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If you’re unsure what separates your brand from the rest of the pack it could be time to think about hiring a brand copywriterHiring a brand copywriter  will allow you to define your niche within a particular market.


It will help you discover and clearly voice what makes your  brand different from the rest of the trash the populates the internet. Because the fact is, people are becoming a lot more savvy on the internet when it comes to figuring out what is quality and what isn’t.

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Gone are the days where you could simply push out any old content and then expect people to swallow it  like a fool. Nowadays, you will need to communicate your ethos and brand values and these values must be credible!


What makes you stand out against your competitors?  Why should someone purchase off you rather than from X,Y,Z? A brand copywriter will help you define what separates you from the herd.

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A brand copywriter should have the ability to make an instant impact

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When a user lands on your website you’ll want to make an instant impact.  You don’t want to have gone to the effort of creating a great website but the copy on the website looks like something a 5 year threw together in a hurry. This is where a brand copywriter will come into the equation.


A brand copywriter should have the ability to weave words together that are both interesting and impactful.  A brand copywriter should have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of marketing and how each word crafted should have the power to lead users down into the traffic funnel.


Each word that is incorporated into your website must have the power to influence users.  What I mean by this is that each word must have the power to make sales, or at the very least, make it more likely that users will give their details (ie) email addresses, names, etc.

A brand copywriter will know the perfect amount of content that needs to be created

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A brand copywriter  will help you figure out the perfect amount of content (ie) words that you’re going to need to successfully push a particular product.  One of the reasons why this is vital to figure out is because depending on what you’re trying to sell you should adjust your content length.


For example, if you’re selling something that is relativity cheap, such as a pencil or a ruler, you’re not going to need much content created.  But if you’re selling goods such as a washing machine people are going to want to know a lot more about the product. In general, the more expensive the item the more content your brand copywriter will need to produce.


Also, a brand copywriter should be skilled at figuring out what is going to be the unique selling proposition of the product.  If there is masses of competition out there, why should someone buy your product?

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Brand copy should always be solving problems

Brand copy should be continually getting the message across that your product can solve problems.


The first questions that should be asked is: What is the problem of the user and how can your product solve these problem?


So how can you figure out what the users problems are going to be?

One of the ways that you can figure this is out is if you hire a brand copywriter who is skilled at researching user personas. A user persona will allow a brand copywriter to tailor make their content so that it fits like a glove.


So how can you discover user personas? One of the best ways you can figure out user personas is via researching.  Being skilled at researching will allow you to find out what your users weak points and strong points are- this will allow your brand copy to target users in a more accurate fashion.


Website copy shouldn’t overcomplicate things

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You should never create brand copy that is quirky and interesting just for the sake of making it quirky and interesting. Will this copy sell? That is the one question that should be continually revolving in the head of a brand copywriter.


Whilst some content may read well and it may amuse people, the fact is, “money talks and bullshit walks” and this old saying was never more appropriate then when it comes to brand copywriting.


The best brand copywriting will be produced in a fashion that will have the capacity to inform, educate, and engage users, but will also make the chances of a sale more likely.


As Jerry Maguire once screamed, “Show me, the moneyyyyyyy.”  Copywriting is about, sales, sales, and more sales and if your copy isn’t making sales, you’re wasting your time.  An elite brand copywriter will know this and will know how to create content that will increase the amount of money  inside your bank account.

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 A top brand copywriter will cost money

It will cost money to hire a great brand copywriter and but with money comes guaranteed quality.  If you spend that little bit of extra cash, you will know that you’re going to get what you pay for.


Ok, you may be thinking that I could hire a brand copywriter on Upwork  or on Freelancer site for only a pittance, but what type of copywriter will you be hiring? The fact is, many of the brand copywriters on Upwork are utterly useless. In some cases, you would better of hiring a chimpanzee in a Zoo to create the brand copy for you!


In other cases, the copy that is created will be create by a  Bot, and the content will be so utterly useless that it will make the Chimpanzee look like James Joyce.


What I’m trying to get at is that when it comes to brand copy you could decide to cut corners but usually when you cut corners you’ll end up paying more in the long run.  The fact is, the best brand copywriting will cost money and you should never be afraid to pay that little bit of extra cash because in all likelihood it will save you  a lot of money.

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