Ok, so you want to be the top Copywriter around. You want to sit on top of the Copywriter throne like some ancient Gaelic Lord ruling over his servile subjects. You want the masses to pay homage to your copywriter skills like some godlike deity has entered into the building.  Basically, you want the Google Algorithms to open up them legs and take it like some hooker in a brothel. You want Google to scream that you’re the boss, that you’re the boss. Any Web Content Writer worth his salt will want to accomplish all of these targets and if you play your cards right you may just reach the summit of Web Content Writer excellence. Ok, lets cut through the BS and get to the main course. Let’s skip the starters and let’s gorge on some juicy 20z Sirloin Steaks with blood dripping down the side.

A web content writer should learn their craft

Just because you can read the alphabet that doesn’t make you a web content writer. I repeat, just because you can read the alphabet that DOESNT make you a web content writer. In order to become a successful writer, you’ll need to hone your craft over a period of time via reading books and looking at other successful content writers. You can then hone your craft by writing every day and trying to find your true voice. A unique and entertaining voice will allow you to capture to readers attention and hopefully have them coming back to your page to read your content.The next major task will be for you to understand and master the concepts of keywords and how best to put these keywords into your content.  

Keywords are vital to web content writers

The best copywriting will need to be keyword rich in order for it to be successful. A web content writer who doesn’t use keywords is like an Accountant who cant count. Keywords are absolutely vital if you intend to produce successful content that will rank in Googles search engines. A major mistake that people do is that they focus on the high traction keywords and then try and grow their business this way but this tactic is doomed to failure. The best copywriting will have a mixture of low value and high-value keywords. What you should try and become is someone who will use keywords from a variety of levels as this will ensure that all bases will be covered.   

Web content writers need to entertain

The best copy writing is usually produced by people who have a natural flair for the topic that they’re commenting on. Why write content on something that you have no real interest in? For example, if you’re into Boxing why the hell would you begin writing a blog on Finance or accountancy? Maybe you might decide to do such a thing because you believe theres money in the ads but such a strategy, in the long run, will lead to disaster. People reading your content will soon get bored to death and once they get bored to death and know that you’re talking through your ass they’ll abandon you quicker than a Rat fleeing off a sinking ship.

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