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When it comes to email marketing your average ROI for every  dollar spent is around $40-  This is one of the many reasons why it’s absolutely vital that you hire the services of an email copywriter.


One of the mistakes that many companies make is that they decide to do the email copywriting themselves and this often results in poor copy that effects the bottom line. Profits.  If you want to maximize your profits you should be seeking to hire an email copywriter who is skilled in crafting content that will have the maximum potential of making a conversion.


A top email copywriter will be skilled in a number of different areas such as: copywriting, psychology, team collaboration, CRM’s, understanding client personas, and much much more. A top email copywriter will tailor-make their content so that the copy is impactful and will lead customers right down into your traffic funnel.


In this blog post I will delve into some of the reasons why you should be seeking to hire an email copywriter.

email copywriting services

An email copywriter will help you get your message across

email copywriter

Potential customers are going to come across a vast amount of emails so the question for you is going to be: How can I make my email stand out from the rest of the clutter? This is where an email copywriter will come into the equation.


A top email copywriter will know what motivates people to open an email and what will motivate them to make a purchase.  The best way an email copywriter can accomplish these goals is if they have the skills to craft an effective message that will resonate with your customers.


One of the first areas that an email copywriter will be skilled in will be researching. By being skilled at researching this will allow an email copywriter to craft content that reflects your target audiences specific needs.


The worst thing that an email copywriter should do is create content blind.  If they create content blind they will be using a scatter gunned approach that will be ineffective and will not get the results that you want.

email copywriting services


Email copywriting services will tailor-make their marketing campaigns

email copywriting services

The first information that an email copywriting service should gather is what your goals are going to be.  The best email copywriting services will understand that not all email campaigns are going to be the same, and that depending on what you’re looking for, your email campaign should be tailor made to suit you specific needs.


For example, some email campaigns may work on the premise of 4 or 5 different stages. Stage one may be an introduction or informative stage, stage 2 may provide a solid offer, and the rest of the stages will be invoking principles such as the scarcity principle or invoking a sense of urgency. There are a multitude of tactics that email copywriting services can employ but one central tenant remains the same- The email copywriting must have the ability to persuade.

A top B2B email copywriter will appreciate the power of words

A B2B email copywriter will know how powerful words can be. The best B2B email copywriter will understand the importance of how each particular word that is inserted into an email campaign should have the potential to influence, persuade, and push a customer towards a desired outcome.


The fact is, some words are more powerful than others and one of the tactics that a B2B email copywriter can employ is to have a list of power words listed into their content that will have an increased likelihood of making an impact.


For example, a top B2B copywriter will insert words like FREE, Deadline, time limited offer,  and loads more.


These words help invoke a sense of urgency and will increase the likelihood of customers making a purchase.

The freelance email copywriter you hire should  be skilled in many areas

freelance email copywriter

A freelance email copywriter will create content this is short, sharp, and to the point.  The very best email copywriting will make an impact right from the moment a customer sets sight on your content.


What you don’t want is a freelance email copywriter who writes unnecessary words that don’t increase the chances of you making a sale or a conversion.


A top freelance email copywriter will also try and personalize their email message. They will want to be creating content that is building up a relationship with the customer from the very moment they read.


For example, if your marketing campaign is going to be targeting IT experts  you will want to devise an email campaign that is reflective of the psyches of IT experts.


For example, IT experts are renowned as feeling intellectually superior but still unappreciated by their boss.  In this example, you could start creating content around these inroads into your clients psychology and thereby increasing the chances of making a conversion.


A freelance email copywriter will be skilled in exploiting any potential weaknesses and using them to craft superior email copy that will stand out in the crowd.

hire email copywriter

Overall conclusion on why you should hire an email copywriter

Hiring an email copywriter could be just the injection of revitalization that your company needs.


Why craft second rate email content when you can hire an email copywriter who will craft the best content with the best conversion rates?


Once you decide to engage with email copywriting services you can rest assured knowing that the emails that you’re going to be sending out will have the greatest chance of making an impact.


An email copywriting service will devise a custom made plan to suit your own particular needs and goals.  Once you have set your goals and targets you will then be able to monitor them over a period of months and you will be able to deduce whether or not you’re that email copywriting service you hire is meeting these goals.  The beauty of digital marketing is, when it comes to results, there is going to be no hiding place!


If you’re thinking about hiring an email copywriter or an email copywriting service why not contact us here at contentwriterireland let us give you a FREE quote on what we think is going to be the perfect email copywriting plan for you.


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hire email copywriter

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