How much does SEO cost?

So you want to know how much SEO costs?


The fact is, SEO in Ireland may cost way more than you think.


If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys!


I mean, think about it, how could anybody that is charging less than what a McDonald’s cheeseburger give you better results than a professional SEO expert?


You get what you pay for!

how much does SEO cost in ireland?


How much does SEO cost in Ireland and how is it calculated?

how much does seo cost

There are many ways SEO cost is calculated.

how much does SEO cost in ireland?

Let’s say you are in an industry or niche where the average monthly search term puts your company in front of 260 potential customers every single month. And each one of those customers value is, let’s say, $750 a year.


So, in one year you would get 3,120 views. According to MOZ those companies in the first position on page 1 received 32% of the click through’s, those in the second position receive 15% and those in the third position receive 10%.


The reality of local SEO pricing

Position one would yield 81 visits to your website per month. Let’s say that one out of 10 people that visit your website actually will make contact with you, that means you would have 96 people a year contacting you about your product or service. Now let’s assume your closing rate is 25%, depending on your niche it would be more or less.


That would be to customers a month you would receive from your Internet marketing or extrapolate that out to one year and I would equal 24 new clients.


At a value of $750 per new clients that would bring in an additional $18,000, for years to come. And that is for only a few keyword terms, sometimes only one. Can you imagine what your additional income would be if you ranked for 20, 30, 50 keyword terms?

how much does SEO cost in ireland?

Average SEO monthly cost

Also, if that one keyword term is ranking on Google page 1 on multiple properties, as the search term “Dublin SEO tools” does as it has seven of the ten properties going to Dublin SEO services. I have a site that has sustained Google page 1 position 1 for 12 keyword terms for over 1 ½ years so far.


Position two would yield 36 visits to your website per month.


And position three would yield 26 visits to your website.


So, if you’re spending more on Internet marketing it is a very good chance that you are making a lot more money and having a greater ROI than with traditional newspaper TV or radio marketing. It’s true that SEO costs can vary but hiring “affordable SEO services” isn’t always the best strategy. Sometimes you really get what you pay for!


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how much does SEO cost in ireland?

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