If you’re not a writer there is nothing more intimidating and daunting than looking at a blank page and wondering, “How the hell am I going to start this?”


This task can be especially difficult if you are creating content for a website that has a number of different objectives and targets.


One of the first things that you should do is to put together a website copy-writing plan.  A website copywriting plan will allow you to break down whatever work you have to accomplish in manageable bite sized chunks. The old saying that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” is very adapt when we consider website copywriting services.


In this blog, I will show you some of the vital steps that you need to take when enacting your own personal copywriting plan.

Website copywriting services


Website copywriting services will need to Identify your websites most important targets

Website copywriting services

A website is a tool and if you want your tool to be effective you’ll have to decide what its specific purpose is going to be. To answer this question you’ll need to take into account what type of business category your website fits into and how this will fill into their customer journey.


*If you have a service type business, its going to be vital that the visitors fill out a contact form when they visit your website.

* If you have a product related business with a short buying cycle, you will be seeking users to make a more direct purchase.

* If you have a product type business with a longer buying cycle, you will be focusing on email signups so that you can engage leads and lead them into your net of conversions.


Whilst its ok to have a number of secondary objectives you should always ensure that these secondary objectives don’t detract from your main targets. In many respects, building proper content on a website is like a spiders web that spreads out, but like in any spiders web if the center of the web is weak the entire structure will begin to flag and fail.

Website copywriting services


Website copywriting services and your homepage


Website copywriting services

The goal of any website copywriting service is to get people from arrival to action as quickly as they possibly can. One of the ways a copywriter can accomplish this goal is my minimizing the number of pages that a customer goes to on your website.


If you have a single product or service this will make it very easy for any copywriting service because you can use your homepage as the landing page for that product or service. The reason this tactic is very effective is because you’re creating a one step journey for your user.


The more pages that your users goes to, this increases the chances of your user taking flight and not converting into a solid conversion. The goal any content writer is trying to achieve is to get users to convert without visiting any other pages.


Whilst this strategy is perfect when you have only one product, it isn’t the best strategy when you have multiple products and services. If you have multiple products and services you could be as well using the “Upside Down Homepage” technique to maximise user signups.

Website copywriting services


What is website copywriting?

Website copywriting services

Website copywriting is the process of writing “copy” – words which are honed and crafted to prompt a particular action. Copywriting is a skillset that needs to be honed and crafted over time. This type of writing vastly differs from your standard form of writing. So what are the key skills that

Website copywriting services

Top 5 website copywriting tips



  1. Identify your pages goal


Before you write any sentence you should identify a singular goal or target that you want to reach. Your website copywriting wont be successful unless you have a goal in mind. The content that you hone and craft should all be connected to try and reach this end goal.


  1. Lead with the main point


Every page on your website should have a main point. For example, if you are running a service page the service value proposition will be the main point of the page. For the About Page, you will be trying to establish brand credibility. Research indicates that you only have a few seconds (10-15 seconds) to grab your readers attention. Proper website copywriting services will know how to make their words work within this short time frame.


  1. The goal of great copywriting is to get your user to the next line


Writing copy for a website is completely different to writing blog posts or articles. When you write copy for a website, each line/word must matter. After you write a few lines your copywriter should take the time to look back over the content they created and then decide whether the words he has chosen are impactful and have the desired effect.


  1. Discover your customers pain points


Great copywriting will understand their audience and what their audience pain points are. If you know what your audiences pain points are and you can offer a solution, you are on to a winner. Copywriting should reflect the needs and desires of your target audience. Every word that you create should be relevant to those needs and desires and if you can find a solution to your audiences problem, your website copywriting will come out ahead.


  1. Keep it straightforward


If your copywriter is creating content that is full of high brow words that people people need a Dictionary to understand, you are going down the wrong road. Great copywriting should be simple and easy to understand. Make it short, sharp and crispy.




Utilizing website copywriting services can be a great way to grow your business but only if you are using the best website copywriting service. In the modern era, anyone can posture as being a copywriter, but the fact is, there are very few copywriters out there who truly understand the copywriting game.

If you’re looking to hire website copywriting services we will the perfect copywriter for you.

Website copywriting services

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