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I’m sure you’ve noticed that certain businesses seem to follow you all over the internet? Visit their website once and suddenly you’ll start seeing them everywhere. Sometimes you haven’t even visited their website!


This is no coincidence – it’s known as remarketing (or retargeting) and it’s growing fast.


On a personal level it can seem a bit creepy – as if you are being stalked.


But from a Dublin marketing perspective, it’s a really powerful tool.


And the good news is that it’s no longer only available to big brands with big budgets – small businesses can take advantage of many remarketing opportunities too.

marketing companies dublin

Top marketing agencies in Dublin will use remarketing….

Here are just a few of the simple ways small businesses can use remarketing.

A marketing consultant in Dublin will use Facebook

Promote your Facebook page to your website visitors.


Liking your Facebook page probably isn’t your main concern while someone is browsing your website – you don’t want to distract them from making a purchase, after all. But wouldn’t it be great to be able to remind those people next time they are on Facebook?


Dublin marketing companies who remarket will allow you to promote your Facebook page to people who have previously visited your website while they are on Facebook (and usually at a very affordable cost).


marketing companies dublin


Bid higher (or lower) for people who have previously visited your website.


If you’re running Google Adwords campaigns, then you can adjust your bids for people who have already been to your site.


Often they are likely to be warmer leads and more likely to convert so you use a higher bid. But you may also feel that they didn’t find what they wanted so you use a lower bid. As with all Adwords features, testing and measuring is key!

Top Dublin marketing agencies will use dynamic remarketing

Show Adverts based on the users behaviour on your website.


With Google’s dynamic remarketing you show display adverts tailored according to what people did while on your website.


So if they were browsing a particular category in your online shop you can show products from that category. This is a bit more complicated than the above examples, but still very achievable for small businesses.

marketing companies dublin

Top marketing companies in Dublin will use these remarketing tips

Before you start remarketing, make sure you understand what you want to achieve and how to avoid the pitfalls.


You don’t want people to think of you as a stalker, so think carefully about how often you want people to see your adverts.


Showing your remarketing adverts at the right time is essential. Do you want people to see your advert immediately after they visited your site? Or do you want to wait a few days/weeks/even months before reminding them you exist? This will depend on your product or service, typical buying patterns and the type of remarketing.

marketing companies dublin

Sensitivity & Confidentiality

You shouldn’t use remarketing if your product or service is at all sensitive. Remember that people may use a shared computer and remarketing cookies won’t be able to tell who is actually behind the keyboard.


Think about whether your website visitors would be 100% happy for their family to know that they visited your website. If you deal with things like divorce, health or debt then Dublin remarketing is not a good idea.


If you are using remarketing you should have something to that effect in your website privacy policy (it’s a condition for Google Adwords remarketing and a good idea for everyone).

marketing companies dublin

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