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This subject of the case study is a new real estate website that I launched about four months ago.  I have been posting to this site on a weekly basis since the launch.  All of the content has been promoted and marketed with the same system that I have been developing over the last year.


In the first four months, we have generated more than 10,000 page views and 5,000 unique visitors.  More than half of the visitors have come from six posts.    One of them resulted in 21 percent of all the page views.  This top performer was dissected, and it received in higher weighting in my analysis.  I also spent some time studying what these six posts had in common and how they differed from the others.

What is real estate copywriting and how can it help?

I confirmed that Quality Content is key to your success.  The quality in these six posts came from increased originality, style, research and reflection.


Top quality real estate copywriting is key.


So how can you achieve this?


It takes systems, time and effort to efficiently write quality content.  In this study, the five areas below had the largest impact on increased customer traffic and engagement.  You should focus on each of these areas every time you write.

What is real estate content writing?

Real estate content writing ideas

My six high performing posts had 50% more words.  These were not just extra words.  I wasn’t constantly measuring my pace.  I had spent more time reflecting on the post.  This time of reflection brought on better questions, accurate answers and more personal insight.  All this naturally resulted in a higher word count.


Why real estate content writing and copywriting need to be personal

Do you know your writing style? Find a style that works for you and your readership.  Here, the list style post was the overwhelming favorite. All six of the high performing posts in this case study were list style.


List style posts are one of the more popular styles online, but it may not work for you.  Other option include:  How to, Reviews, Interviews and many more.


I suggest trying a few different style to see what you and your readers like.  Use Google Analytics to see which posts are the most popular to review and refine your personal style.  Here is a list of ten great content styles for Real Estate Professionals.


The headline is vital for real estate content writing

Joe Sugarman, one of the world’s greatest copywriters, was famous for asking this question.


Think about it before you read below and find the answer.

More real estate content writing ideas

The purpose of the headline is to get the first sentence read.  This almost sounds too simple.  The purpose of each line is to convince the reader to continue.   If your headline is not strong and compelling, the post will never be read.


My strategy for writing headlines is unique.  I developed this system by combining the best ideas from several sources including Magnetic Headlines by CopyBlogger. I spent more time writing and revising the headlines for the six high performing posts as compared to the effort spent on other headlines.  Don’t stop until it is right!


Real estate copywriting needs to be well researched

Most blog posts well researched.  If you are going to re-write another post without adding value then do not waste your time.  If you want to stand above your competition, then put in the time gathering info from a variety of sources.  Take a professional approach to your stories.  Present the facts, credit the sources, and add your twist.


Like reflection, intense research results in better questions, accurate answers, and more personal insight. This is your twist.  It is powerful in driving the authority of your website.  You can be the go-to person for trustworthy answers.


A freelance real estate content writer will produce content that is original

Are you Authentic, Unique and Authoritative? If so, your images should be original too.  James Schramko is a big proponent of original images with each blog post.  Not only does it drive more traffic to your website, but it can prevent the potential trouble of copyright infringement with stock images.

And more real estate content writing ideas

I am not a graphic designer or professional photographer.  However, I use the thousands of real estate photos in my database for articles.  Learn to use Photoshop or GIMP to manipulate photos or create your own.  Check out sites like, MyOats that generate images in minutes based on your input.


When properly implemented, these takeaways can turn your post from Average to Awesome.  99% of the people that read this article are not going to take action.  The decision is yours…Don’t follow the crowd!


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