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What is the kill bill marketing technique?  In Quentin Tarantino’s world, it probably revolves around some Gimp getting pumped up the ass. And you definitely, as a business owner, don’t want your business getting pumped up the ass. That’s of course if you’re into that stuff, which is ok too, but let’s work on the premise that you’re not!


Death List 1

As the action of Kill Bill rushes towards the outcome, the Bride appears several times pulling out a list and crossing out the name of her latest victim.


Quite effective, isn’t it? And efficient, too. “But what does it have to do with the marketing of a small business?”  you might ask and with good reason.


Read on….

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The marketing technique and “the source of trouble.”

Do you know what is the number one reason why you acquire a lot less new customers than you “deserve”?


Your company is good (even fantastic!), it’s client-oriented, your offer is irresistible – so what’s the problem?


The truth is that your message blends into the advertising noise.


Your potential buyer comes across your marketing message over and over again, so it doesn’t leave a mark in his head.


And the reason for this – and also the cure – lies in your marketing.


How do most companies acquire new customers?


As I see it, they do it like Ivan: he jumps out of the trench, his helmet covering his eyes and he’s shooting around aimlessly. “Let’s place an ad here. I got a good price on a billboard for two weeks. We should also do something on the Internet.”


Blind shooting, blind shooting, blind shooting.


If, instead, you want to be a sniper who never misses and delivers 100% reliable results, then you’ll also need a list.

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Do you have such a list? And why you need to include this type of list in your marketing technique?

No, I’m not talking about a death list now. A list of your dream customers.


If you’re lucky, the list contains names, addresses and telephone numbers.


If you’re not so lucky, you’ll know at least in which area, on which street they live.


But a limited list, a reliable list of those who are essential for your company’s success, who you consider as ideal buyers, dream customers. “I wish they were my clients!”

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When using this marketing technique, how should this list look like?

Two conditions:


  1. It’s only for dream customers. At best you’ll have names, or at least the neighbourhoods they live in. The less reactive scattering on the list, the better.
  2. It should be of fixed length – and here’s the point – so that you can afford to pay a brochure, a sales letter, a newsletter to be sent out to them once in a month.


Do you remember the source of trouble? There is not enough connection, there is not enough impulse that could reach your potential buyers.


You have to decide: do you advertise occasionally for a broader audience or regularly for a smaller circle of people?

Do the math.

Contact us today if you don’t want your business getting pumped up the ass.

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