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Looking to hire blog writers?


This can be a very treacherous task!




Outsourcing has a very poor reputation due to the number of content writers out there are who are simply atrocious at their job.


Literally, some of these people posturing as blog content writers don’t even know the alphabet and English isn’t even their first language. Believe me, there are blog content writers out there who thinking they are real writers because they can spell the word “cat” or just about spell it!


But in spite of the health warning that comes with outsourcing your content, this does not mean that you should despair The fact is, if you hire blog writers and they have a good grasp on how to craft great content you and your business will be on to a winner.

Blog writing services

If there are blog writers for hire and you know that they have an excellent reputation when it comes to the quality of the work that they produce well, then you would be a fool not to hire them. Good quality content writer will increase your traffic. When outsourcing is done correctly, it can be a very powerful marketing tactic.


In this blog, I will demonstrate to you a sure-fire way that will enable you to get your hands on top quality freelance writers.

hire blog writers


 What type of blog writer am I looking to hire?

hire blog writers

The first thing that you’ll need to figure out when you go to hire blog writers is what exactly are you looking for in a writer. In many respects, hiring a blog writer is like going to the supermarket. Why? The reason is because just like there are tonnes of different goods on the supermarket shelves there are tonnes of different blog writers out there with different levels of skills.


The first thing that you will need to do is to compile a list and list out all of the vital attributes that you want your blog writer to have. So what type of skills should you be looking for when you go to hire blog writers?

hire blog writers

Hire blog writers with writing skills

hiring blog writers

This one sounds very obvious but the major skill that you’ll want your blog writer to have is the ability to craft, compile, and make great content.  You should ask for a portfolio of their previous work as this will help you discover their track-record when it comes to their writing. Ask any prospective blog content writer whether they have previously created content in the manner that you desire.

Blog writers for hire near Ireland

If you are looking for a creative content writer,There is no point in hiring some writer who only written content for the tax industry or for the financial industry because the chances that this blog writer will be able to write creatively will be remote.




Because tax and finance are pretty boring subjects and someone who has only created content in this sphere will more than likely be unable to write content that has a creative spark to it.


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Hire blog writers with researching skills

hire blog writers

Has any prospective writer you’re thinking of hiring the ability to research and discover the key points within your industry?


A great blog writer should have the ability to create content that matches the voice and brand has. In this day and age, researching content shouldn’t be too much of an issue but you should definitely ensure that any blog writer that you hire has at least some basic level research skills.


Ask the blog writers for samples

hire blog writers

If you are looking to get content created that has to be written in a particular style you should ask the writers for a short sample as this will allow you to discover whether the particular writer has the skills that you need. You could ask any prospective writer to create a 500 word blog and see whether they have the skills that you need.

hire blog writers

Hire a blog writer who understands stats

hiring blog writers

If you are looking to hire a blog writer to help increase your traffic and conversions well then you will need a writer that has a different level of skills from your standard writer. An SEO blog writer will be a multi skilled writer who will have a multitude of tricks up in sleave that will help you increase your traffic and conversion rate.

Blog writers for hire near Ireland

So what skills should you be looking for if you go to hire a blog SEO writer?


Has this blog SEO writer the ablity to SEO optimise the content?


Has he an awareness when it comes to backlink strategy? Does he know what keywords that he should be targeting? SEO blog writing is much more complicated than your average type of writing.


Should you hire writers or use existing house resources?

hire blog writers

 One of the first questions that company’s usually have to answer is whether they should hire a writer or use existing resources that are already available within the company.


This is a very loaded question because in general the some of the best content can come from people already within your company? Why? Because they will already know peoples pain points, they will know the industry, and the products and services that your company offers.


 However, even though there are a tonne of pluses when hiring blog writers from within your company this strategy comes equipped with a huge caveat.


  1. Is the CEO going to be ok with his employees investing a huge amount of time in researching and compiling an article?

  2. You’ll need someone who can compile a content calendar.

  3. Which employees will you be able to divert from their normal day to day job and then get them to start creating content?


This strategy can work, but it doesn’t allow you to scale well.


The best situation is having a number of team members who contribute to your blog on a daily basis and then hiring a blog writer to actually create the blog. If you hire a blog writer externally it will allow your company to run far more smoothly and efficiently.

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 Ask your blog writers to provide samples of their work

hire blog writers

You will need to clarify what topics you need written and in what manner. When you hire blog writers you should lay down a criteria as to what type of content you want.


For example, you should always provide samples from blogs that you’d like to replicate. Another thing that you should specify is how many blogs or projects you want completed weekly or monthly as this will allow any blog content writer you hire to plan accordingly and meet your specifications.

Blog writing services

 Another vital piece of information that you should law down is the approximate word count that you need. Will you need shorter blog posts of around 500 words or will you need blockbuster blog post of around 2,000 words. Finally, if you’ll need the blog writer to upload the blog and promote it on social media you will need to be aware that this will cost considerably more due to the extra time and effort involved.


If you want the best blog writers, list a pay-rate

hire blog writers

When you’re seeking to hire blog writers, one of the major mistakes that people make when they list the job ad is that they don’t specify a pay-rate or a budget for when they list the ad. Not listing a pay-rate can backfire spectacularly, as many of the best writers won’t even bother applying for the job if they don’t know that they are going to get adequately compensated.

So how much does it cost for someone to write a blog?

The fact is, highly skilled blog writers will be in demand and as such you will have to pay top dollar if you want to get your hands on the best blog writers that are out there. Of course, if you’re looking to hire blog writers and you don’t list what your budget is you may end up hiring some second rate so called writer who makes an absolute dogs dinner of the work that they are hired to do.


