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Ok, so you’ve built your first website and it looks real slick but the traffic is like a corpse buried on the ground. Nothing is happening. You begin to pull your hair out with frustration as you try and rectify this problem and then the solution to your problem comes like a flash of lighting in the sky. Hire an SEO writer.


And, yes, hiring an SEO writer can be the solution to you problem, but only if you hire an SEO writer that knows what he/she is at. In the modern era, anyone can masquerade as an SEO writer but you have the ask the question, do they really know what they are doing?

In the rapidly changing world of SEO, an SEO writer should be able to keep abreast of all the changes that Google is implementing in their algorithms and he/she must adapt their SEO writing style to suit these changes.


Here at contentwriterireland, we write over 50 SEO blogs and articles per week and each one of these finely crafted blog posts helps to drive traffic to websites. Regularly posting fresh, engaging, informative and entertaining content is one surefire way to increase traffic and and introduce potential clients to your brand.

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An SEO writer needs to think long term

What you cant expect is to simply fire a few articles on your website and then suddenly expect the traffic to come pouring in like the Amazon River. This strategy might have worked in the past but in the modern era if you want to rank on Google you’re going to have to work for it and one of the key strategies you should incorporate into your digital marketing strategy is, consistency.  And whilst consistency is important, what is more important is that you’re consistent in doing the right things. If you keep creating content, people will come…..but only if you create content in the correct manner.  

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Any SEO writer worth his salt should be skilled in how to formulate and create meta descriptions.


From the very beginning of the internet meta descriptions have had a huge bearing on internet rankings. If you want to capitalise on the importance of meta descriptions you’ll need an SEO writer/ meta tag writer at your disposal. Any meta tag writer with even any inkling of SEO, should be able to make SEO meta tags compelling and target orientated. But before I go into detail on how to create compelling meta tags, first of all, I want to go into more detail on the importance of meta descriptions.

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Why are meta descriptions so important?


Meta descriptions tell Google what your webpage/blog is about. This allows Google to rank your webpage accurately according to what it is about. Basically, meta descriptions allow Google to accurately rank your webpage on their search engines.


What happens If I don’t have a meta description?


Google will make up their own meta description and this might not be reflective of what the content is about. You should always try and craft a meta description as this will allow you to tailor make your content to so that Google knows what your content is about.

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