An SEO Marketing Firm that doesn’t write blogs is like a jockey entering the Grand National without a Horse. Worse, it’s like a Jockey entering the Grand National riding on top of a 30 stone obese man and expecting him to come out triumphant just because the obese man was hit a few kicks into the ribs and told to Giddy-up. It isn’t going to happen. It’s going to be a disaster. Just like its going to be a disaster for an SEO Marketing firm if they fail to write top quality blogs.

Another way to put it is- is it important for someone to breath CO2 oxygen? Is it important to consume food? Is it important to have a good sex life?  Hell, when having sex life is it important to maintain an erection? You bet your god damn life it is!! Of course, all of these questions, just like the heading, are all answered in the affirmative. It is of the utmost importance for a top SEO Expert to write a good blog.

SEO marketing should entertain

Now, I’m not on about writing blogs that will bore your to death I’m on about writing content that will entertain and ultimately educate your readers. The holy grail for any good content writer is to be able to simultaneously entertain and educate at the same time and this is target that you should aspire towards. Many so called top SEO Services fail to live up to their billing because the content that they generate bore readers. At the end of the day if you want to go to sleep you’d go bed. An SEO Marketing firm will know how to entertain and draw their readers into their grasp.

Find your own content marketing voice

Of course, you’ll come across all sorts of morons who’ll tell you that you should write like this and write like but my advice is ignore these tiresome bores. A good writer should try and discover his own voice rather than become some second rate clone who bores readers to death. If you discover your own voice then this will allow you to capture of the masses and become that rare thing a true original amidst a sea of sheep hurtling off the edge of a cliff. When finding your voice this will help

SEO content marketing brand

In order to become an SEO expert you must have the talent and ability to write via the voice of multiple brands. For example, if you’re writing for a brand that sells dope well than pretty much anything will go as these people will be so stoned they wont be able to tell you the time of day. But if you’re generating content for a more esteemed brand then you’ll have to adapt your voice to suit the brand. Any good SEO expert worth his salt will be able to speak from multiple voices and should certainly be able adapt to whatever the client needs are

SEO content marketing dangers

Top SEO services should be able to facilitate nearly all clients in their needs and desires. But the problem is that many so-called top SEO Services are only second-rate excrement dispensers that try every last dirty trick in the book in order to artificially inflate Google Rankings. These so-called top SEO Services will lead to your website getting penalized by Google and ultimately this will lead to your website plummeting down the rankings. The fact is, organic traffic generated via content such as blogs is one of the best ways to build your website into a thriving and sustainable business. A really good SEO marketing firm won’t use any underhand tactics to artificially inflate figures.


It is vitally important for any self-respecting SEO Marketing firm to write blogs. Top SEO Services will always offer to optimize your website via quality written content and if they’re not well then they god-damn should be! If you come across some self-purporting top SEO Service and they offer to make your website grow without generating good content well then you should be very wary!An SEO Marketing firm like this more than likely will be using underhand tactics that could in the long term damage your business. In finishing all I can say is that you should  hire the best people for the job.


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