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Real estate SEO that doesn’t use long-tail Keywords is bound to fail.


In this blog, I will consider some of the key areas in long-tail strategy.

What are long-tail real estate keywords?

In relation to SEO, keywords are descriptive words or phrases that one types into a search engine to find information.   These keywords are the basis for search results and most online advertising. Long Tail Keywords are a search phrase that contains 3 or more words. “Dublin real estate” and “marketing services for real estate” are examples of Long Tail Keywords that are commonly used in Real Estate searches.

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Why is long-tail important for Real Estate in 2021?

In 2021, there were 21,050 keywords that were used to find the average Real Estate website. Of those keywords, over 90% of them are long tail.


Neil Patel, SEO expert and co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, recently reported similar numbers.  His SEO site, Quick Sprout, received more than 90% of its search engine visitors last month from long tail.  Neil’s analytics site, KissMetrics, also had nearly 91% of search engine visits from long-tail searches in December.

More reasons long-tail keywords work for real estate SEO

Short tail keywords are costly to rank high and have the most competition. This is true for both organic searches and PPC (Pay per Click) advertising.


Long tail keywords also convert visitors into clients at a higher rate.  Why do they have a better conversion ratio?


People with long-tail searches are further along in the buying cycle. For example, someone searching for “Homes” is probably just browsing and not ready to buy.  On the other hand, a search for “Dublin Real Estate marketing services ” will be more likely to convert. As users become more sophisticated at searching, trends are moving towards long-tail searches.

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Real estate SEO studies

In a recent study by Search Engine Watch, long-tail keywords were 66% more profitable than the shorter search terms.  For top efficiency, they recommend that most marketers focus their time managing the keywords that contain 11 – 35 characters.


Most Real Estate Professionals do not have the time or resources to manage keywords.  With long-tail, keyword management is less important. Your focus should be on adding rich content to your site frequently.  If your content is important to your readers and is in-depth; the keywords will take care of themselves.

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How do I get long-tail traffic to my Real Estate Website?


1.  Great Content is vital for real estate SEO

The best way to get long-tail traffic to any website is with great content.  Great content is not only interesting to your readers, but it needs to be comprehensive and promoted on social networks.


In-depth posts typically rank higher than posts with less content. In a recent report from serpIQ, the top ten search results averaged between 2000 and 2500 words per page. These results were not segmented by type of business but taken from a study of thousands of search engine results.


If you want to take advantage of the current trends, consider increasing the amount of content on each page.  Not only will you rank higher with more content; it increases the number of your long tail keywords that will be found in search results.


2.  Indexable IDX for real estate SEO

IDX stand for Internet Data Exchange and it allows the public to access some of the information in the MLS.  When your IDX data is indexable, search engines can read the MLS data and include it in the search results.


Why does this matter?  Google sees the MLS data as rich content because it includes much text, pictures and it is updated frequently.  The words in the MLS data become long-tail keywords for your website, including the property address and MLS number.


One of my real estate marketing websites had 167 long-tail keywords that averaged in the top ten results on Google.  82 of those keywords (49%) were either a street address or MLS number.



Do you want to double the organic search traffic to your site?  Add indexable IDX. If you wrote great content and had an indexable IDX, your search traffic could increase tenfold or more.


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