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Website copywriting services should have the ability to capture your eyes like a Peacock strutting his feathers as he attempts to woo a female Peacock into his feathery arms, or wings, as the case may be. Utilizing online copywriting services should be for the sole reason of enthralling and captivating your audience. You want to hire copywriters who can sprinkle a little bit of gold dust into their writing and eventually lead them to the promised land of conversions. You want your copywriters to have the ability to draw your audience in like a snake charmer drawing in an poisonous snake with his Tin Whistle.


What I’m trying to get at is that great website copywriting services should have the ability to capture peoples attention. Great online copywriters should have the ability to write in a diverse array of industries and in a diverse array of styles and formats from writing single page proportions to writing for entire websites.

Website copywriting services

1. The process


The website copywriting services that you employ should have a process in store so that they can deduce what it is that you actually want. There is no point in hiring a copywriter who writes an article that isn’t on point when it comes to your brands voice. When you first make tentative moves towards hiring website copywriting services there are a number of things that you should do.


Be clear as to what style of writing you want your copywriter to create the content in. One simple way you can accomplish this is by showing any prospective copywriter some content that was previously produced and then get them to copy this type of style and tone.


Another mechanism that you can employ to ensure that your copywriter stays on the same page as you is give them a style sheet and in this style sheet you can lay down your requirements.

When you hire any new copywriting service communication is going to be absolutely vital. You’ll need to communicate what your needs are going to be otherwise you could end up with your wires crossed

Website copywriting services


2. So what makes good website copywriting?


Good copywriting takes great research skills. Hiring a copywriter who come equipped with research skills will make a huge difference. Why? Research will allow the writer to put themselves in the audiences shoes. Knowing what your audience really wants can make all of the difference when it comes to the content that is created.


If you can hire a copywriter who understands pain points, well then you will be onto a winner. Knowing someone’s pain points and then offering a solution is an age old marketing tactic that has been proven to reap huge dividends. If you know what the problem is, and you can offer the solution, you might just hit the jackpot.


You’ll need to write effective copy that has an impact. Great website copy delivers an effective and persuasive message that can capture readers attentions. Its a brilliant investment in your business not only in the short term but in the long term. Once you start creating great copy, over time, your business will build up equity and will become more and more valuable in correspondence with the amount of great content that you create.


3. The modern copywriter


Website copywriting is a total different mode of writing to your standard mode of writing. When someone visits a web-page their eyes are usually drawn to the images, then they read the captions, the subheadings, and eventually they read the body of the text.


Creating this type of website copy is fundamentally different to what we traditionally know about writing. A modern copywriter must know how to craft short, sharp, and snappy copy that can persuade visitors in an instance.


What people fail to understand is that on the internet the most popular button is the “back” button. This means that if your copywriting doesn’t make an instant impact you are going to lose customers. People are also becoming a lost savvier when it come to what good website copy is.


A few dozen years ago if you created some half assed website and then threw in a load of words the chances were that that website and their content would have been good enough to convert traffic. Not any more. Nowadays, if you’re looking to succeed your website copy and your website must look like s slick and well oiled machine.

Website copywriting services

4. UX writing


In the modern era, you’ll need a slick looking website that oozes professionalism and class. The copy that you create will also need to reflect the professionalism of the website. In general, UX writing which means crafting copy to convert traffic, needs to be short, sharp and snappy.


Any copywriter that you hire should know the power of a few simple words and how they can increase conversions. What you don’t want is long convoluted sentences that will result in your users having to over exert their brains. You want your content to do all the thinking for your users. Ultimately, A copywriter will want to make their writing as simple as possible as this will lead to far more conversions.


5. Create a sense of urgency


Web copywriting requires that you use an active voice. What you shouldn’t do is simply list your products and then cross your fingers and hope that the traffic will flow in like waters from a dam bursting. Great copywriting services will know that their copy will need to create a sense of urgency. Copywriting has to make users feel that if they don’t act now they will lose out. What I’m referring to is the old FOMO (fear of missing out). Superior copywriting creates this sense of urgency and will get people to act and make decisions that they might not otherwise have taken.

Website copywriting services



Utilizing web copywriting services is a great way to grow your business. When web copywriting is done properly it has the potential to grow your business into a Goliath that is smashing all of the opposition like King Kong. But you will also need to be realistic because it takes time to grow followers and get them to trust your brand.


In order to become King Kong you need to feed your website with a daily flow of content that is engaging and exciting. Over time, this content will begin to result in more engagement and traffic to your website and eventually this engagement will result in increased conversions and ultimately more money in your pocket.

If you’re looking to hire website copywriting services contact us here at Contentwriterireland. Also, if you’re looking for more information on website copywriting check out this other blog on website copywriting.

Website copywriting services

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