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Creating images is so important in social media. It’s proven that visual content performs a lot better than text. It turns out that an image is worth more than a thousand words.Let’s face it..our attention spans are not great and we love visuals.


Here’s the good news. You don’t have to hire a designer to create your social media graphics. It’s free (or painlessly affordable), and it’s repeatable. Ready to jump in?


Let me introduce Canva to you. Canva is a super easy to use and free tool to create any graphics you want. It has amazing templates you can use, even stock images available from inside the platform.

I’m in no shape or form an affiliate of Canva but I use it all the time for my own work. It’s so simple to use once we get started. You don’t have to be a designer to use it.


Thankfully they have amazing templates available for every possible design you could need. Social Media graphics, Infographics, Marketing Material etc. You can use for free or pay for $10/month for Canva for business which lets you collaborate with team members, use magic resize to resize one design to all social media platform graphic sizes and set up your own default branding fonts and colors. But even the free version is amazing.


There are other programs out there like PicmonkeyPablo or Gimp, which you can check out.

Here are some further tips to make your graphics awesome.


1. Stop using so much text

Text can get overwhelming quickly and the whole point of using graphics is is to let colors, shapes, and textures do the heavy lifting. Let the graphics do all of the talking for you and watch your creatives take on a world of their own.



2. Use high quality photographs

There’s nothing worse than using images that are blurry and pixely. Remember everything you put out there is a reflection of your brand. Thankfully nowadays you don’t have to pay a fortune for stock images. Here are some useful sites you can use PexelsUnsplashLife of Pix, and SplitShire. Canva has thousands of stock images for as little as $1 available as well.


3. Use pre-made templates

Not everyone has an eye for design and that’s Ok. Thankfully the likes of Canva have amazing templates available that you can simply change to include your text and graphics.


4. Add your branding

This one is important. Imagine you see this amazing quote or infographic and you absolutely love it and want to check out whoever did this…But then there’s no reference anywhere as to who created it. Isn’t that a missed opportunity? Don’t let that happen to you. All you need to do is add your website to the graphic.

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