Check out the blog writers website or blog

hire blog writers

One of the first things you should do when you’re hiring blog writers is you do some research and by research I mean you should checkout their blog posts or any website that they have.


You should allow seek out any former publications that this blog writer has created as this will allow you to determine whether the blog writer is the going to be the perfect blog writer for you. So what should you look out for when you go to their blog or websites?

Do the blog writers treat the business as a professional blog or simply just a hobby?

hire blog writers

If the blog section on the website is not updated on a regular basis then in some cases this can be a bad sign that they don’t take their job seriously.


A professional content creator will be regularly creating blog posts and will be regularly updating their website. Even if they aren’t updating their website, you should try and ascertain whether the blog writer is regularly publishing blog posts on other platforms as this will demonstrate that they take their job seriously and that they are in demand as a professional writer.

hire blog writers


The best blog writers will have lots of engagement


What kind of reviews has the blog writer had in any content that he has previously created? How many shares has his piece received on social media? If people are critical of the blog writer’s previous work, does he take time to respond to any concerns that people have on what he has produced?


Has the blog writer a niche?

hire blog writers

You should try and discover what niche any prospective blog writer usually creates his content in. Will the blog writer have the ability to speak from the voice that you need?

Has the blog writer the ability to adapt his writing to your brand voice? For example, there is not much point in you hiring a blog writer to write some creative article if his only experience is writing blogs on Tax.


Generally, people who write content on tax are very dour people, and as such, will not be able to create that explosively creative blog that you need.


Has the blog writer the ability to woo you?

hire blog writers

So you’re reading some blog post and amidst reading this post you nearly have a cardiac arrest the writing is of such amazing quality. You think to yourself, “I’d love to have that writer working for me!” The thing is, you can have that writer working for you on a freelance basis.


If you love someones writing so much there is absolutely nothing stopping you from approaching them and asking them whether they would be agreeable in creating content for your company.


You should email the writer and find out whether they any room for you and your projects. The beauty of this method is that it will allow you to bypass some of the hassle of having to randomly select writers, with this method you will be able to single out the writer that you want like an Eagle eyeing up a juicy piece of prey.


Freelance blog writer FAQ’s?

freelance blog writer faqs

What is a freelance blog writer, and why do I need one for my website?

A freelance blog writer is a professional writer who specializes in creating engaging, informative, and relevant blog content for businesses. You need a freelance blog writer for your website as they can help you to create high-quality content that can attract and retain your target audience, improve your search engine ranking, and increase brand awareness.


What are the skills required to become a successful freelance blog writer?

To become a successful freelance blog writer, you need excellent writing skills, strong research skills, knowledge of SEO, and the ability to write in a variety of styles and tones. You also need to be able to meet deadlines, manage your time effectively, and communicate with clients.


How do I find a freelance blog writer for my website?

You can find a freelance blog writer for your website by searching online job platforms, posting job ads on job boards or social media, asking for referrals from your network, or hiring a writing agency.


How much should I pay a freelance blog writer?

The cost of hiring a freelance blog writer varies depending on their experience, skills, and the complexity of the project. However, the average rate for a freelance blog writer is around $0.10 to $0.50 per word, depending on the quality of the content.


How do I ensure the quality of content provided by a freelance blog writer?

To ensure the quality of content provided by a freelance blog writer, you should review their portfolio, ask for writing samples, and provide detailed instructions and guidelines for the project. You should also communicate regularly with the writer to ensure that the content meets your expectations and standards.


What is SEO writing, and why is it important for my blog content?

SEO writing is the process of optimizing your blog content for search engines by incorporating relevant keywords and phrases. It is important for your blog content as it can help you to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), attract more targeted traffic, and increase conversions.


How do I choose the right topics for my blog content?

To choose the right topics for your blog content, you should consider your target audience’s interests and needs, research popular topics in your industry, and analyze your competitors’ content. You should also consider your content’s purpose, such as driving traffic, generating leads, or increasing brand awareness.


How often should I post new content on my blog?

The frequency of your blog content depends on your goals, resources, and audience. However, the general rule is to post new content at least once a week to keep your audience engaged and to improve your search engine ranking.


What are the benefits of hiring a freelance blog writer instead of writing content myself?

Hiring a freelance blog writer can save you time and effort, ensure the quality of your content, and provide you with fresh perspectives and ideas. A freelance blog writer can also help you to improve your search engine ranking, attract more traffic, and increase your ROI.


How can I promote my blog content to reach a wider audience?

To promote your blog content to reach a wider audience, you can share it on social media platforms, email newsletters, and other online communities. You can also guest post on other websites, collaborate with influencers, and invest in paid advertising to reach your target audience.

Blog writers for hire near Ireland? Referrals.

hire blog writers

On many an occasion the best freelance bloggers can come from referrals. So instead of perhaps wasting a vast amount of time in seeking out the best blog writer, you can ask your local network or some other marketers or writers that you know whether they are aware of any writers who may be the perfect fit for you.


Blog writers for hire? Blog writers for hire near Ireland?

For example, if you already have a writer on your staff the chances are that they will know a tonne of other writers who might be interested in your gig.


You can use platforms like Linkedin and Facebook to ask your friends whether they have any recommendations for the role that you’re offering. In many cases a word of mouth approach can yield some of the best results and can save you a lot of time and expenditure in the sometimes long and laborious employee search.


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