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In the modern era,  a creative copywriter will need to make an impact from the very moment a user visits a website. You copywriting should have the ability to charm readers like a snake charmer in the bowels of Africa.


Your creative copy should have the ability to bamboozle readers like Muhammad Ali delivering a left hook to an opponent. The best creative copy will have users rolling and jumping around on the ground like excited puppies getting a bone. A top creative copywriter will have users eagerly opening their wallets and begging you to take their cash.

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Ok, I’m being hyperbolic but the point still stands : Great copywriting  will need to inspire. To resonate. To make a fucking impact. Crash. Bang. Wallop. Boom.


Hire a creative copywriter who is bold and is not afraid to try new things out. Hire a creative copywriter who is not only creative but is skilled in incorporating this creative copy into an effective marketing plan.  Hire a creative copywriter who is results drive. Data driven.


In this blog post, I will touch on some of the most important factors that you’ll need to consider if you decide to hire a creative copywriter.

creative writer

Having the ability to research will be key for a creative copywriter

creative copywriter

If you want a creative copywriter to create the best copy they will need information. Lots of it.


Before an elite level creative copywriter creates any content they should be gathering as much information as possible via content audits, interviews, competitor analysis, etc.


The creative copywriter that you hire should have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of your company.  What is your brand voice, what products you’re selling, what makes your goods unique, etc.

Once a creative copywriter has gathered up this information they can they proceed to devise a plan in respect of how they can enhance your brand and take it to the next level.


A key component of the research will be understanding your unique value proposition and how ths value proposition  can be expanded upon and developed by your creative copywriter.


A creative freelance writer should use tried and tested strategies

creative copywriter

Whilst thinking outside of the box may be deemed as being an essential part of any successful marketing strategy, sometimes it can pay to use a tried and tested formula.  Why hire a creative freelance writer to reinvent the wheel when there are already tried and tested strategies that are already working?


Whilst over the top creative copy may make interesting reading, the question you should always be asking is: Does it increase my chances of making a sale?  If it doesn’t, your creative freelance writer should tone back on some of their more outlandish content and use a formula that already works.


Now, I’m not saying that whatever creative freelance writer you hire shouldn’t get creative, all I’m saying is that they should be striving to use content that is already tried and tested.


Another strategy that a creative freelance writer should try and use is expanding and developing on content that has already been proven to work.


If a particular strategy is already effective why not try and increase its effectiveness? A top creative freelance writer will know how to accomplish these goals and will know to inject much needed blood plasma until ideas.

In modern era, in order to be a success you’re going to have to be able to stand out and the best way to stand out is via controlled creativity.

creative writer

A creative writer will be results driven

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A creative writer should not only be skilled in creating creative copy, but they should also always be skilled in analyzing the results of said copy.  One of the best ways a creative copywriter can analyze these results is via Google Analytics.  Analytics will allow your creative copywriter to hone and adjust their content so that it reaches its full potential.


A creative copywriter should be continually testing, testing, and testing again as this will allow them to figure out what is working and what is not.


There is no point in being creative just for creativity’s sake, you should be creative for a reason. You want results. You will want targets. And the best way to achieve these targets is via hiring a creative copywriter who knows to analyse data and use this data to increase conversions.

The best creative copy will know how to captivate readers

creative copywriter

There is no doubt about it, having a team of wordslingers in your team is going to be of vital importance in effective branding. The best creative copy will have the ability to captivate audiences and a blow a hole in the opposition’s traffic. One of the key areas where creative copy should excel at is headlines.


If your headline is weak, the chances of someone clicking on the rest of the article or blog is going to be greatly diminished.  The best creative copy will know how to craft content in a diverse array of formats,  from web copy, blogs, articles, CTA’s, etc.


One of the key ways you can ensure that your headings are on point is via understanding more about the users who will be visiting your website.


For example, if  a business is looking to hire a copywriter, you should keep your headings more concise and on the point.  Conversely, if someone is looking to purchase a kitchen utility, you would want to expand on the information being given to the user.

creative copywriter


Hiring a creative copywriter could be just the boost that your brand needs. If you feel that the content that you’re producing is stale and boring a creative copywriter can help reignite your brand and take it to the next level.

One of the many reasons why you should hire a creative copywriter is because they will come up with a mass amount of ideas in relation to other areas of your company.  Not only will they help give a boost to the content of your website, a creative copywriter has the potential to produce a vast reservoir of ideas that help benefit your company in other ways.

If you’re thinking of hiring a creative copywriter, why not contact us here at contentwriterireland let us put you in touch with perfect creative copywriter.

creative copywriter

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