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For a niche ecommerce business, getting customers to visit your online shop is tough. The first page of Google is often dominated by big brands, paid search is complicated (and expensive, if you don’t get it right) and getting your social media fans to cross over to your website is hard work.


So for many ecommerce start-ups, the best way to find those first customers is to list products on an online marketplace like ebay or Amazon.


Basically, marketplaces can get your products in front of large numbers of willing buyers very quickly.

direct marketing dublin

What are Marketplaces?

Online marketplaces work pretty much like any other market – they are a place where lots of different vendors can sell their products.


The best known are Amazon and ebay, of course. Both with huge worldwide user bases and a proven track record. Etsy specialises in handmade and vintage items. Not On The High Street focuses on personalised and more up-market products.


But there are also plenty of less known marketplaces – often in specific niche areas – and more are cropping up all the time.


So what do you need to be successful? Here are 7 Top Tips.

1. Internet Marketing in Dublin will choose the right marketplace

It’s essential to choose the right marketplace for your product, so you must do some research first.


Here are just some of the areas you and your Dublin marketing agency will want to look at:


  • does your target customer shop there
  • how much competition is there (if there is none, it’s probably a sign that there are no customers either)
  • the fee structure
  • what promotion is included and what is extra
  • how easy is it to set up and run
  • is there an application process


If you are looking at one of the lesser known sites, ask for details of visitor numbers, sales and what they do to bring traffic to the website.

direct marketing dublin

2.  Top online marketing in Dublin will understand the rules

All marketplaces have rules and restrictions that sellers must adhere to. Make sure you read and thoroughly understand them.

For example, some may not allow you to sell a product at a lower price on your own website.

3.   Direct marketing in Dublin will  know your numbers

Before you start, make sure you have calculated your pricing and costs correctly so that you can make a profit. Ebay and Amazon are very price sensitive but beware of getting dragged into a race to the bottom where everyone loses.

direct marketing dublin

4.     Photographs sell

The right images can make a massive difference to your sales (and some sites, like NOTHS won’t accept you if they are not up to scratch). So make sure you have good quality photographs – preferably several of each item.

5.     Get your processes in place

Your delivery and customer service needs to be impeccable.


Most marketplaces (and their customers) expect good communication and fast, accurate delivery and will penalise (or remove you) if you don’t achieve this. Buyer feedback and reviews are a vital part of any marketplace. If yours are not as good as they should be then you need to solve the problem – not just complain about unrealistic buyers.

6.     SEO is key to online marketing in Dublin

Although the big marketplace sites rank well on Google, you need to make sure your products rank well within the Dublin marketing sphere.


Take the time to write really good product titles and descriptions so that your items are found when people search for them.

direct marketing dublin

7.     Measure your results

Once you have started selling, it’s vital to keep track of your results. Most marketplaces provide reports on how your items are performing.


If you are not getting the sales you want to inspect product descriptions – are you getting found when people search? Are your photos good enough? Are your prices competitive?


Remember to track the financials too. Are you making a profit?

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