywriting services should anticipate objections

Raising objections is a very important element when writing copy. If you feel your reader might raise an objection to any part of your product or service, you should pre-empt them and make the objection yourself.


Top SEO copywriting services should sense any objections and then create copy to counteract these objections. For example, if the product you’re selling does not look easy on the eye superior SEO copywriting services, should state that the product looks ugly, but then you should point out why this won’t impact on the overall efficiency and productivity of the product. Raise the objection but then resolve the objection.

website copywriting services

Copywriters should create copy that is gender focussed

Elite level SEO copywriters should narrow down their target market. Who is the consumer? Male, female, transgender? Are they working-class women, are they professionals? Once you have established this information, you should make sure that your copy does nothing to offend.


I once used a quote from the world famous poet John Donne “No man is an island and every man is a piece of the content.” and my client corrected the copy to “no (person) is an island and every (person) is a piece of the content.” Even such a trivial thing like this can offend some people and as ridiculous as it sometimes sounds, if you’re getting paid to create an article your copywriting should be tailormade to suit the client’s concerns.

website copywriting services


Website copywriting services should strive to keep the writing clear

Your writing should be clear and understandable to all people who read it. You should try to avoid using big words like trying to avoid the plague. Why? Because using big words makes you sound like a pompous twat which will have the tendency to put people off from following the directions of your copy. The only exception to do this is rule is, unless you are attempting to appeal to pompous snobs.


When you’re writing copy make sure it has a rhythm

Just as a song has a rhythm, so should your copy. There are several techniques that you can use.


When you’re writing copy, you should always try to vary your sentence length. Why? Because if all of your sentences are the same length, this tendency could cause your reader to fall into a self-induced stupor.


If you’re writing copy, and you suddenly use a one-word sentence, this can jolt a reader out of their sleep. Think about it, if you’re writing copy and all the sentences are the same length. Pretty boring. And this is the entire point of copy rhythm. Vary your sentences, vary their length, and your copy will be far more exciting.

website copywriting services

Price comparison is a great technique or website copywriting services

If website copywriting services have the option, they should always offer a price comparison.


Offering a price comparison to another product establishes value in the purchaser’s mind. One of the primary motivations that people have when they purchase something is the belief that they’re getting value. Not getting some cheap. No one likes cheap. They like value.

For copywriters, testimonials are absolutely vital

Testimonials are a great way for copywriters to establish credibility. If you know someone credible who has used a particular product or service that you’re promoting you should always try to weave a positive review from these people into whatever content you’re creating.


A key thing for copywriters to take into the equation is using someone who is relevant to the product. For example, why use Conor McGregor to promote reading materials when McGregor is renowned for his use of expletives? Such a strategy is doomed to failure because his image does not fit the product you’re attempting to sell.

website copywriting services

Top website copywriting services should avoid saying too much


One of things that copywriters should always say them to themselves “Is there any way that I cut this copy down.” Very often copywriters can cut down their copy by as much as 50 percent and even 80 percent but they still can say the same thing. Basically, this is the difference between a salesperson boring you to death by saying too much and a salesperson who says the perfect amount of words.

website copywriting services

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