There have been many studies done on how to get your SEO Marketing website to the top of Google rankings and most of these studies have thrown up some interesting conclusions.

An area that does seem to be having more and more of an impact is social media. Previously when it came to the Goolge Algorithms social media didn’t have that much of an influence but increasingly the signals are that things are about to change drastically.

Many people have even begun arguing that in the future social media may even replace backlinks as being the pre-eminent method which gets your website ranked high. 

SEO marketing

SEO marketing

If such a theory is true well then it marks one of the biggest shifts in how Google ranks websites. But whilst such theory’s may in the future become more tangible at the moment, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t have your SEO Marketing website on social media that your website will perform poorly.


On page factors will continue to have a gigantic impact upon determining whether your website will be at the upper echelons of the Google rankings.


For example, shorter domains will usually rank far better than longer ones. And placing your keyword early in your title is of vital importance when you’re writing a blog or some other content.


One area where people tend to overlook is not including a meta description.    

SEO marketing

Page Content is key for SEO Marketing

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Ok, now let’s take a look at page content and how best to go about getting the best content on your website. One of the most important factors is the length of the content that you write.


In general, the longer the content the higher your page will rank in Google.  I always try and aim for a minimum of 500 words and in ideal circumstances, I will try and reach about 1,000 words of original content.


You should also try and ensure that your content is original as any duplicate content will result in your website getting severely punished by Google.


You should also try to include relevant images and videos that will make your website stand out from the pack.


Another thing that you should avoid doing is adding external links for the same keywords that you’re trying to rank for as this will result in another drop in your rankings. Additionally, you should try and include internal links from other pages in your blog as this will ensure that there is a future enhancing of the ranking for that particular page.  

SEO marketing

Backlinks are vital for SEO Marketing

Backlinks are of vital importance if you want your website to rank well. Real good SEO Marketing will ensure that your website will have a whole plethora of back-links that will push your website up the google rankings.


But just having random back-links will not be sufficient for your website to make to the top of the pile- it is vitally important that your back-links are of a sufficient quality.


What I mean is that you should try and focus on getting back-links on websites that have a high volume of traffic.  Also, the website where you will put your back-links should closely relate to whatever content you yourself are trying to promote.


A real good SEO Marketing website will have a diverse array of back-links that should act as a decisive factor in driving your website to the top of the pile.

SEO marketing, the conclusion 

An SEO Marketing website should use a diverse array of tactics to try and promote their website.


Simply using one type of SEO Marketing strategy is not going to be good enough. Any proper SEO Marketing kingpin will utilize quality content and backlinks to try and promote their website.  


The content must of of a very high quality because if its not google will severely punish you for it.  And similarly, the back-links must be good quality because if they’re not google will come down on you like a tonne of bricks. You can find out much more vital information by contacting me here.

SEO marketing

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