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Hiring an email copywriting agency is one of the most cost-effective ways for nurturing and generating leads.  The mistake that many companies make is that they decide, just because they can string a few words together, that they should draft the email copy themselves.  This strategy is dumb.


Often, the DIY copy is sloppy and fails to hit the sweet spots that are needed to ensure increased conversions and increased ROI.  By hiring an email copywriting agency you ensure that not only that your email copywriting is the gold standard, but that your email marketing strategies are effective and on point.


The best email copywriters will come equipped with a vast arsenal of skills, such as email design, copywriting, strategy development, and an ability to measure data.


Additionally, the best email copywriters will understand human psychology and how certain words can have an influence and increase sales and conversions.


In this blog post, I will touch on some of the key reasons why you should think about hiring an email copywriting agency.

email copywriter agency

An email copywriting agency can help grow your business

email copywriting agency

Utilizing the services of an email copywriting agency is a smart investment for your company.


Whether you’re a large company,  SME, or a local restaurant an email copywriting agency will add extra potency to your email marketing campaigns.


The fact is,  creating your own email campaign without utilizing the services of an email copywriting agency is like a soccer team fielding a team without a full forward who can put the ball into the back of the net.


It doesn’t matter how good the defense is, it doesn’t matter how good the midfield is,  without a striker who has a little bit of magic in his feet you’re going to be going nowhere. A top email copywriter will have a magic box of words in front of him which can increase your conversion rates and grow your business.


Additionally, once you hire the services of an email copywriting agency this will allow you to focus on the areas of your business that you truly excel at. Why divert your energies into DIY email copywriting, which may be totally ineffective, when you can hire the services of an email copywriting agency which can help ensure that your email marketing is the first-class standard?


Be smart with your time. Focus on your strengths.  Hire an email copywriting service that will afford you the time to thrive at what you’re really good at.

email copywriter agency

The best email copywriters will strategize your marketing plan

best email copywriters

The best email copywriters won’t be simply creating content ad hoc, the best email copywriters will strategize and will plan before they even put a single word onto a piece of paper.  The reason why the best email copywriters do this is that this strategy ensures that any content that’s produced is targeted directly towards your target market.


What you don’t want is an email copywriting agency creating some generic email that is not tailor-made to suit your client’s needs. The best email copywriters will produce content that is targeted and is custom-made so that it is in alignment with your goals.


Email copywriters will be skilled in building up a profile of your potential clients, their ages, goals, pain points, etc, and then once an email copywriter has amassed this information, then and only then, will they begin to draft content.


All of this will help ensure that you’ll have a wider grasp of your target market and how you can use any information gathered to increase your sales and conversions.

email copywriter agency

An e-commerce email copywriter will make you stand out from the herd

ecommerce email copywriter

Once people hear the words “email marketing” they automatically begin to think of hundreds of annoying junk emails landing in their inbox.  An e-commerce email copywriter can help your emails stand out from the rest of the trash.


An e-commerce email copywriter can help separate your company from the clutter.  The reason why an email copywriter can help you accomplish these goals is that they’ll be skilled at knowing how to directly target an audience.


For example, did you know that certain times of the day are the best times for you to increase your chances of a sale? There is a reason why diplomats and politicians only ask for a big favor after the other side has been wined and dined with a meal, and this is because with a full stomach people are more likely to make a purchase or to agree with what you say.


Conversely, if people are hungry this will increase the chances of them flat out rejecting your proposals. A top eCommerce email copywriter will know all of this and will time their emails to be released during the periods and days where studies suggest maximum ROI’s are secured.


A B2B email copywriter will have chameleon-like abilities to write on your behalf

The best email copywriting will understand the difference of creating content for various differing audiences.


For example, a B2B email copywriter will create emails with a total different audience in mind than an eCommerce copywriter.  Ecommerce copywriting revolves around evoking emotions but B2B copywriting revolves around logic.


Also, a B2B email copywriter will be trying to persuade people in the upper echelons of a company to make a decision to purchase a product or service on behalf of the company they work for.


As you can clearly see B2B copywriting is an entirely different beast from standard copywriting which is generally focused on targeting a wider base of customers.  B2B copywriting is more niche-based and the email copy that is produced will reflect this.


Also, when it comes to B2B copywriting a B2B email copywriter will focus on the pain points of time, money, and resources.  So if you hire an email copywriting agency you can rest easy knowing that the emails that you’re going to be pushing out there will be crafted and honed to directly suit your client’s needs and wants.


An email copywriting agency can help eliminate doubt and uncertainty, and whether you’re seeking to hire an email copywriter, a B2B email copywriter, or an eCommerce copywriter you can rest easy knowing that emails are perfectly crafted to create the maximum returns for you.

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