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Hiring Dublin Marketing agencies doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Most companies I have worked for as a professional marketing person, didn’t have a massive budget to invest. I’ve therefore learned how to market things on a shoestring..


Considering most Holistic Practitioners don’t have a big budget either, I thought I’ll show you simple and free ways to let people know about your business. ‘Cause that’s essentially what Marketing is.


1. Dublin marketing agencies should connect online Directories

Dublin marketing agencies shouldn’t overlook some old established tactics.


Remember the Golden Pages? Well they’re still a thing. In addition, there are tons of other online directories where you can advertise your business for free. Not only will it help people find you, it will also improve your Search Engine Optimisation of your website.


Here are some examples of business directories: Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Local Directory, My Town, etc. I’ve created a handy list of the most popular directories. Take some time out to register on them. Make sure your profile is filled out completely and if there’s an option for images, use it.

2. A Dublin marketing agency should encourage you to connect with people on a daily basis

Like I said above, Dublin marketing is purely about letting people know about what you do and how to work with you. Get into a habit of handing out 3 business cards per day. You might even ask, if they have friends who could be interested.


I know it can be hard to start out with, but set yourself the task of doing this for a month and see how you feel then? (OK, you got me… this one isn’t entirely free, but you can get super cheap business cards online)

3. A Dublin marketing agency should encourage you to partner with local business

Your community is your best friend. After all that’s where you’ll most likely find your clients. So why not partner up with a local Dublin business that has a similar audience as you such as doctors, physiotherapists or even hairdressers. Give them incentive to collaborate with you by creating a referral program.


4. Setting up Social Media Profiles & creating a community should be a key tactic for Dublin marketing agencies

We all know it… social media is pretty much non-negotiable in today’s world. But rather than seeing it as an advertising platform, see it as a way to connect with your community and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Share interesting articles (your own & from others in the industry), behind the scenes and create a dialog. It’s a two-way street.


5. Give presentations

There are so many different modalities out there, that people often might not understand what it is you do. Holding presentations are a great way to connect to a lot of people, give them new information and let them know about your services. Come up with a topic that will interest people. Stress-related topics are always good, ’cause let’s face it who isn’t stressed these days?


6. Volunteer at sporting events

Yes, you’ll need to do some work for free, but just think about the amount of people you can reach? 10 minute massage at the side of a pitch, a quick assessment, a short yoga class. People like to try things before they buy. So use it to your advantage.


7. Network

As an Empath & Highly Sensitive person myself, I can tell you this one challenges me like nothing else. But whenever I do end up at networking events, I always get something out of it.



I hope you enjoyed the tips. If you’re looking for some one to one marketing tips contact me and lets devise a custom made marketing plan for you.


Please check out our Dublin marketing agency blog.

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